Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mt. Airy, NC: Sam needs boarding/foster or adopter IMMEDIATELY!

Sam is a super sweet happy-go-lucky guy who has no idea his life was about to end.  Sam was pulled from the pound and put in boarding to buy him time.

He is the perfect family dog who will bring years of joy and happiness to his people.  NOTE:  Sam, like all dogs, needs a home where he will be part of the family -- not a dog to be kept in the yard 24/7.  There will be a home and vet check especially since the recent eye opener of what can happen -- horrific daily abuse of Puppy Doe who was tortured for years at the hands of a person answering an inane "Free to good home" ad.  There is a $5000 reward for the person who tortured Puppy Doe -- may she RIP.
Transport is available to anywhere from me  ((  and I can do the checks before turning Sam over to his new people.

Sam is an amazing boy that needed to find safety right away.  We thought he was safe, Then his new foster mom was instructed by her landlord that he had to go because of weight limitations.

Poor Sam is a charming boy that is sweet and gentle (even though he is 70 pounds) and very calm for 1.5 yrs old.  He is neutered, social and house trained.  If you can help him please let me know. He is am amazing dog and deserves a chance.

The boarding facility for Sam is Lucky Bones Country Club for Dogs @ $10 a day.  Anyone wishing to help buy him time please call the boarding place.
336 719 2259  
Thanks for your help! 
Contact is Sherry Azelton < ((

Sherry Azelton, President
Second Chance Animal Rescue of Surry County
P.O. BOX 324, Mt Airy NC, (336) 756-3635 

Atglen, PA (NW of Philly): Nadja, Gorgeous Shepherd/Malinois Puppy

This puppy needs a special family ready to love her.

NADJA was transported to PA from Florida right out of a HIGH Kill Shelter…not exactly sure what happened BUT the Adopter decided she didn’t want her and did not feed her!

This wonderful woman named Sheila heard about the situation and literally ran over to get the dog…an hour away! The adopter did not want to relinquish the dog UNTIL her adoption fee was returned. Somehow Sheila got the dog and took her HOME. Sheila rescues cats but she could NOT let this dog suffer any more than she already had. Sheila has had Nadja for 3 weeks now…not able to afford training she is having trouble with Nadja lunging at the cats…and can not be left alone with them. Sheila had hoped to be able to HOME the dog but it will not be possible. She LOVES the dog but there is too much discomfort in the house with her beloved cats. They are miserable!!! Sheila cannot keep Nadja so advice is not what we need. This beautiful girl DESERVES a chance at a good life…She is VERY SMART and DEVOTED. Can someone offer her the HOME she needs??

Contact Sheila (( ** Transport Available to APPROVED HOME**

NADJA…This sweet female puppy needs a SAVVY HOME who will TRAIN a PUPPY…she does have High Prey Drive…but so do many dogs…Proper Training Needed…She is a PUPPY!!! UTD on shots…Gorgeous Dog…Loves WOMEN!!!

Castaic, CA: Beautiful Blind GSD/Sharpei mix, Bailey in Urgent Need

German Shepherd / Sharpei mix Bailey is blind! He has rescue offer but ONLY if So Cal foster can be found by Monday - or he will be killed by Castaic shelter!

VISIT BAILEY'S THREAD  The rescue offer is from People Loving Pets based in Sun Valley, So Cal. Please share Bailey for foster offer BY MONDAY OR HE DIES - it would be so tragic for this blind baby to die when a rescue is willing to take him, if only someone would open their heart and home for Bailey!
Lynda Hill says...

Bailey is looking for a Miracle and a Guardian Angel... Bailey is Blind!!

Castaic Shelter (Ca) A4631893. He needs to be out of the shelter by Monday 9/23 at closing.

Bailey was owner surrendered at the Castaic Shelter on September 13, 2013. His former owner named him Bumper because he is Blind. That is awful, I have re-named him Bailey.

Bailey is a little over one year old. He is a German Shepherd/Sharpei Mix. He weighs about 40 pounds and is very submissive. Bailey has spent most of his life outdoors with little interaction with people. Apparently when the grand kids came over they frightened Bailey and he became growley at them. That is the reason given by his previous owner as to why Bailey was turned into the Castaic Shelter. He does not even know what a leash is; he has not had any kind of training what-so-ever. His former owner said he does get along with bigger dogs. Bailey is depressed, lonely and feeling so hopeless he actually tries to crawl into the corner of the kennel and make himself small so no one will see him. When I talk to him and let him smell my hand he lets me pat him and touch him without any adverse reactions. He does lick my hand; He wants to trust but does not know how yet.

The shelter manager has not given me much time for a rescue to commit to take Bailey.

I am asking and begging if there is any chance or possibility that someone out there can rescue Bailey and save his Life....
I really believe in Bailey. He has been through so much in his short life and deserves a second chance.

Thank you for considering Bailey. Time is of the essence.
Castaic Shelter 31044 North Charlie Canyon Road, Castaic, CA 91384
661) 257-319

Friday, September 20, 2013

GIRARD, GA - Two MORE Dumped at Local Dumpster! - Need Rescue, and out of Hell Hole

Two Dogs found at a local dumpster Need Help ASAP!!
*From S: I was trying to get the grass cut today and three different cars stopped in my yard about animals. It is getting to the point I am afraid to come out of the house anymore! They do not have anyone else to turn to and I am BEYOND full and cannot do more than post out now for help and care for and try to find homes and rescues for the ones I already have. I get 2 or three out and 7 and 8 come in! It really is a hell hole here for the poor helpless animals.

I am posting out these two dogs in hope of a good rescue and in hopes they can get out of Rural South Ga. (Hell Hole USA)!

The lady had both dogs in the front of her truck and had just picked them up at the dumpster. They were beyond thirsty and I went inside and got them some water, grabbed my camera and some Frontline Plus as they had lots of ticks on them.

She said to me that if I could not take them that her husband was going to kill her. Well I hope he doesn't because I had absolutely no room anywhere for them. I told her I would help all I could with trying to find them a good place to go who could find them homes if she could keep them for a few days.

She said she has a rescued pit bull at home and was not sure how he would do with them. She was going to go and buy some chains to keep them on for the time being until hopefully they can find a rescue able to take them. She said she hated to do that but it was the only thing she could do because like me, she too had nowhere to put them.

Both dogs appear to be very young by their teeth and the White and Brown dog I think is her sibling although he looks to be maybe 8 months old. She doesn't look much more than a year old and this was probably the last sibling to her first litter of puppies. I am not sure of the breed but they are both very pretty dogs and the younger one has an almost solid white body but his little head is brown/Brindle. The Mama dog smiles at you when you speak to her.
Is there anyone out there who is not full to the gills, who can help these two precious dogs. The woman will have no alternative but to take them to the pound in Augusta (kill shelter) if we cannot find reputable rescue for them. Mama dog is very skinny and you can see her ribs even through her long coat.
Please pass this on to your contacts and hopefully someone will see them and be able to help. Thank You for sharing and for any help with finding these two precious dogs a rescue or home!

Please contact me if you can help. My contact info is below in my signature line.
Samantha Holton
Founder and Director
Girard Lifesaver Rescue, Inc.

Lexington, KY: Found Dog, Jake, Needs Rescue ASAP! Lab/Newfie mix, Vetting!

He's beautiful! Big Jake was found by a good Samaritan with no room, must find him a home immediately.
CONTACT: Sarah at
TWHRA was contacted by a good Samaritan requesting help in finding placement for a stray dog she found. She is calling him Jake. For several weeks efforts have been made to find Jake’s owner, but to no avail. This kind person does not want to take Jake to the pound, but she cannot afford to keep a fifth dog; she already has four of her own.

Jake has been taken to the vet since being found. He is already neutered, and has received his rabies and distemper/parvo vaccines, and heartworm/flea/tick preventatives. Jake is a black lab/newfie mix, about 100 pounds, vet estimated him to be 4-6 years old. Jake is very friendly, great with other dogs, cats, people and ferrets too! He is house-trained and does not require a crate when left alone in the house. It is believed that Jake may have previously been a farm dog, as it has taken him a while to adjust to ‘city’ life, but he’s come around quickly and is getting comfortable with his surroundings. Jake does have a tendency to attempt to bolt out of the front door when it’s opened. He would need a fenced in back yard and caution must be taken when going in/out of a door that does not lead to a fenced area.

This good Samaritan needs to find placement for Jake as soon as possible. If your rescue can help Jake, please email Sarah at TWHRA is willing to provide some transport assistance. Please feel free to share and crosspost. No internet classifieds or craigslist please.

Thank you!