Friday, May 31, 2013

Long Island, NY * Darling Shizu Mix Senior* *JETT* Not even one inquiry, please help!

Jett- pulled last day in May by a rescue better suited for small dogs. Yay again.
Long Island, NY ( Hempstead Animal Shelter)
**NOT EVEN ONE inquiry for this precious little dog...please consider her...she is not doing well in a shelter...not at all...poor little girl. Grooming will do wonders for her spirit and a new home will bring her back to life!

Her Name is JETT...Hang on Jett! A little love and delicious grooming will bring you back…
Jett #9682: 8yr old, Lhasa Apso Mix, 20lbs, Female, 13lbs
Behavior: playful with other dogs, recommended for a home of tweens and up
Medical: dog has “elephantitis” Translation: (no fur on hind area, hind legs) No Biggie!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

*Sparta, TN: Matti and Curly facing euthanization unless someone steps up

 5-30-13:  Wonderful Update!!  "Just got off the phone with a lady that's covering the cost of vetting and transporting Matti and Curly both together to a rescue in CT! They are confirmed safe!!!! Thank you so much!" 
Curly - just a puppy beagle
This is a final plea by a rescuer who has reached the end of her options due to major life changes.   Matti and Curly need a rescue, foster or adopter immediately.  Read their story in their rescuer's own words.  Please crosspost far and wide or contact her if you can help.
I'm begging for help one last time for Matti and Curly.  Matti jumped the wall again this morning and we spent an hour looking for her, praying she didn't get shot by a farmer here.  In the meantime Curly was doing all he could to get in the chicken coop after more chickens.

Matti - 2 year old English Coonhound
I can't keep risking the chickens lives.  I've already lost two and that's not fair to them.  I can't keep risking Matti will be shot by a farmer for going in his pastures.  I've done all I can for these two for the last six months, but when their rescue wouldn't take them and others haven't had room, it's just become too much.  Other

Monday, May 27, 2013

*Ft. Worth, TX Owner died/nurse and rescues trying to honor her last request to save her dogs HELP needed NOW!

Pepper is still waiting for her forever home but she's in a fabulous foster home and her foster mom says she's the best dog she's had in a long time.  I had her for the first few months and I agree with her completely.  She's very shy around strangers but once she decides you're okay, she's the most loyal and loving dog anyone could want.  And she's absolutely gorgeous with her long black hair and those beautiful golden highlights. Elderly woman dies leaving one request for her nurse: to find homes for her 3 dogs. Two were adopted, but Pepper is still waiting. 
YouTube video of Pepper and her puppies:

The Whole Story
*From KL: All three lived their entire lives in the same backyard with a very elderly owner (the woman was in her eighties when she died). They all appear to be in good health although they're not spayed (I assume) and probably not current on vaccinations. Their rescuer is doing the very best she can to help them find new homes but her funds are very limited so a week in boarding is pushing the limits for her. If she doesn't find a foster to take one or all of them quickly, she'll have no choice but to take them to a shelter.