Saturday, October 5, 2013

Atlanta, GA: Adorable little stray terrier girl needs help

They say a picture is worth a thousand words - see below for a novel.  She is beautiful, sweet, lost and injured.  Please don't send her to a shelter. Please help network for this precious "Disney Dog".

Please cross post. This adorable little dog is injured and appears to be homeless.
Pictures below. Any help or rescue would be greatly appreciated.


Please Contact Janet Pratt < 


Thursday, October 3, 2013


Concord, NC: Male BOXER Needs Rescue COMMITMENT TODAY!!!! STATE INSPECTOR SAID EUTHANIZE - but extended until Oct 8th

Look at this precious face. Please share & crosspost if you cannot rescue. Needs Rescue ON or BY TUESDAY October 8th by 5pm!!
Animal Control Facility, Cabarrus County, North Carolina, Concord, NC

Here is a brown&white male 4-5yo Boxer. He shows no signs of aggression or abuse and appears to be in good health with minor skin issues. He is currently kenneled with a female bulldog mix with no incident.

Dogs must be pulled within 24 hours of rescue claim/Please do not contact facility. All rescues are processed via rescue coordinator/email
Tanya Barbee
Cabarrus County, NC
Rescue Coordinator 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pt. Washington, Long Island, NY ABANDONED to Fend for themselves

These TWO Beautiful, friendly kitties were flat out abandoned 4 weeks ago in Pt. Washington, Long Island, NY. 
Oct 4 UPDATE: Long Island, NY (transport available to APPROVED Home) A wonderful woman picked up these two kitties (easily by the way) and brought them to her vet for testing etc.! They are both BOYS, both under 3, both tested neg on combo test and both are BEYOND FRIENDLY!!!! Please consider adopting them or help us find them a REAL HOME!!!

ORIGINAL POST: The man who "owned" them moved and was begged by his neighbor to take them...there WERE 3......He left and left them behind...they have been quite vocal, BEGGING for food and rubbing up next to anyone who comes near them...the 3rd kitty is now missing. We just found a wonderful woman to feed them for now BUT with the bad weather approaching, and them not being outdoor savvy, these 2 truly need a HOME or FOSTER. They are VERY FRIENDLY and Desperate for a HOME...

*From T: HOW? HOW? HOW? do people up and leave an innocent, dependent animal out to fend for themselves...apparently one did not make it. Heart breaking...
Contact me OR

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

LONG Island, NY On to “SNOOPY”!!! Precious blind beagle needs a HOME!!! ONE WEEK to find HOME for Snoopy!!!

Long Island NY Beagle SNOOPY Partially Blind Has One Week to find a HOME!!!! A POUND is NO PLACE for this DOGGIE!!!

This plea was received today Oct 1, though it is dated Sept 29, 2013 -- they're running out of time.  *PLEASE CARE & SHARE for Snoopy*
Contact: Ashley O'Neill

Meet Snoopy! He is a 7 year old beagle who is partially blind. He is being given up because the owner is sick and is not able to take care of Snoopy the way he should be taken care of. According to the owners daughter, they have contacted several rescue groups who are unable to help them and are running out of options and she has the maximum number of rescues allowed at her home.

Snoopy has ONE week to find a foster or forever home. He is great with other dogs, cats, and children. If you are interested in adopting or fostering Snoopy, please send me a message at (( Please share Snoopy's picture and information. We can't let this handsome little guy go to The Dog Pound Pound!

Monday, September 30, 2013

*BEAVERTON, OR - Please help us with our Mini Dachshund, "Remy"

Remy is safe.
Owners relocating for employment, pets absolutely not allowed in only residential option. They have exhausted all options for family and friends to take Remy.

Remy is about 6-7 years old, female, mini, short-hair, about 10 lbs, in good shape, mostly black with brown paws and under chin. No physical impairments.
CONTACT: Jennifer Lively at

SpayedYes, as a puppy

Records: We have vet records and she is recent on rabies vaccine through 12/8/15. She will need DHPP/Bordetella, we are willing to pay for these.

Leash/Car: She is leash trained, and loves to ride in the car.

Weddington, NC: Minnie, tiny chihuahua - 7 pounds of love and spunk

                                  10-10-13:  ADOPTED!!!
Meet Minnie!  This approx 1 year old female Chihuahua is just under 7 pounds.  She is a special little survivor! 

Minnie was found wandering on a busy street.  Minnie may be small but she has a big dog personality..she likes to be the boss.   

She does really well with other dogs, but seems to coexist best with other male dogs.   She loves humans and has a very loving, outgoing personality. 

This dog does not crate well and will scream if put in one.  She is housetrained and a door dasher.   Leash walks and a securely fenced yard will keep her safe.   Due to her chihuahua tendency to sometimes be protective, she cannot go to a home with children.  

 By the way, Minnie has only one eye (it seems to have been surgically removed according to the vet) but it doesn't seem to stop her.   She is happy and ready to be loved forever.  

There will be an adoption fee to cover medical as we are not  a rescue but an independent rescuer and all her work has been done.   

For more info, please email:

Sunday, September 29, 2013

*Atlanta, GA-Fulton Cnty AC, Big Girl and her son Hurst need rescue TOGETHER

10-4-13:  According to the shelter, they have both been RESCUED!!!
9-30-13:  Big Girl and her baby are still at the shelter.  Please keep networking!!
Big Girl and her son Hurst need a new home now! Abandoned by their family and now at risk. Please help find these two a home, hopefully together.

Big Girl A458412 and Hurst 458413
$200 sponsorship for the rescue who pulls these two. PLUS vetting and food to get them settled by another sponsor! STILL NEED A RESCUE!

These two sweethearts were abandoned by their owners. The apartment complex called us to pick them up. They seem to be inseparable. They are relying on each other for comfort right now. They are both friendly, but housed together in one of our single kennels. These kennels are in high demand for injured and sick animals. We need to get these two out. They are available for rescue/adoption/euthanasia starting today 9/19. Please help them. Mom is heartworm negative. Both have been vaccinated and dewormed. Big Girl is around 2 yrs old. Her son, Hurst, is around 4 mos.

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