Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chase City, VA - 2 puppies left in woods in VA....need homes and vetting

As of 10-22-11:  These sweet babies are still looking for permanent homes, but they are being loved and cuddled while they wait.  Rabiah told us "they have not found homes yet..still looking to place these babies..they are the sweetest cutest pupppies.. i named them ongee and buddy.....(buddy is the tan and white) ongee means angel...thanks for any help!!!! She added "they truly are precious and sooooooooooo sweet..they will not get big at all..they have little feet...and great puppy breath..."  Now, how can anyone resist them?
SOMEHOW SURVIVED AFTER BEING DUMPED IN THE WOODS! *From Rabiah: These two precious babies were dumped in the woods and were rescued by a man that brought them here this morning..they are both really underweight and wormy... i am taking them to the vet with me in the a.m. to have them checked and get them started on shots... hogan gets his stitches out tomorrow am....both pups are friendly and very playful..we are so full here we really need to find them a home...they are so little i cannot believe they survived...the man that brought them here said they had been out there for almost a week as he heard them crying..he was finally able to locate them and bring them here...any help would would be appreciated...please contact me if you can help or cross post if not...  thank you in the spirit of the animals, rabiah
WHERE ARE THEY? Blue Horse Mukwa Equine Retirement and Rescue Center, Chase City, VA
HOW CAN YOU HELP? contact Rabiah at

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