Friday, October 7, 2011

Cottageville WV: Jose is urgent again! Rescue fell through, needs help.

UPDATE: Jose has $230 sponsorship. Some wonderful friends of his on Facebook raised money for him. Jose just needs one more wonderful friend to rescue him. Could that friend be you??? *From Linda: They thought they had a rescue, but screening didn't check out.  So now Jose is back on the urgent list!  Please help network this sweet dog to good rescues!
WHO IS HE? JOSE, watch his video:
Plays with other dogs his size at the shelter and fine with them.
WHERE IS HE? Cottageville, WV
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Rescue contact: Dreama / Bobbie (
When contacting us, please indicate if you are a rescue or adopter.
Rescue application.  Copy/paste into an email and fill in the answers.

Richmond, VA*** Robbie, yellow lab mix_Stuck in a kennel for over a year!***

This precious boy has been rescued!!!
*From Sherrie: This boy really needs a foster home.  Does anyone know of one who could help him out?  He is a perfect candidate for a family dog!!
WHO IS HE? ROBBIE -- *From Dee:  He's a big frame Yellow Lab mix, about 7 yrs old, about 65 lbs, he was acquired as a puppy from a neighbor who's dog had a litter. He was a family pet for several years, played with her kids, was in the house, etc.  recently he's been tied outside a lot, as her situation has changed. He has only known his owner/family his entire life, so he was scared and upset when she abandoned him.  He's been at my house now for about a year, and now he's going stir crazy in his kennel.  He really needs a foster home, where he can interact with people. He's friendly, outgoing, loves people, follows me around, comes when he's called, will sit for a treat and loves his rawhide chews. He doesn't like other male dogs, but behaves himself at outing events. He has a current rabies vaccine, and utd on vaccines and HW preventative. I don't remember his vet but will check his paperwork, think he was only seen for his initial neutering and shots.  He's active and playful, and seems younger than 7 years.  WHERE IS HE? Richmond, VA  HOW CAN YOU HELP? contact Dee Hawkins 434-531-4355,

NYC, Shine needs a new home and some TLC, only serious rescuers please!

Do not call unless you can actually help this boy. Please do not call to just voice opinions about his situation.
WHO IS HE? SHINE *From Shasty:  Shine is a poor 7 year old boxer mix, who lives without sunshine in an alley basement.  The only blessing in this dog's life is an irony; that his owner does not want him!! The blessing in this sad fact is that he would be surrendered without questions. Please if you do take him don't give the owner any attitude. Just "thank you" and walk away... He also seems to not have any food or water bowls there in that dump with him. Please save this poor boy.  It would likely have to be a savvy person, and it may be best not to bring him into an environment with other dogs or cats.  As god only knows that he will need some exclusive care and love to come back to himself. WHERE IS HE? NYC   HOW CAN YOU HELP? Only if you can rescue, please contact: 917- 951- 2685, or email
*From Roxanne: Meet Scooby!
WHO IS HE? Scooby is an 11 year old, miniature poodle that is just so cute and playful. After years of being a loyal companion, his owner just gave him up because he did not fit into her lifestyle anymore. He is looking for a loving home that will appreciate his delightful temperament and wonderful company.  Please check him out on the website at  Please forward this to any poodle worthy people!!!!!  Click here for Scooby's Listing 
HOW TO HELP? Contact: Roxanne Wolf  at 410-924-3447

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Madison, MS - a sweet little pup with special needs

Sweet little Biscuit went to a foster home in Alabama!
WHO IS SHE? Biscuit....born deaf and losing her eyesight as well. See her story below.
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact Caitlin
*From Caitlin: Hi, my name is Caitlin and I am a veterinary technician in Madison, MS. We have a dog here at our hospital that desperately needs help! Biscuit is a 16 month old, spayed female Am. Staff. Terrier. She was born deaf and was recently diagnosed with PRA. Her owner can no longer care for her and brought her in 2 weeks ago to be euthanized. We asked her to give us a couple of weeks to try to find a rescue group that might be able to help. I have had a few groups offer to put up a courtesy post, but the problem is that we have no where to keep her in the meantime. The previous owners agreed to pay for a couple of weeks of boarding, but after that I'm afraid that she will be put down if we can't find her a foster

Dahlonega, GA- Wendy, a 6 m/o Treeing Walker Coonhound - time is almost up for her

WHO IS SHE? *From Daniel: Wendy is our choice 6 month old Treeing Walker Coonhound.  She is all the staffs favorite but no takers since we have only had one full size dog adoption in a month.  Her time is very nearly up and we so want to save her.  We have had her spayed and she is hot to hit the trail. Please do all you can to help her.  How can you not when you see the picture.
WHERE IS SHE? Lumpkin County Animal Shelter, Dahlonega, GA
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact Daniel E. Bowers, Volunteer Adoption Coordinator, 706-973-9411 or email at

Chase City, VA: Precious Miley needs a home

Precious Miley is still waiting for someone to take her home with them - look at this sweet face!
WHO IS SHE? *From Rabiah: miley is a 9 month old pitty pup that had been adopted from us, but was returned by the adopters after they had her for 2 months...:( she is spayed and utd on shots..she is friendly, playful and loves attention..she was returned because they said  she was hard to house break....well she is a puppy and you have to work with them to get that result....she loves going for walks...we have no room..she has been here for 2 months now and she will stay here till we find a place, but she really needs someone to love or someone to love her...please cross post to serious folks only...she is in chase city, va at our horse  mukwa equine retirement and rescue center....please contact me if you are i nterested or are a rescue that can take her...with a home on the horizon..she is a special girl and deserves the best!!!
WHERE IS SHE? Blue Horse Mukwa Equine Retirement and Rescue Center, Chase City, VA
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact Rabiah Seminole at