Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chase City, VA - Saving Nickee -- please can you help?

UPDATE: "nikee is still available..he is currently being boarded ..he is a sweet loving boy...we thought he had his forever home and had an approved app on him, but the person never showed up...:( He weighs aproximately 45 lbs and gets along with everyone.....male and female dogs and loves loves loves people....."Rabiah
WHO IS HE? Nickee *From Rabiah Seminole: This sweet friendly boy was going to be shot and a kind hearted man saved him... he is now at the Mecklenburg County, Virigina Animal Shelter. He is healthy and really loving. If you can help this guy please let me know right away as he does not have long... we are desperatly trying to find him a rescue or a home... we are full... or we would take him in a heart beat. He gets along with other dogs and is very calm.... I pulled his tail and looked in his mouth, pressed on his paws and he was not concerned at all. He appears to be about a year old and has NOT been neutered... please lets help this boy!!!! cross post if you are not interested....DO NOT CALL THE SHELTER PLEASE.....they are working with me and i want to keep an open relationship!! thanks for understanding!!!
WHERE IS HE? Chase City, VA
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact Rabiah Seminole, Founder/Director at
Blue Horse Mukwa Equine Retirement and Rescue Center,
You should only get even with those that have helped you, 757-439-4206

Friday, September 16, 2011

L.A., CA shelters - 2 male poodles -- cute as buttons, one needs lots of TLC, both need homes

Update!  Each of these babies has been returned to their owner, so they are out of the shelter.
They both need someone to love them. And the Black and white little boy looks a mess, but just wants to be loved. WHO ARE THEY? White Poodle: Impound Number: A4339803  Impound Date: 9/14/2011  Sex Male  Primary Breed: POODLE MIN  Age: 2 Years and 0 Months  Location: CARSON  Cage No.: C216 216 W. Victoria St.Gardena, CA 90248 (310) 523-9566
Black/white Poodle mix: Impound Number: A4339842  Impound Date: 9/14/2011  Sex Male  Primary Breed: POODLE MIN  Age: 1 Years and 0 Months  Location: DOWNEY  Cage No.: D407 11258 S. Garfield Ave. Downey, CA 90242 (562) 940-6898
WHERE ARE THEY? LA County: Downey Animal Care Center, 11258 S. Garfield Ave.
Downey, CA 90242
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Call shelter at (562) 940-6898 to arrange help for these sweet dogs.



WHO AM I? I hope they feed me some good food here.
I am very very thin.  I need some good vitamins too.
My pull fee is paid, that i know
I am a male, brown and white Chihuahua - Smooth Coated.
The shelter staff think I am about 9 years old.
I have been at the shelter since Sep 13, 2011. ID# A505103
Pet Harbor listing:
WHERE IS HE? San Bernardino County - Devore Shelter, CA
HOW CAN YOU HELP? For more information about this animal, call: lrobertt - pull fee paid San Bernardino County - Devore Shelter at (909) 887-8055 Ask for information about animal ID number A505103

L.A., CA shelter-Sadly, no response for Colin and Karlie, two shelter favorites, Video below

WHO ARE THEY? A1208759 Colin 5 year old shepherd mix & A1224867 Karlie 4 year old Lab mix Meet roomies Colin and Karlie. Colin came in as a stray on 4-29-11 with a lil beagle. The beagle got adopted but Colin is still here, he likes other dogs and people and loves to play in the yard and go for walks. Karlie came in as a stray on 6-23-11 , she loves the water as you can see, loves people and likes other dogs! She does better with dogs her size and can be bossy sometimes, but after a walk with another dog she is their bestfriend, they have been roomies awhile. Colin is red listed he has been here since april, If you are looking for 1 or 2 great dogs please call us asap!!! Both dogs deserve a loving home : ) ! Please check out their video!!!
WHERE ARE THEY? West Valley Animal Shelter, LA, CA
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact Stella Sullivan (818)756-9325 shelter or  (213)305-8981 city cell (818)756-9111 fax, Days off  Friday and Saturday
*From Paula: Hi, It's been a while since we circulated the email plea for Karlie and Colin.  These two are absolutely wonderful and we love them very much.  We are still holding on to the hope that either wonderful families or rescues will come for them.   Colin has such sweet, soulful eyes and he's very gentle. He comes when called and knows how to sit :) Karlie LOVES water. Good luck trying to get her to go to the inside of the kennel when you have to hose it down, it's play time for her! When she's not soaking in water, she loves to just lay next to you for some belly rub! LOVE these two!  Thank you again for all your help!

Ellijay, GA - UPDATE! 1 Left, 23 lb. Pregnant Hound!

Little mama was rescued in September!!

DOES ANYONE HAVE ROOM FOR THIS SWEET GIRL???  2 of the 3 Pregnant Dogs were pulled with the help of Homeward Bound, Day's Den and Save A Litter Pregnant Dog Rescue. She's the last of the 3 and needs rescue.
WHO IS SHE? A sweet 23 lb. pregnant hound girl to save from Gilmer County Animal Control!!!
WHERE IS SHE? Gilmer County Animal Shelter, 4152 Highway 52 East, Ellijay, GA 30540
HOW CAN YOU HELP? CONTACT: NATALIE WAGNER (Shelter Director) at 706-635-2166 or:
NOTE:  Animals can be held w/ rescue commitment! Call or email the shelter! Many Dogs/Cats Need Out ASAP! IMMEDIATE RESCUE NEEDED/RESCUE FRIENDLY!  PLEASE CROSSPOST! This shelter usually euthanizes on Mondays. They are closed Sunday and Monday - leave message or email shelter if you can help. The shelter is located 1 hour and 25 minutes north of Atlanta , GA - about 81 miles. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Merced/San Joaquin Valley, CA shelter-Special dogs at Merced shelter-transport offered for 3 adorable dogs!

SO LITTLE CHANCE BECAUSE OF THEIR BREED, CAN YOU HELP THEM? *From Dana Dulaney:  I don't usually ask for help for our pits because there usually isn't any, but out of all the pits at the shelter, there 3 are special.  I am begging for help for them....we will be happy to transport if you can help one or more.   They have all been here over a month and have escaped the pts list beause they are so nice, but they shelter has been beyond capacity for weeks and their luck is going to quickly run out.   PLEASE save these special dogs, they don't deserve to die just because of their breed......please e-mail me at or call me at (209) 606-3045.
Thanks, Dana

(top black w/white chest) Marty Feldman - 086455 - male pit. 18 mos., 70 lbs.  Marty is a sweetheart who know hows to sit on command and has a great personality.   His vision is fine, but  he is cross-eyed which only adds to his character.

(middle reddish brown) Virginia Mayo - 802386 - Am Staff female -10 mos., 30 lbs.  Virginia is another great dog that is quickly going to lose her life if not rescued. She is a total sweetheart, submissive, gently takes treats and loves belly rubs. 

(bottom w/blue collar) Blue pit female - 085348 - 2 yrs. This girl has been her since July 25, a testament to how sweet she is....can someone please save her?

Long Island, NY- LUCY must be adopted ASAP or she will need to be returned to the shelter!

East Meadow, Long Island -- Senior Dobie/Rottie Beauty!
Meet “Lucy”
Long Island, NY ( Transportation Available)
**Rescue Needed to Save Her from Returning to Kill Shelter**
Doberman Rottweiler mix.(colors of a Rotty, body of a Dobie)
9yrs old and HEALTHY!!! Spayed…She is great with commands.
Great in the car. Loves kids. Fine with dogs. Super, Super Sweet.
Great for a family that is active and loves car rides with the family dog(s)!!!
Totally Housebroken.
She was taken home by a volunteer b/c she could not bear to see this amazing dog killed, however, she must be adopted ASAP or she will need to be returned to the shelter! That’s the story!  CONTACT Marie: phone: 516 884 0156

Monday, September 12, 2011

Beckley, WV - No time left for Blondie and her Pup in this Gassing facility

RESCUED!!!  The shelter had no further details, but they are safe!
PLEASE HELP Blondie and her Pup. There has been no interest shown in either of these sweet babes. Look at their precious faces. Today may be their last day.
WHO ARE WE? My name is Blondie. I'm not sure why I'm here and they told me my little girl pup is here too. Please, please help us to find a home. Even if I can't go, please take my little girl. I promise you we would both give you so much love and be wonderful companions.  NAME: Blondie, female Spaniel Mix, maybe 2 or 3 y/o; medium sized, housetrained. Blondie's Pup - female spaniel mix
WHERE ARE WE? Humane Society of Raleigh County Inc., 325 Gray Flats Road, Beckley, WV 25802 GASSING FACILITY
Blondie's Facebook listing:!/photo.php?fbid=257342117631041&set=a.206932219338698.55350.206931369338783&type=1&theater
Blondie's Petfinder listing:
Blondie's Pup's Facebook listing:
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact: Jim at the shelter 304-253-8921 or

URGENT!! This shelter got in 30 dogs late last week, so many dogs to lose their lives on Monday. Please rescue or at least share with any connections you may have.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Douglasville, GA - No one came for poor BLIND Magdalene... They Left Her There!

WHO IS SHE? *From Pat: Poor blind MAGDALENE (ID# 4665) came in as a stray. She was microchipped, so her owners were contacted. They did not want to come to get her, however. Magdalene is a sweet older girl who lets you pet her once she knows you're there. She deserves a home where she will always know that she is loved and protected -- never again knowingly left behind.  Please help MAGDALENE!
*Pull and local transport available for licensed  Georgia  rescues*
WHERE IS SHE? Douglas  County Animal Control, 1755 County Services Road, Douglasville, GA 30134 Tel/770-942-5961 Fax/770-942-5914  Business Hours:  Monday: Closed to the public but rescues welcome
Tues - Sat:  10 AM - 5 PM

OC, CA shelter-ALERT! 11 yr old male min-pin came in with rope for leash!

Such a sweet sad face. He deserves to spend his senior years in a good home. If you can't help, please share this little boy wherever you can. 
WHO AM I? I may be older, but I still have a lot of love left to give you. And I'm small so I won't take up much room. Please come take me home with you. Name: Unknown; Pet ID: A1119775 ; male, black/tan Min-Pinscher; 11 years old; Kennel 218
WHERE IS HE? OC Animal Care Center 561 The City Drive South Orange, CA 92868
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact or phone 714-935-6848 

L.A./Carson, CA shelter- Sweet bullseye boy needs your help

This sad bullseye dirty, hapless, scared, kissable boy in super high kill shelter has no chance w/o YOU! :( Such a sweet sad face.
WHO AM I? I don't know my name, but I promise to give you love and loyalty if you just give me a chance.
Name: unknown; Pet ID: A4337737; male, Pit Bull; 7 years old; Cage Number C103; Impound date: 9/10/11
WHERE IS HE? LA County: Carson Animal Care Center, 216 W. Victoria St., Gardena, CA 90248
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact shelter at (310) 523-9566. Please do not contact us via e-mail regarding animals available for adoption, as messages may not receive a response within 24 hours.

OC, CA shelter - PIPER, little beagle mix boy, only 3 yrs old

Won't someone please help this scared little boy find a good home?
WHO AM I? I'm Piper and I'm not sure how I got here, but I'm really scared. I promise to be a great dog and give you lots of kisses if you take my home. Name: PIPER; Pet ID: A1119057; male, white/brown Beagle mix; 3 years old; Kennel 347
WHERE IS HE? OC Animal Care Center 561 The City Drive South Orange, CA 92868
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact or phone 714-935-6848