Saturday, December 31, 2011

LA/San Bernadino, CA: Bonded and his baby need help

These two boys came in together...they are definitely bonded, could be a dad and his baby!  If only they could talk, but look in their eyes.  They are so sad, confused and clinging to each other.  Please help get them out of the shelter for the new year.  Don't let them die there.

WHO AM I?  I am a neutered male, yellow Chinese Sharpei mix.  The shelter thinks I am about 1 year old. We have been at the shelter since December 21, 2011. The ID number below is for me - to ask about my puppy, just tell them he came in with me.

WHERE ARE THEY?  San Bernadino City Animal Control in L.A.
HOW CAN YOU HELP?  Contact the San Bernadino Animal Control at  909-384-1304
Ask for information about animal I.D. number A418516

UPDATE: EXTREMELY URGENT: Two lab mix boys only have hours!

1/1/12 UPDATE: Some wonderful people have stepped up to provide another 14 days boarding for these sweetie pies.  Now lets find them a foster or home! 

Urgent request from Catie Sellars:

"These 2 dogs were found in a parking lot by a woman who worked nearby. She started feeding them and taking care of them.

One day the owners of the building said that the dogs had to go or they were going to call the Memphis Animal Shelter. She got my number from a friend and called me. She offered to pay for their vetting, so we set them up at my vet. They have been fully vetted. Treated for mange, neutered, vaccinated, dewormed...the whole nine yards. They have been found to be HW+, and have had their first month of treatment. All the while this is going on I was searching for a rescue for these boys.

A woman named, Gina Austin, contacted me and offered to take the boys, saying she would be back in town on the 26th and would get them then. Wonderfully generous people donated their boarding fees until then. Well, Gina never showed for them and stopped answering everyone's phone calls. So, now these boys cannot stay at the vet unless someone can donate to their boarding fees.

These dogs will end up at Memphis Animal Shelter to be euthanized if we can't get them into a rescue SOON! I have only got until Dec 31 to figure something out. Please help! We need donations for their boarding and heartworm treatments and they need rescue or adoption! Please, I am desperate!!"

If you can help, please contact Stage Road Animal Hospital @ 901-382-1950 or me-Catie Sellers @

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Winder, GA: Precious Pumpkin too scared to even stand up

1/4/12:  Tuesday afternoon update: Little Momma Courtney is safe and going to rescue today! Pumpkin had an outpouring of offers of help - thanks to all who networked & have offered help for her.

Very, very scared Pumpkin is still needing the help of fearful, she couldn't even stand up when she first came.  She is doing much better now and truly needs her own home and safe place.  Look how beautiful she is!

WHO AM I?   My name is Pumpkin.  I have been in the shelter since October.  At first, I was so, so scared that I was afraid to stand up.  I wanted to be petted and give kisses, but I was just too scared to do anything other than wag my tail.
Here is what Officer Burrel has to say about Pumpkin:  "She has been here at the shelter since Oct. and really needs to find a good home. She came in so very scared we have not had her available to the public. She was so scared she wouldn't stand up she would crawl to you with her little nub tail wagging as fast as it could. She has made great progress since she has been here but will still need lots of work. Precious girl that we would love to find a local rescue who could help her out. Please if you can help with her please let us know."


Barrow County Animal Control
616 Barrow Park Dr.
Winder, GA 30680
OFFICE 770-307-3012
FAX 770-867-1660 and

Long Island - ROMEO & JULIET Found Tied to a Tree Together, Abandoned.AGAIN!!!

UPDATE: 1/1/12 We have sponsorship to valid rescue or adopter.  Contact enlightened34@

Reposting: They Remain in Kill Shelter on Borrowed Time...Dec 28.  Please help keep these two together.

WHO ARE THEY? *From Peg: These two beauties were brought in together as strays by an Animal Control Officer… They were found tied to the same tree. Apparently they had been in our care before and were always redeemed by their owners. Not this time. This time nobody came for them. Romeo is an absolute love whose tail NEVER stops wagging and Juliet is a bundle of nerves until she sees Romeo. Then she is confident going into to play bow and chasing Romeo all over the director’s office. These are going to be dogs who do NOT do well without one another. They have obviously been with each other their whole lives, although Juliet is much younger than Romeo, she has not known life without him. Please consider giving these 2 their forever home TOGETHER. Apart, Juliet will surely crumble and I do believe Romeo will be heartbroken. Can a group take these 2 together and ensure they are adopted together? Or can someone open their homes for these 2? They are more bonded than any two dogs I have ever seen and it is heartbreaking to think they may not be able to get out of here together. Please consider pulling these 2 dogs and helping them stay together. As a municipal shelter, that is something we aren't able to do. Please help them. Please cross post and email blast these guys. We really want these two to go together!!!
CASE # 3013: (Brindle) -male  -8yr old pitbull mix  -has arthritis, cataracts press point scars  -65 lbs  -up to date on vaccines -calm/quiet
CASE #3014: (Black w/ white face) -female -1yr old pitbull mix -60 lbs  -very stressed/scared when not by her male companion, ROMEO  -calm/quiet
WHERE ARE THEY? Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter
HOW CAN YOU HELP THEM? You can contact Peg Gugliotta, Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter, Rescue Coordinator Email:  Peg Gugliotta  or phone  631.813.6887

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

KY - Kasey needs your help to get much needed vet procedures



HIS STORY: *From Kim - Kasey has made it to his temp foster here in KY, he goes in on the 21st to get his eye surgery, ears flushed, thyroid checked, neuter, and a dental as well. This poor boy is getting the works and he deserves it. When he arrived he was just as bad off as the pictures show, we have new pictures that will be posted asap, he is as sweet as can be and loves other dogs and people, he listens very well. So far we have started to treat his eye infection and ears, also his dry eye. We feel that his cherry eyes and eye infection are causing Kasey to have trouble seeing sometimes so we are hoping that it will be better once he has had his surgery. Also his skin looks good but he is still missing hair and was itching like crazy we have treated him with revoluntion and he seems to be doing better so we suspect that it was dog lice, that was the only thing he hadn't been treated for at the vets, he had dips and baths and ivermectin but nothing else. Since putting this on him his itching has gone down 90% along with good food, and baths.

If you can donate towards Kasey please do so, he was found as a stray and was brought to the vet clinic in Nashville SC/NC and was treated barely and left to live in this state since August. We hope that now that he is with a wonderful rescue he will get the care he needs but in order to make that happen we need your help, it's hard for any rescue to take dogs like this much less right now with the economy. Every dollar counts and Kasey needs your help. Cherished Cockers is a 501c3, as well as Heart to Heart your donations are tax deductable.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Cottageville WV: Begging for Lucy's life SPONSORED/FREE to rescue, but out of time!

SHE HAS SPONSORSHIP AND TRANSPORTATION, BUT HER TIME IS UP NOW. Please don't let LUCY die for Christmas! WHO IS SHE? She looks like an Anatolian Shepherd/Yellow Lab but is listed as a lab/mastiff; 45 lbs, so not huge, small for a lab. LUCY loves kids (lived with them) and is good with other dogs.  We've got sponsor offers, so she's free to rescue.  She's already spayed and can be held with rescue commitment until the January 7 transport to northeastern states, so you don't even need to worry about trying to squeeze her in over the holidays. Her only issue is she's not good with cats, so she needs a cat free foster/forever home. The shelter is very small with only 12 kennels. They try desperately not to kill for space, but sadly lots of people dump their animals right before the holidays so space is always at a premium this time of year.

WHERE IS SHE? Cottageville WV
HOW CAN YOU HELP HER? Please contact Dreama/Bobbie at TODAY if you can save Lucy.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Douglasville, GA: HAVE FOSTER HOME--NEED RESCUE GROUP willing to pull--Shallow, senior shepherd mix at shelter before PTS!

*From Wendy:  Shallow has been at the Douglas County shelter for a long time and now she has a wonderful family that would like to foster her. Now all Shallow needs is a rescue group who is willing to pull Shallow so she can finally make it out of the shelter. Shallow is dog and people friendly. PLEASE let me know if you can help, the family is ready to get her this week if possible and it would be great for Shallow to be with them for Christmas!!

Please don't let a technicality prevent her from going to the loving home she has patiently waited for so long.

Please contact me or Tracy Jennings,

Wendy Steed

Monday, December 19, 2011

Rome, GA~No Name~No one to love/want him~Held over Twice~DIES NOW WED!!!!

He must have an offer received by the shelter by 4PM EST on Tuesday, December 19th, or it will be too late for him forever.WHO IS HE? #2648 Shepherd/Labrador Retriever Mix Large Male Adult; Good with Dogs--RESCUE ONLY because he is timid and mildly cage aggressive--he has been at the shelter almost three weeks and is BEYOND URGENT!!!! He has been a good boy for all and so they have given him yet another chance to find rescue! Please help him before it is too late!!!
WHERE IS HE? Floyd County Animal Control, Rome, GA
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Please  contact all parties below, so no one misses an offer: and and

*From Margaret : Please crosspost~please forward~please network~please spread the word far and wide on behalf of a frightened boy on the top of the redlist for Wednesday morning, December 20th!  He has been held over twice, because he is a good boy!!!! But no one wants him! He had a name, but now he has no name.  He had a home--but now he has no home! He loved people--but it didn't matter to them--they didn't love him or he would not be facing death.  He has been frightened at the shelter, but he has been good for everyone who takes care of him.  He stands and stares out through his cage door as people come and go, taking dogs away to rescue.  Does he hope that his door will open and someone will take him away?  Does he wag his tail, do his dark eyes beg?  He has no words--and no one to tell his story.  Only his sad little face can speak for him, his pleading eyes, his wagging tail. Please want him because he is going to die in his long loneliness without you.  He must have an offer received by the shelter by 4PM EST on Tuesday, December 19th, or it will be too late for him forever.  He will die unwanted, unloved, and no one will cry for him. And those who abandoned and deserted him will not think of him as he dies.  And no one will cry.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

OC, CA Shelter - St Nick. and other Senior Dogs.... plenty of love left in them want homes for the holidays

7 yr stout l'l boy brown/gray SH chihuahua boy named ST. NICK! came in with 2 collars on :(
Pet ID: A1136796
Sex: N
Age: 7 Years
Kennel: 229
LISTING: A1136796
SENIOR 8 yr old girl mini poodle mix, all white, all cuteness, white face, big black nose! UPDATE: $80 pledged to get her out alive!
Pet ID: A1140947
Sex: F
Age: 8 Years
Kennel: 215

Big brown eyes and big wet nose, 7 yrs old pit & lab mix named Sidney
Pet ID: A1139519 
Sex: S
Age: 7 Years 
Kennel: 253 
LISTING: Pet ID: A1139519

10 yr old red/white cocker spaniel mix boy, neutered and has the cutest little red-dog underbite~!
Pet ID: A1140139 
Sex: N
Age: 10 Years 
Color: RED - WHITE 
Kennel: 318 
9 yr gray muzzled cutie BOXER boy brindle/white, already neutered, came in with collar :(
Pet ID: A1140684
Sex: N
Age: 9 Years
Breed: BOXER
Kennel: 336

WHERE ARE THEY? OC Animal Shelter, 561 The City Drive South, Orange, CA 92868, *714-935-6848*  Sunday through Saturday - 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
We are open until 7:00 PM on Wed
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact Tammy Osborn
Adoption Partner Coordinator, OC Animal Care  (714) 935-6885

OC,CA - Several senior KITTIES just want a nice warm loving home for Christmas

12 year old sad LH calico gal -super-healthy looking fluffball with haunting green eyes--spayed & ready for a new home NOW!Pet ID: A1139989
Sex: S
Age: 12 Years
Kennel: C071
LISTING: Pet ID: A1139989

LOLA! 9 yr pretty gal, white/brown tabby with little blue collar with bone-shaped tag (dumped obviously), SPAYED! pretty!
Pet ID: A1138123
Sex: S
Age: 9 Years
Kennel: AVAIL53

ALL-WHITE 7 yr old SH male cat, ODD-EYED! one yellow, one blue, looks like he has no hope at all :(Pet ID: A1138352
Sex: M
Age: 7 Years
Color: WHITE
Kennel: AVAIL11
LISTING: Pet ID: A1138352

WHERE ARE THEY? OC Animal Shelter, 561 The City Drive South, Orange, CA 92868, *714-935-6848*  Sunday through Saturday - 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
We are open until 7:00 PM on Wed
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact Tammy Osborn
Adoption Partner Coordinator, OC Animal Care  (714) 935-6885

Friday, December 16, 2011

OC, CA shelter-5 yr neutered RUSTY, white & tan beagle boy @ hi-kill shelter

WHO AM I? My name is RUSTY. I'm not sure why I'm here, but I asked Santa for a new home with a nice soft bed. I'm loyal and will love you forever if you take me home with you.
Pet ID: A0932776
Sex: N
Age: 5 Years
Color: WHITE - TAN
Kennel: 317
WHERE AM I? OC Animal Shelter, 561 The City Drive South, Orange, CA 92868  *714-935-6848*
Sunday through Saturday - 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
We are open until 7:00 PM on Wed
HOW CAN YOU HELP ME?  Contact Tammy Osborn
Adoption Partner Coordinator, OC Animal Care, (714) 935-6885


L.A., CA shelter-BEV, what an adorably funny face! 55 days @ hi-kill shelter

She must be a special little girl, only 2 yrs old! Precious little tuxxy cat.
WHO AM I? My name is Bev and I am an unaltered female, black and white Domestic Shorthair. I'm a good girl, will be a great companion. No fuss no muss - please put me in your Christmas stocking. The shelter thinks I am about 2 years and 2 months old.
I weigh approximately 8 pounds. I have been at the shelter since Oct 23, 2011, a really long time.
BEV - ID#A1259420
WHERE AM I? South Los Angeles Animal Care and Control Center, 3612 11th Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90018
HOW CAN YOU HELP ME?  Call (888) 452-7381 and Ask for information about animal ID number A1259420

OC, CA shelter-BLITZEN's sad puppy-dog eyes long for better days, 8 yr senior tan/white chihuahua SH gal, very very sad eyes

WHO AM I? My name is BLIZTEN. I'm so sad that I don't have a family for Christmas. I don't take up much room, and I don't eat much. Please, please won't you take me home with you.
Pet ID: A1137182
Sex: F
Age: 8 Years
Color: TAN - WHITE
Kennel: 328
WHERE AM I? OC Animal Shelter, 561 The City Drive South, Orange, CA 92868  *714-935-6848*
Sunday through Saturday - 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
We are open until 7:00 PM on Wed
HOW CAN YOU HELP ME?  Contact Tammy Osborn
Adoption Partner Coordinator, OC Animal Care, (714) 935-6885


OC, CA shelter- 8 yr old SENIOR tricolor POMERANIAN boy, JACK FROST! what a doll, please hurry!

WHO AM I? My name is JACK FROST. I'm not too young, but I can be a great friend and would like to be part of your family. I'll protect you and be loyal and I only take up a little bitty space. Please come see me for Christmas.
Pet ID: A1136691
Sex: M
Age: 8 Years
Kennel: 347
WHERE AM I? OC Animal Shelter, 561 The City Drive South, Orange, CA 92868  *714-935-6848*
Sunday through Saturday - 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
We are open until 7:00 PM on Wed
HOW CAN YOU HELP ME?  Contact Tammy Osborn
Adoption Partner Coordinator, OC Animal Care, (714) 935-6885


Monday, December 12, 2011

Atlanta, GA - A little lost boy who's collar reads "My name is Prince. I don't bite, Please love me".

Little Prince needs a home-Atlanta, GA area, Let’s save this boy so he does  not end up  at a shelter and  may never find rescue. URGENT - The folks that found him say they can only keep him for a 1-1.5 weeks longer!

WHO IS HE? This is his story as told by the people that found him on their door step: This little guy showed up on our back porch a few nights ago  (12/3/11). When we found him, he looked to have been sleeping and was settled in for the night.  We thought he would be gone the next day and left him alone.  But when we got up, he was still here, just sitting quietly by our back door.  We checked to see if he had a tag with any info, so we could report him being found, but instead his collar had a message which read "My name is Prince. I don't bite, Please love me".   Looking at him you can see that is really all he wants, to be loved.  Our backyard is not fenced, but he stayed all day and is sleeping in our garage, so finding him a home is urgent.  We have no way to keep him.  Prince is  gentle, friendly and relatively calm for a high energy dog.  He approaches us in a submissive way, but seems to always be wagging his tail.  Prince understands, but is not consistent with some commands, like “sit”, “down” and “stay”, with a little training he would be on track. Prince is a 1 to 2 year old Pit Bull mix

Prince has a sponsor to have him vetted and neutered.  All he needs now is a home to hang his collar, hopefully a new one, message no longer needed.
WHERE IS HE? Atlanta, GA
HOW CAN YOU HELP? *From Jamie: Debbie has paid for Prince to be neutered, vaccinated and heartworm tested. Unfortunately, he's a mild positive -- but I believe treatment is being arranged/funded now. He just needs a nice place to recover during treatment who will foster him until his forever home can be found. If you can help, please please contact Debbie at

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

LA/San Bernardino, CA shelter - These sweet angels were surrendered together... $360 in pledges available to the rescue who will take both

A young girl dumped these 2 poor pet companions -- 1yo female lab/pit mix (a512068) and young female calico long hair kittie (a512069) yelling at them as she left. The dog was crying to go with her! This is so heartless!!  HURRY, THIS IS A HIGH KILL SHELTER.
WHO ARE WE? I am a female, black Labrador Retriever and Pit Bull Terrier. I don't know my name, but I cried when my girl left me here. I don't know what I did wrong. Please come get me and my kitty companion. She's scared too. The shelter staff think I am about 3 years old. Kitty is a female, calico Domestic Longhair and we don't know her age. We have been at the shelter since Dec 02, 2011. (This dog - id#a512068. This CAT - ID#A512069)
WHERE ARE WE? San Bernardino County - Devore Shelter, 19777 Shelter Way, Devore, CA 92407
HOW CAN YOU HELP US? Please contact Cheryl Meyer at: or call devore directly at: 909-887-8055, ext 0 if you can save them. For more about these animals, ask
for information about animal ID number A512068 and A512069.
*From Joyce: A young girl dumped these 2 poor pet companions -- 1yo female lab/pit mix (a512068) and young female calico long hair kittie (a512069) yelling at them as she left. The dog was crying to go with her! This is so heartless!! *From Patti: Poor pair dumped at devore- doggie and kitty... Please network these 2. Some girl dumped the poor pittie and cat at Devore and yelled at one of them because they urinated on her, scared to death.The pittie was crying at door trying to leave with the girl - pt said it was sooo sad. Please save this pair.

Nash Co Animal Shelter, NC - Sweet mommy dog Harlequin, delivered in back of ACO truck

HARLEQUIN & her six babies need rescue
WHO ARE THEY? This sweet female 2-3 year old Pit mix named Harlequin was picked up as a stray today 12/6. She delivered 8 pups in the back of the animal control truck on the way to the shelter. Two of the pups died. The remaining six appear healthy. She is such a sweet girl. She let shelter staff pick up her babies and check them. There are 3 females and 3 males. Harlequin & her babies will need rescue as soon as possible! A shelter is no place for a mommy and her litter.
WHERE ARE THEY? Nashville, NC - Nash Co Animal Shelter
HOW CAN YOU HELP THEM? Please contact Shelley Milburn at if you can help. Transport assistance & temp foster space available. I will personally cover all vaccinations and heartworm testing for Harlequin.

Hoboken NJ. Sad kitty Charlotte lost her Home to NEW Husband!

PLEASE CONSIDER GIVING CHARLOTTE A SECOND CHANCE AT HAPPINESS. SHE WILL BE KILL-SHELTER BOUND IF NOT RE-HOMED! **Please Note that the contact Fran is NOT the cat's owner...please don't berate her! She is trying to HELP Charlotte...
WHO IS SHE? *From owner: Charlotte is a tri-colored, medium haired cat, six years young.  Her fur is exceptionally soft; it really feels like a baby bunny’s coat.   She has beautiful markings, including a mask on her face and very unique large wings that span across her back, her “angel wings”-  I have always said she is my angel. More about Charlotte below.....
WHERE IS SHE? Nashville, NC - Nash Co Animal Shelter
HOW CAN YOU HELP HER?  **Please Note that the contact Fran is NOT the cat's owner...please don't berate her! She is trying to HELP Charlotte...***CONTACT: Fran Bushman at or call 917-318-0130.

About Charlotte: That is because Charlotte is a very warm and affectionate cat, is devoted  to her owner, and is a true companion and friend.   Whenever you sit on the couch, Charlotte will jump up for a snuggle and a nap.  She loves a massage, and purrs the whole way through one every time.  She loves to jump up on the bed, and come crashing into you, settling

Friday, December 2, 2011

AZ Duck & Animal Rescue Needs Food & Supplies to Survive

 EMERGENCY! Gilbert, AZ Duck & Animal Rescue DESPERATE FOR FOOD & donations

On behalf of Tammy Vrettos of Webfoot ResQ, we are sending out a plea for help. Some of you may remember the recent passing of fellow rescuer and Tammy's partner, Dell Gillispie. His untimely death left her with the task for caring for over 300 birds, 75 cats and several dogs. Dell passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack on September 13. He was an integral part of Webfoot ResQ, caring not only for the animals, but also for Tammy in her failing health so she could continue her mission. Tammy is now facing an extreme difficulty in feeding the animals in her care and in foster care, as well as keeping utilities on and a roof over her head. Please, please, please, if you cannot help her, pass this on to others who can. Thank you, Hearts to the Rescue.

Donations accepted through ChipIn:

Tammy will take any kind of cat food, dog food, chicken scratch, poultry crumbles or monetary donations. Or if you are more comfortable, you can donate directly to their vet at 
Read more......

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Centre County, PA: 19 year old deaf cat with lots of love to give

Urgent request:  Sandy was saved at the last minute by this wonderful family, but now their own cat is ill and Sandy does not get along with other cats.  Please help them find the perfect home for Sandy, where she will be the only cat.

WHO AM I?   My name is Sandy and I am 19 years old!  I am deaf, but that does not stop me from enjoying my family and cuddles, even though I really don't care for other cats. I would love a dog friend, though.  Another cat who lives here is sick so my rescuer said I need to go to another home or they might have to send me to a shelter.  Darn...they just saved me from my original owner who wanted to have me PTS (whatever that means) and I was just getting used to everyone. They don't want to send me back there or to a shelter where I could be PTS (??), but they might have to make that decision.

I have been declawed on my front paws so I make very sweet and soft biscuits!  I have been combo tested negative.  All I need is a soft bed, a window sill or a little corner to nap in.  I promise I won't be any trouble .... I am a little grandma cat, you know!
WHERE AM I?  Centre County, PA

HOW CAN I HELP?  Contact if you can give me a home.
 Crosspost and tell anyone you know who might need a grandma cat to take care of them.

Donate even a dollar (if you can) because this nice family wants to get some bloodwork done to make sure my kidneys are okaye and for food and litter.

If you have any doubt about how a senior cat can change your life, take a moment.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Suffolk County, NY: Owner died, loyal dog locked in filthy cellar

A true Christmas miracle, thanks to Tara! 
Here is what she just sent:  "Lucky for Oliver. he was transported to south carolina cocker rescue where he was placed in a loving home with a nice couple who owns other cockers. He is gonna have all his medical problems taking care of. he is already a loved member of the family. Thanks for your help and interest God bless
Tara and Oliver"
My name is Oliver, For five years, I was my owner's best friend.  We went everywhere together. I took care of him and he took care of me.  My owner passed away and so I had to move, but they just threw me in a dark cellar by myself with noone to play with or take care of. I am blind in one eye, but I can see just fine with my good eye.  After several months of living like this, a nice lady climbed down the ladder and took me out of there...well, I'll let her explain:

Three days ago I helped rescue an older Cocker out of a basement cellar. It was not a finished basement and to call it a basement at all is wrong. it was more like a cellar with dirt floor, dark and damp.
This older dog was forced to live down there all day and all night. Never to be let out to use the bathroom, his sat in his own filth. He lived to eat and was only given the bare minimum to keep him alive. He was overfed and given water. No daylight or light at all. To get to the cellar there was a ladder, no stairs, so only with assistance could this dog  leave his hell hole.
    Yet, it was not always like this. For five glorious years, this dog was life and heart of an elderly autistic man. He went everywhere with this man. He was even a service dog for emotional support. Anywhere this man when the dog wasn't too far behind. He was groomed regularly, fed a normal diet and just plain good old fashioned loved. The man grew ill and sadly passed away. This is when this Cockers life took a turn for the worst....
    He was to be sent to live with the old man's wicked daughter. She, for whatever reasons, did not really want the dog and put the dog in her cellar. There, he languished for 6 solid lonely months. It was not until the smell of the dog reached the main floor of the home and in-laws noticed. One such family member who reached out to me as I groomed her cavalier regularly.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Athens, AL: Sad Update: 2 Dogs Living in House Alone. People breaking in and poisoning

Sad Update:  Pam made an arrangment with her landlord that she could bring Hunter and Blue to live with her if she found homes for some of her cats.  When she went to get Blue, she was very, very ill and had to be put to sleep.  Hunter is lost without her best friend and Pam is devastated.  In order to keep Hunter with her, she must find homes for two cats.  We will post them soon.

This is urgent...two innocent animals made the victims of not only the economy, but also of criminals taking advantage of someone's misfortune.  Please help their owner help them.

From Pam, their owner:  "I just lost my home of 13 years. Several years ago, I rescued two dogs that I intended to keep for life until I ended up getting a divorce and now losing my home. The bank is coming in any day to take my house.. and I am needing to find my dogs a home so they won't be killed. I have searched desperately for homes for
my girls, but no one wants a full grown dog or a mutt... I don't know what to do... I am desperate for any help or advice that you could give.

Both dogs are  females. One is named Hunter and she is a solid black lab/chow mix. When I first rescued her, she didn't trust anyone. I took her away from an abusive owner. She was being hit and not fed... She is extremely smart and knows simple commands but she doesn't like any other dogs or cats etc... I am assuming this is because she was made to hunt for her food... She is best friends with the other dog that I rescued.
Rest in Peace, Sweet Blue...
we are so sorry
The other dog that I have is a Blue Heeler and her name is Blue She knows a  few simple commands and she craves attention to where she will follow you around then when you stop and sit down then she will come over to you and lean up against you to be petted. She has just started riding in my car with me... I had to leave them both at the house I no longer live in because I am not allowed to have them where I moved. I have friends that go by and check on and feed them. The only free time I get is on the weekends and then I go and spend time with them.  Since this has happened, Hunter has developed trust issues again, and she hasn't had them in years.  What I mean by that is when I am not there, she will lay on the porch and act depressed, then when I get there she will come up and be petted and get her treat, then she runs away to the edge of my property and just lays down away from me... and she never used to act like that.... Then Blue, well, she acts just the opposite... when I show up, she is glued to my side... and when I get in my truck, well that is how she started  taking rides with me... she wouldn' get out of my truck.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

L.A./Camarillo, CA shelter - beautiful Red merle Heeler - australian cattle dog

This sweet boy has gone to a new home and family!

Time is almost up for this dog after just 5 days If not too late already -UPDATE: PLEASE PLEASE HELP SAVE HIM. Offer is there to pay his fees and help with transport.  He is on the next "list", no extensions. He is not doing well at the shelter and they said they will put him down as soon asIP is over. Contact the shelter if you can help

WHO AM I? I know I'm a smart fellow, so I'm not sure how I wound up here. I am an unaltered male, red merle Australian Cattle Dog. If I am your pet, please call the shelter IMMEDIATELY at (805) 388-4341.
If you are interested in me, please visit the shelter during normal business hours.They think I am about 1 year old. I weigh approximately 86 lbs. This DOG - ID#A537352
WHERE AM I? Ventura County Animal Services, 600 Aviation Drive, Camarillo, CA 93010
HOW CAN YOU HELP ME? For more information, call 805-388-4341
Ventura County Animal Services,
Ask for information about animal ID number: A537352

O.C., CA hi-kill shelter - TESS - little bitty brown/white chihuahua mix needs a home

Little Tess was adopted on 12/3/11 just in time for a safe and warm Christmas!
Look at this precious little girl - so tiny, but such a worried look on her face.
WHO AM I? My name is Tess and I'm just a little girl. I need a nice soft pillow and just a little bit of food, so I won't be any trouble. Please, oh please, won't you let me come home with you.
TESS   Pet ID: A1130757 
Sex: F  Age: 5 Years  Color: BROWN - WHITE 
Breed: CHIHUAHUA SH - MIX  Kennel: 339 

WHERE AM I? Orange County Animal Care, Calif
HOW CAN YOU HELP ME? contact Tammy Osborn at (714) 935-6885  -- Visit website

L.A./Carson, CA shelter-handsome young boy-cat/gray&white, dumped on HALLOWEEN

WHO AM I? I don't know my name or where I came from, but I should would like to come home with you. I'm easy going, no fuss and I'll keep you company. How about it?
ID# A4359728 Impound Date: 10/31/2011  Sex Male  Primary Breed: DOMESTIC SH  Age: 1 Years and 0 Months  Location: CARSON  Cage No.: C582
WHERE AM I? Carson Animal Care Center, LA, CA - 216 W. Victoria St., Gardena, CA 90248
HOW CAN YOU HELP ME? Call (310) 523-9566 and tell them you are calling about ID# A4359728
If you can't adopt or foster, maybe you can donate:  CHIP IN:

L.A./Baldwin Park, CA shelter - little MICKEY, dumped by "owner" on Halloween


Please help this 1 yr old highly adoptable BEAGLE mix boy, brown & white

WHO AM I? my name is Mickey. I am a 1 yr old male brown/white Beagle mix. My owner left me here October 31. I thought we were going trick or treating, but they brought me here instead. Please won't you take me home with you.  ID#A4359638
WHERE AM I? Baldwin Park, CA shelter
HOW CAN YOU HELP ME? Call Baldwin Park shelter Phone 626 430 2378
Open for Adoptions 7 days a Week 4275 Elton Street, Baldwin Park, California 91706  Hours: Monday - Thursday 12 - 7 Friday - Sunday 10 - 5

O.C., CA shelter-haunting look! Poor sad little "BABY," just 2 yrs old, blue/white kissbull

No one came or cared and Baby became ill.  She was PTS.  We are so sorry, little girl...R.I.P
WHO AM I? My name is Baby. I don't know why I'm here in this place. Will you come visit me and take me home? I'll be really good and promise to always love you.
BABY  Pet ID: A1135711  Sex: F
Age: 2 Years  Color: BLUE - WHITE 
Breed: AM PIT BULL TER  Kennel: 232 
WHERE AM I? Orange County Animal Care, Calif
HOW CAN YOU HELP ME? contact Tammy Osborn at (714) 935-6885  -- Visit website

Monday, November 21, 2011

N. Central Shelter LA CA - Snoopy only has a few days left to live.

Good news!!!  Snoopy's owners could not leave him in the shelter.  They came back and took him home!
MAYDAY MAYDAY!!! WHO IS HE? A1196042 Snoopy is a 10 year old Neutered Male black Tibetan Spaniel who was surrendered by his owners on November 3rd to the North Central shelter because his owners had no time for their 10 year old dog. Weighing only 15 pounds, Snoopy is a sweetheart. Snoopy lived with his family for most all of his life and he lived with men, women and children and was great with all of them. Snoopy is a wonderful senior dog!! Snoopy gets along great with other dogs and he is kenneled with other dogs at the shelter. Snoopy would be a wonderful family dog and he would also do well living in an apartment or condo. All North Central animals come spayed/neutered, microchipped and with full shots (including rabies).
To watch a video of Snoopy please click here:
WHERE IS HE? North Central Shelter - City of Los Angeles Animal Services
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact shelter at Phone: (888) 452-7381
Hours: 8AM to 5PM, Tuesday though Saturday, 12PM to 4PM Sunday

L.A., CA shelter (South LA)-PRETTY DAINTY TORTIE 5 yrs 6 lbs pink collar

Please give this pretty girl another look, another click of the mouse to send her to your contacts on Facebook or Twitter.  All she wants a little bed in her own corner of someone's heart.  She is running out of time - we need a Christmas miracle.

Has been at shelter for 5 weeks! 
WHO AM I? I'm a loveable girl, just wanting a good home. They pass me up for the little kittens. I understand, they're so cute. But I could be a good companion too. I would love to curl up in your lap and keep you company on cold nights.
The shelter thinks I am about 5 years old. I weigh approximately 6 pounds.
This CAT - ID#A1258243 I am an unaltered female, tortie Domestic Shorthair.
WHERE IS SHE? South Los Angeles Animal Care and Control Center

L.A./Devore, CA shelter- scared 5 mos. sweet-looking tiny chi x boy, white and tan, with collar

His name is Melvin and he has been adopted!!


WHO AM I? I don't know my name yet. The shelter staff think I am about 5 months old. I have been here since Nov 15, 2011. I know I had a home, but I don't remember where it is. Will you take me home? I could be a brave boy and help protect you and keep you safe and show you lots of love. Please take me home, please.
DOG - ID#A510825 (should be available 11/20) I am a male, white and tan Chihuahua - Smooth Coated mix.
WHERE IS HE? Devore Shelter, LA, CA
HOW CAN YOU HELP? For more information about this animal, call: San Bernardino County - Devore Shelter at (909) 887-8055; Ask for information about animal ID number A510825 - puller/transporter:

O.C., CA shelter-TESSA & JONAS, bro & sis likely, 5 yr old twins-called chi mixes but have unusual faces/coloring!

Awww....Tessa has been adopted, but now Jonas, who has always cared for her and counted on her is left alone.  Please help us find him a new home too.

VERY SAD FACES, kenneled together...
WHO ARE WE? Our names are Jonas and Tessa, we're brother and sister.... maybe twins. Don't know why we're here, but we're kind of scared. I have to watch out for Tessa, so please keep us together. We won't take up hardly any room and we keep each other company when you're away from home. Can we be part of your family?
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact Tammy Osborn or call (714) 935-6885 Visit website

Name: TESSA  Pet ID: A1134906 Sex: F  Age: 5 Years   Color: BROWN  Breed: CHIHUAHUA SH - MIX  Kennel: 314  LISTING:

Name: JONAS  Pet ID: A1134907  Sex: M Age: 5 Years  Color: BROWN  Breed: CHIHUAHUA SH - MIX  Kennel: 314  

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Small Gerogia Rescue in Emergency Situation Needing Food

Originally posted in August, things are still dire.  Please help this wonderful group continue to save lives and rescue not only rotties, but other breeds from tiny teacup babies to mastiffs.  Don't think that any amount is too all adds up and every positive intention attracts more help.  Just a click and a moment of your time can make the difference in the life of a trusting animal who would otherwise be abandoned or euthanized.

Click here to make a difference:

Pam is also looking for reliable transports to Brady, Texas and Bangor, Maine if you have any suggestions and leads.
And finally, if you are interested in volunteering and/or fostering, please contact her.

On behalf of Pam Bone of the Rural Ga Rottie Animal Rescue, we are sending out a plea for help. They have lost the food donations from Petsmart due to corporate restructuring. The rescue is now facing an extreme difficulty in feeding the animals in her care and is having to turn away other animals in need due to the lack in funds and food. Please read her note below and do what you can to help. Thank you, Hearts to the Rescue.

*From Pam:  Here in Georgia we are unfortunate victims of hard economic times. We generally go through 50-100# of food a day! We've run out of options and cannot afford to purchase the food on our own. The money we do get goes to vetting first and foremost. We are pleading to the community as well as pursuing other companies who may be willing to donate. While we are a smaller rescue, we have joined efforts to form a coalition with other rescues in hopes more mouths to feed would enable us to gain more donations. So here we are, begging, pleading, if anyone has any ideas, suggestions, connections, or even just a can or bag of food, please contact us: We have puppies to seniors from tiny teacup Chihuahuas to Great Danes, Mastiffs, and of course Rotties! So no food will go wasted. Please consider helping us so we can save lives!  Thank you ~

Our Paypal info if you would like to donate:
Our Facebook link:
Our Email: 
Our snail mail: 
P.O. Box 771
Lizella, Ga 31052

Pam Bone, President
Rural Ga Rottie Animal Rescue Inc
501C3 Nonprofit
(Photos: This is Talon who is also available for adoption, see

Horseshoe Bend, AR - Please help little Poohbear and Trixie find a home - they must stay together no matter what.

Please help us get the word out about these two. This is truly a heart breaking and heart wrenching story. We are asking and imploring someone to help them.
WHO ARE WE? We are Trixie and PooBear. Our loving caretakers had us for 7 years, but have both now died. Please give us a chance - we're good dogs as long as we have each other. And we'll be good companions for you and your family.
WHERE ARE WE? Horseshoe Bend , AR. About 2 1/2 hours north of Little Rock, 1 hour east of Mountain Home, and 1 1/2 hours west of Jonesboro

THEIR SAD STORY: *From Susan: I'm asking for help for two senior dogs whose owner has died. Trixie and PoohBear had been with this couple, Dan and his wife, since they were pups, seven years ago. Last year the wife died. In the summer Dan learned he was dying, and asked for help with the dogs. Two weeks ago Dan died. Each dog has been placed in a home, but with no success. Trixie absolutely ran away from everyone, and is a very fearful girl. PoohBear was with a couple for a week, and they said she was 95% perfect, but her seperation anxiety made it impossible for them to keep her. She cut herself badly pulling down blinds after losing three teeth in a crate trying to get out. Now, they are both in Animal Control, perfectly content as long as they are together. Would you have any room for them in your rescue? They need to stay together. Both are healthy and spayed. PoohBear has been fully vetted. Trixie would need to be vet checked. We would be able to make a donation to help with that.

Susan Clay
Friends of HB Animals
Horseshoe Bend , AR