Saturday, September 28, 2013

*Hickory, NC - Mom and daughter Chihuahuas NEED RESCUE ASAP!! - SPAYED, housebroken

9-29-13:  RESCUED!
Rescued once already, now Landlord says they must go! Can someone please take Mommy and daughter Ellie!! 
*From Joan: PLEASE help!! This woman has two bonded adorable little babies she has to re-home immediately. She is in danger of being evicted.
*From Stephanie: I have two precious female Chihuahuas , mom and daughter. Mommy is 7 and Ellie is 4. Both girls are spayed, up to date on Rabies shots, de-wormed and heart worm negative. They are both house trained, leash trained, and love to go for walks.

I rescued these girls from a couple that weren't taking proper care of them, and both previous owners were in poor health themselves and had no business owning pets. If I hadn't taken them they would have ended up at the pound and I couldn't have that.

I would love to keep these sweet girls, however, due to changes in my rent agreement my landlord will not let me keep them. I was instructed to get them out of the apartment ASAP!

These girls are very attached to each other, as they have never spent a day apart since Ellie was born 4 years ago. They are so sweet, so full of affection! Mommy still grooms Ellie every day as she did when she was a pup, so precious to watch. They give wonderful kisses to me and we cuddle all the time, they sleep next to me, under the covers every night.

They are good with other dogs, they may bark, but I haven't seen any aggression. Not sure how they are with cats as I haven't seen them around a cat. I have seen them with children who know how to treat and act around dogs and they do very well. They bark at strangers but quickly wag their tails and are ready to love on them.

Please, I must find a home for them like...yesterday! I am in violation of my lease agreement as instructed by my landlord, if I don't find theses girls a home immediately I could be evicted and I don't want to have to take them to the pound, it breaks my heart just thinking about it!!! Stephanie

Contact: Ashley Price: 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Atlanta,GA_ $300__ Senior dog THROWN from car__ next to die at shelter !!!!

This sweet senior dog was thrown from a car... Please help save MAITI. 
"Maiti" is her name - her number is -- A458411
$300 SPONSORSHIP money goes TO THE PERSON who saves her !!

We witnessed this girl being thrown from a car at the top of the hill to our parking lot. She's very sweet and likes to sleep a lot. She's been someone's pet at some time.

CONTACT: Email: 

She is fat and other than age-related health problems she is ok. She does have arthritis and is on pain management for that. She needs a rescue to help her. She has been vaccinated and is heartworm negative. She weighs around 50 lbs, but is a little chunky.


$800 in sponsorsship! WE MUST MOVE THEM TO RESCUE!

Mistress & her newborn pups, Princess & Duchess were sent to rescue & returned several months later since the rescue wasn't able to find homes for them.  This beautiful family waited another 2 months while we pleaded for rescue placement. Finally we thought we had found their big break...a rescue committed to taking them!!! We were thrilled, they were moved out of the death row and finally had their chance at finding families & happy lives. Several weeks later the rescue backed out.  Our hearts have broken a hundred times over for this precious little family, rejected yet again through no fault of their own.  Another setback, another rejection, another chance gone. Duchess finally did find rescue & is blossoming in her foster home.

We are pleading a final time to save Mistress & Princess.  We must find placement for them this weekend.  MISTRESS is approx 2 yrs old, SPAYED, fully treated for heartworms with immiticide & has completed recovery.  PRINCESS is now 7 months old, SPAYED and HW negative. Due to being rejected so many times, they are shy & withdrawn. Who can blame them? Humans have not shown them compassion, humans have failed them. They deserve better, they deserve a real chance, they deserve unconditional love, they deserve to never be given up on. They get along with other dogs, are not good with kids (they are scared & bark at them), but great with people. SEE VIDEO LINKS BELOW!!!

Please, please save this mom & daughter.  You could be their last hope.  CONTACT:

FREE TRANSPORT from NC as far north as NJ traveling along I-95 departing Saturday evening September 28th.  NO PULL FEE, they are FULLY VETTED & READY TO START HAPPY LIVES!

More information & additional pics & photos of Mistress, Princess and all others on DEATH ROW can be seen at this link:

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Goldsboro, NC - wonderful, loyal Service girl is an owner surrender!!

Owner Surrenders a Loyal Service Dog after 8 years - Sad Poochie doesn't understand why she's been abandoned.
*From T: This has greatly upset me. Look at precious Poochie as a puppy, she was a precious and loyal companion, now dumped to die by her owner. Owner surrenders are killed quickly. Animals are always so wonderful, so amazingly loyal and intelligent, and such a joy. People are too often disappointing, disloyal, ignorant and selfish, which appears to be the case in the betrayal by the owner whom this dog served for eight years as a service dog. Also, it would be appreciated if people would stop referring to dogs who are only eight years old as senior dogs. That is ridiculous, and makes no sense, since my dogs, and other dogs I know who are eight years old, are very youthful, like puppies, and they sometimes live to be as old as fifteen or longer.

Now, here is this sweet and wonderful girl who was dumped at Animal Control. Words cannot express my feelings regarding this wonderful girl's being left somewhere to be killed. I am very saddened, and I am begging for this girl to be removed from this place quickly and taken to a loving, happy place where she can be adopted into a responsible, reliable home where she can be loved and appreciated as a wonderful member of a loving family. Please help her!

What a sad story for this dog. Hope someone can help!
Transport to Raleigh area is possible or an hour from Goldsboro.
Please Contact:
Sandy Davis, Rescue Coordinator Wayne County Animal Services
1600 Clingman St., Goldsboro, NC 27534
919-731-1439 ext. 5144, or: 919-988- 5842 Cell

OR: Vicki L. Falconer: Animal Control Director
(919) 731-1677, (919) 731-1381 Fax

Please share out, and thanks for doing so!! NO Craig’s List!
Breed : Australian Shepherd/Bulldog, American
Age: 8 years 12 days ~ Sex: Female  ~ Size: Large  ~ Color: Tan/White
Housetrained: Unknown  ~ Site: Wayne County Animal Adoption & Education Center  ~ Intake Date: 9/5/2013  ~ ARN: 48316