Friday, October 30, 2015

Forest Hills Queens, NY: Two beautiful SENIOR Sibs, declawed, living alone for TWO Years! House Being Sold Now!

11-8-15 Update:

Heddy Schmidt brought Mopsy and Flopsy in for vetting...the good news is that they ARE healthy...the not so good news is that they are about 14 years old...not 7, as originally thought!

So after living ALONE for TWO years ( only being fed by a kind person) they are truly desperate to find a HOME!
They will NEVER survive  a shelter...NEVER!

Please Contact Heddy Schmidt if you can even foster these two to save them...
HEDDY: 917-609-7810 OR EMAIL:

Oct 29
Forest Hills Queens NY

Owner died 2 years ago-these cats have been alone since then-home being sold now!! Located in Queens and will go to NYACC if taken!

2 cats in need of adoption/loving home. A brother and a sister from same litter-Topsy and Mopsy about 10/11 years old. Declawed. One colored like an orange creamsicle and one is black/gray/white combo.

Cats have 
been living together in home with owner all their life. Owner, a nice elderly lady who always cared for cats, died 2 yrs ago and they have been living in isolated rooms (now basement) of house ever since as home has been updated to sell.
House has been sold recently and now time is of essence to find these beautiful cats a loving home. The new owner will likely put these poor sweeties out on the street or into kill shelter.

They are very sweet/loving, spry & energetic cats, yet understandably a little shy/fearful lately, as they've been alone virtually for two years since owner died.
A friend has 
been going to the home every day for two years to feed.

Cats appear to be in good health, though no updates on medical since owner passed. Person taking care of cats to feed says will pay if any needed medical expenses.
Please help these delicious (owner's words :)) cats to find a forever loving home. They need to stay together.

Cats located in Forest Hills, Queens. Near Forest Hills High School.
67th Ave/ btwn 108th st & 110th st.

EDDIE: 347-956-1511
HEDDY: 917-609-7810

Sunday, October 25, 2015

JASPER the Kitty Needs Our Help SAVE His Life...Family is Devastated and Simply Can't Afford to Pay...Daughter Already Forfeited Her Sweet 16 to Help Pay for Diagnosis!

Urgent! Daughter donated her Sweet 16 money to help keep her kitty Jasper alive, but it's not enough. They have until tomorrow Oct 26 to raise the funds.

Donate here: or directly to vet (see below)

Jasper’s Story from my extraordinary friend Ashley O’Neill:

“A very dear friend of mine is being forced to put her 3 year old cat to sleep on Monday, October 26th because she doesn't have the $3,000 to pay for his surgery. Please read this story and consider donating. Any amount helps and is greatly appreciated. Her selfless daughter already gave up her sweet 16, so that they could pay the previous $1800 bill to try and help him. Please... help me to help them!

Jasper's family has until Monday, October 26th to raise $3,000 or they will be forced to put him to sleep. He is only 3 years old and suffering with urinary stones that are blocking him from urinating on his own. He needs a surgery called penile urostomy or a PU done in order to save his life. Jasper was originally brought to the hospital because he was blocked by stones and needed a 3 day urinary catheter placed to help him urinate. After the three days, the catheter was pulled and he was able to urinate on his own. He was also put on special food in hopes that the stones would not come back. Sadly, that didn't last and he was re blocked. He was only able to urinate around his blockage, which caused him to strain again and urinate blood. His family is not able to afford the surgery and needs our help. Their daughter is distraught about losing Jasper. She loves him so much that she told her parents that she wanted them to use the money for her sweet sixteen to go towards Jasper's previous $1800 bill. This money covered hospitalization, procedures, and special food. She already gave up her sweet 16, we can't ask her to give up on her best friend. Let's come together, save Jasper's life and bring this family some peace of mind by donating and sharing Jasper's story. Any amount helps and is greatly appreciated.

To donate : go fund me or call Hilton animal hospitals : +1 (516) 887-2914. Tell them you would like to donate towards Jasper's surgery . Please ask them to write down your full name and the donation amount , so we can keep track of money and thank everyone for their generosity!”