Thursday, July 19, 2012

*Henderson, NC: Catchy is dying of a broken heart

7-20-12: UPDATE AND A PLEA...

Thank you SO very much for contacting us about sweet Catchy.  We received a big response to the plea for his rescue and have gotten a commitment from a rescue group to take him & get him treated. 

We are PLEADING for help with those still at this horrible shelter, where they await their fate of death in the gas chamber, sadly many have the same story as Catchy...broken hearted and defeated.  We are begging for their lives to be spared, but we MUST have rescue commitment for them and get them on transport Saturday night.  Could you please take a look at the death row album?  There are so many beautiful, sweet, precious animals needing to be saved.  All dogs/pups come with at least $50 sponsorship and cats/kittens with $20 sponsorship.  No pull fee for this shelter. Transport from NC traveling north on I-95 to NJ/NY/PA is also FREE to rescue.
Hoping & praying for good news from you.  We await your response.  Thank you!


This picture says it all...
Catchy is dying of a broken heart...literally. Not only did his owners dump him at a kill shelter that uses the gas chamber, but he is heartworm positive. He was so depressed he wouldn't come out of his dog house at the shelter. Please help to mend his broken heart.
Catchy (M) Yellow Lab 3-4 yrs. 50lbs. His owner didn’t want him anymore.  We don’t know why as he is such a good boy.  Free transport is available.
Currently located at Vance County Animal Control
Henderson, NC

Contact: to rescue this sweet boy!

If you are unable to rescue, please consider sponsoring to help increase his chances of being rescued!! PLEASE SPONSOR CATCHY!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

*Reston, VA: Coco urgently needs a new foster or home

9-10-12:  Happy Update for Sweet Coco.  A foster stepped up for her, fell in love and will be adopting her!

COCO needs a foster or adoptive home URGENTLY!!! Coco was rescued at the last minute from the shelter and euthanization.  The lady  who saved her life at the eleventh hour can no longer keep her. A difficult and harrassing neighbor has called animal control so Coco now sits in boarding. Funds and time are running out for this precious girl who has lost her puppies and now her foster mom and guardian angel.
Read about Coco from someone who knows her:

"I'm a volunteer, I'm usually at the shelter 3-4 days a week getting the dogs out for a walk, socializing, playing with them, so I got to know Coco. When Doc did Coco's spay, she was discovered to be pregnant, so the spay turned into a big abortion...12 little pups, who of course were too premature to make it. It was a big surgery and Coco had a difficult recovery. During her recovery I would take her out to get some fresh air, we would set in the grass, she would lay her head in my lap. She seemed very sad and I think she had post-partum blues and grieved for her lost puppies., but she gradually came around and became a happy doggie again.

She seemed to look forward to going to the play yard. She was very strong on the leash and pulled until she calmed down. I found her to always be affectionate and I never saw aggression toward other dogs. She likes to be touched - likes hugs. Please give her the loving home she so deserves!! She gets along well with other dogs and cats, too. Coco is spayed, dewormed, UTD on vaccines and HW negative. She is a real sweet girl. "

If you can help Coco please email

Sunday, July 15, 2012

*A Hardworking Devoted Animal Rescuer Needs Our Help

Sasha Furr (yep…she has the purrfect name, for real!) is one of the hardest working individuals I know, not only in her everyday work-a-day life, but as an animal rescuer, foster/caretaker/healer/miracle worker for the cats she has saved and cared for.
Bendy’s Home fosters cats for Calvin’s Paws (formerly Marley’s Cat Tails), a local rescue with a focus on special needs cats, including FIV and FeLv positive ones.  You can read their wonderful stories here.

The most famous and the inspiration for the work she does is Bendy Kitty .  Bendy crossed the Rainbow Bridge last month at the age of 11. Read their story of how he came into her life at the tender age of 3 weeks.  Bendy and Sasha  shared their knowledge and support as a moderator on Handicapped Pets since 2001 and Sasha continues as BendyMom to this day.

The help Sasha is seeking is simple and do-able:

I'm being considered for a job posting online listings for a local furniture company.  They requested that I put up about 10 auctions on ebay so they can see what kind of ratings I get.  I have auctions for hermit crab shells, dog treats, cat treats, and coffee.

     Please take a look and consider purchasing something and leave me nice feedback as it will help me get this job, that I do really want.  It would be another telecommuting job, keep me home with my cats, starting at about 20 hrs/wk with the potential to go full time. Please also share it with anyone you think might even be vaguely interested.”

I’ve tried to keep this short, but I’ve not even scratched the surface.  Let’s help a sister out…buy some cat or dog treats, hermit crab shells or some great coffee for yourself and/or pass this on. .

 (I’ve bought the coffee and it is better than Starbucks!  Bendy's sweet face on the front of the bag is the secret ingredient, I'm sure)