Thursday, January 1, 2015

★★ Long Island, NY** Young Irish Wolfie Mix Needs a Chance at Life...Given up for inconvenience...She needs Surgery NOW!!! ★★

Jan 1, 2015
★★ Big news about our girl Butchie (now Tara). She has seen a specialist
and is ready for surgery to correct her incontinence! We really need to
rally for her and raise the funds. Please help us to give Tara the chance at
a Happy and Pain Free Life. Together we can do this for her! ★★

Tara was relinquished to
> Road to Home Rescue Support when her owners decided to euthanize
her, after having had her for over 5 years. She had incontinence issues
since she was a puppy but they never looked into helping her. Instead they
decided that it was time to end her life when their baby was born. They kept
her in a small diaper which was never changed. When she got to our vet, she
had a severe infection and was covered with sores. After trying different
medications, which didn’t work, we brought her to a specialist for a
consult. She appears to have a congenital issue which can be fixed with
surgery. Tara is an unbelievably sweet and gentle dog. She was in boarding
for months and now has been with a wonderful foster, who adores her. Tara
has been having recurring infections which are now causing her great
discomfort. She has been to the Animal Medical Center for a consult and will
require a procedure called Cystoscopy- guided Laser Ablation. We are in
desperate need of funds so Tara can have her surgery and live a life without
pain or discomfort. Ever dollar will get us closer to making this a reality!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Copiague, Long Island, Harry and Bobo Living In Vacant House...MUST Get them onto a Foster or Home! Or Donations needed for GOOD/Home Boarding Facility!

Sadly…No HELP has come through for these two beautiful dogs…they are
deteriorating as you can see by the new photos…we’ve attached the FUND
Raising Link Now as funds are urgently needed…
We were made aware of Harry and Bobo a week or so ago. Their owner has been hospitilized for over a month leaving the 2 of them alone in the house with no one! A family member was stopping in and doing what she could but due to her age that was limited. Harry is in bad shape. As you can see in the picture he has lost most of his hair and his skin is raw. Bobo has nails so long that they curled all the way under. They are both extremely depressed and are getting worse every day. They need medical treatment right away and then will need a foster home or permanent adopter. We have stepped up to help get them out and fed regularly but now we need help with the rest. A vet will be headed there this week to help us get them healthy again. Please consider donating to the care of these sweet dogs. They are counting on us.

Someone is stopping in to feed them but this is no way for dogs to live. Need a foster or adopter right away!! Harry (left) is a shepherd mix about 7 years old. He is neutered. Bobo (right) is younger but they don't know how old because they found him walking around in the rain as a stray and took him in a year or so ago. He is also neutered. Both are friendly and seem to get along with other dogs. Contact if you can help…they are pathetically sad.