Saturday, October 1, 2011

LA, CA - SENIOR ALERT - 12 year old Cocker names Koko at high kill shelter, YOUTUBE VIDEO

On 10-20-11, Donna sent this update:  "I have him, he's getting groomed this week, and then he's flying pilot and paws to Reno to foster care, placed up for adoption and I will always be watching over soon as I get new pictures, I'll post them. He'll be on my rescue page on face book, Reno Angels in Rescue.
Right now He's at Barton's Kennels in Sun Valley if anyone wants to so see him! He's available for adoption, and he is not 12 yrs. old. The vet says about 1 yrs. old.".

Please help this senior cocker still full of playfulness and love find a home for his last years. 
WHO IS HE? KOKE *From Donna: ... nobody has room for him!  Please watch his video and tell me how a 12 year old cocker can be so cute and playful?????  Can you crosspost and see if we can get him out of this high kill shelter???  I'm working on him too, but need more help. 
WHERE IS HE? East Valley Shelter, LA CA
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Donna Cochran Baker, Nevada Rescue Worker/Transporter, Reno Angels in Rescue - not a 501c3; CALL 775-577-9587, email

Raeford,NC__Gorgeous highly adoptable Puppy has lost hope! Heartbreaking!

The picture says it all. Can you help this precious little puppy find a good home?

WHO IS SHE? Animal ID 14066380, Shepherd/Mix, Age unknown, female, small tan/black, intake date: 9-15-11
WHERE IS SHE? Hoke County Animal Shelter, 353 CC Steele Rd., Raeford, NC 28376
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Call Jimmy Carthens - Director 910-875-4148 (Animal Control) 910-875-4827 (Animal Shelter)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chase City, VA - 2 puppies left in woods in VA....need homes and vetting

As of 10-22-11:  These sweet babies are still looking for permanent homes, but they are being loved and cuddled while they wait.  Rabiah told us "they have not found homes yet..still looking to place these babies..they are the sweetest cutest pupppies.. i named them ongee and buddy.....(buddy is the tan and white) ongee means angel...thanks for any help!!!! She added "they truly are precious and sooooooooooo sweet..they will not get big at all..they have little feet...and great puppy breath..."  Now, how can anyone resist them?
SOMEHOW SURVIVED AFTER BEING DUMPED IN THE WOODS! *From Rabiah: These two precious babies were dumped in the woods and were rescued by a man that brought them here this morning..they are both really underweight and wormy... i am taking them to the vet with me in the a.m. to have them checked and get them started on shots... hogan gets his stitches out tomorrow am....both pups are friendly and very playful..we are so full here we really need to find them a home...they are so little i cannot believe they survived...the man that brought them here said they had been out there for almost a week as he heard them crying..he was finally able to locate them and bring them here...any help would would be appreciated...please contact me if you can help or cross post if not...  thank you in the spirit of the animals, rabiah
WHERE ARE THEY? Blue Horse Mukwa Equine Retirement and Rescue Center, Chase City, VA
HOW CAN YOU HELP? contact Rabiah at

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Luna needs your help -- She needs surgery to survive

Lovely Update from Jaime at Bullywag: " Luna went to UGA on Monday 10/3 at 12:00 noon for an evaluation. They sedated her so they could see the soft palate and how much was lapping over her wind pipe and then went ahead with the surgery while she was sedated. She was released on Oct. 6 and she returned to our home where she is being fostered."
Luna needs more medical work. She's gone from being thrown in the street as dead and paralized to pneumonia. Now, she has an elongated palate, which, if not corrected, can cause her to die. Please help this lil child of God's!!!! LUNA'S STORY: Luna needs more medical work. She's gone from being thrown in the street as dead and paralized to pneumonia. Now she has an elongated palate, which, if not corrected, can cause her to die. Please help this lil child of God's!!!! CHIPIN: Some of you may recall our "Luna" from a previous chipin. The purpose of this chipin will literally save her life. Luna has had a cough/gag for a while now. She had pneumonia, so we thought it was a result of that. But after several antibiotic treatments and still coughing, we decided to do an xray. Xray revealed some sort of obstruction in her throat area. During another appointment our vet decided to...

Horrible Situation - 8 year old Cocker Spaniel left in a house by herself

Wonderful news!  Allie Rose is staying with another family member temporarily and will soon be reunited with her mom!
This is such a sad and very urgent situation for this precious dog caught in the middle. Please, please help if you can.
WHO IS SHE? 8 y/o female cocker *From Nicoletta: I  need to find a home for a precious Cocker Spaniel named Allie Rose, she is being neglected unfortunately due to d ivorce and the break up of a home. She resides with my ex-husband, I had to leave the home for my own safety and could not take Allie with me due to housing restrictions where I am now living. She is in Jupiter, and I had to move to Boca Raton, my ex-husband is now in jail and Allie is alone all day and night. My 84 year old Father -in -law stops by to feed her once a day, and walk her. He is not able to take her in due to pet restrictions where he lives. Allie needs to be cared for by a family again, she is so adorable and wonderful, is there a chance you can help to find her a home?  PLEASE SHARE / CROSSPOST!
WHERE IS SHE? Jupiter, Florida
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Call Nicoletta Maffei, offic : (561) 845-3342, cell: (561) 371-4679

L.A./Devore, CA shelter-Little Pom-Chi needs rescue ASAP -many animals held only 5 days there

Precious little dog won't take up much room. Can you give him a home?
WHO IS HE? A505892 is an adoptable Pomeranian Dog - male, tan and white Pomeranian and Chihuahua - Smooth Coated.
Pet Harbor listing:
WHERE IS HE? DEVORE ANIMAL SHELTER, 19777 Shelter Way , San Bernardino, CA 92407
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Call the shelter at (909)887-8055

NJ shelter - Sweet 4 yo Cocker needs a new home

WHO IS SHE? *From a concerned friend: Hello.  A co-worker of my husband's contacted me about trying to find a home for Stoli, a 4-year-old buff-colored cocker spaniel (photos attached).  Stoli is spayed, up-to-date on vaccinations, including lyme, and negative for heartworm.  Apparently she is not "getting along with the toddler in the house" (an 18-month-old little girl that tends to sit on the dog and chase her).  There have been no actual bites but a few snaps.  Stoli's owner is also expecting another child.  Stoli is otherwise very friendly and affectionate and brings toys to new visitors to their home.  She is housebroken and knows her basic commands - and is not an escape artist like my cockers. Stoli is okay with other dogs but is guardy of her food around them - not people. Stoli is currently in a shelter, Noah's Ark, in New Jersey but her owner wants to "get her out of there" and place her in a home because there have been no inquiries about her. She sounds like a nice little dog that would do well in an adult home or a home with older children.  As someone with 2 cockers, it sounds like she is very typical of the breed - sweet, affectionate, not crazy about being sat upon and concerned about her next meal. 
WHERE IS SHE? Noah's Ark, NJ
HOW CAN YOU HELP? If anyone needs additional information, please contact me at

Cottageville, WV, Sarah-- Please crosspost and help Sarah find her retirement home

WHO IS SHE? *From Petfinder: Sarah is a senior citizen, but a sweet girl who needs to find a place to live out her life. She's at least 6 years old, maybe older. She came in with a skin irritation, but she is being treated, responding well, and feeling better. Sarah weighs about 30 pounds and was a stray. She was such a nice girl while she was in the lobby for her photo op! She'd try to "talk" to everyone, especially if they had a treat in their hands. She would be a great family member, and she wouldn't ask for much! If you have a spare doggie bed, or an empty easy chair, or even a a comfortable rug by the fire, Sarah would do just fine. All she needs are a comfy bed and a soft voice and loving pats on the head. Can someone help Sarah?
WHERE IS SHE? Jackson County Animal Shelter, Cottageville, WV
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact Shelter at 304-372-6064 or Email Jackson County Animal Shelter