Saturday, August 18, 2012

Canada: Donations Needed to Help this Gentle Giant Fight Cancer

Abandoned to wander in the streets, then rescued by a wonderful family..... Now Gina has been diagnosed with cancer. Please Help this gentle giant and her family fight this disease - Each and every dollar can make such a huge difference to them.
NOTE: The Chipin is titled "Olive's Back Surgery" but it will go towards Gina's surgery as well. 

*From Lisa:  Our beautiful Gina is a purebred Cane Corso Mastiff. She was rescued around the same time as Olive. We were doing transport for a group that pulled Gina on the day she was to be euthanized. She never made it to the rescue group ... with their blessing, we took Gina home.

I lost my heart dog, Sara, to DM, in February 2011 at the age of 12.5. Though we help as many dogs as we can, I had a hole in my heart the shape of Sara that another dog never seemed to fit into in quite the same way. Until now. Although Gina is double Sara's size, she fits into that hole. I would be devastated to lose this special baby, this awesome gentle giant, whom I swear is human, after having her for only 2 months.

I always wondered how anyone could have given up this dog, who was found as a stray (which is impossible as anyone who has ever met a Corso will tell you), but I soon discovered the reason. Gina had a lump on one of her mammary glands. Some asshole dumped her, with cancer.

After testing and hoping for the best, I found out two days before my wedding that my beloved dog had cancer. It was almost more than I could bear. It is not mammary cancer as she had been spayed but it seems to be a liposarcoma.

We received an estimate today from the veterinary school and the whole thing (tests to stage the cancer, excision surgery, etc.) should cost between $1800-$2100. We are still reeling from Olive' surgery and our wedding. Truly, if we had known about the dogs then maybe we would have cancelled the wedding party, even though it was one of the best days of my life and it came after some hard suffering on my part. We did not know about Gina soon enough and we had already spent the money on Olive's surgery so now we are really hoping for some donations.

It is very odd for us: we rejoice when we see Olive walk and run and we know she is a miracle, then we see Gina and her tumour is visible when she stretches out all 122 lbs of herself.

I am hoping for a miracle by September 10, when we have Gina's appointment.

These dogs were no one's dogs, but someone cares about them now. I hope you all do too.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Antioch, TN: Peanut, sweet recovering doxie needs new home

8-14-12:  Peanut had his surgery and is doing much better, but now his mom is facing her own surgery and finally has to find another home for her boy. 

This from Debbie: 
“Once again I need help with my Peanuter!!!. I am at the point where I need to find a home for him.  I cannot stand seeing him in his pen in my kitchen any longer with the long hours I work.  He is getting around fine. He takes a couple steps and drops and drags.   I think he is actually ok with this.  He still has hardly no control of his pee and poopeven though seems to be getting somewhat better.  This is why I have to keep him locked up in the pen in the kitchen.  It is really driving me crazy seeing him confined like this.  I know anyone that would take him would have a better set up than me and take alot more time with him.  At this point I think I am being selfish for keeping him.  I have taken him to acupuncture 5 times and Dr. still has hope for him getting control back.  She says those nerves can take a long long time to heal that sends the message to his brain that he has to poop!!!!  Please put this out there for me because at this point I feel like I have done all that I am capable of doing and I want Peanut to have someone with him that will love him and take better care of him than me.  I am scheduled for reverse total shoulder replacement September 13th.   After this surgery my doctor says I cannot lift over 5 lbs. which means I cannot lift Peanut to care for him.  I have steps I have to carry him down to take him outside so the surgery means he won't even get to go outside anymore.  And it will be impossible for me to bathe him or anything.    I love you guys for all the help and support you have given to me and Peanut. I just want him to have a good home. He's so precious.  Debbie
Read the about their journey until now.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


August 9, 2012 -  St. Francis Animal Sanctuary (SFAS) of Tylertown, one of the largest No Kill shelters in Mississippi, suffered serious damage when hit by a tornado. 
Tara rests in a cage after having been operated on for injuries she sustained during a storm at the St. Francis Animal Sanctuary in Tylertown on Thursday. Tara was found with her intestines spilled out and had to be sutured back up and carefully watched until she was able to be taken to a veterinarian. / Photos by AP Photo/The Enterprise-Journal

PLEASE SHARE: St. Francis Animal Sanctuary,, email: at , and the Humane Society of Louisiana ,, at, were hit by a tornado this afternoon in Tylertown, Mississippi .

The storm destroyed several buildings at the St. Francis Sanctuary, sending a 2 X 4 through a roof, which then spearheaded in to a bedroom. A building collapsed on rescued dogs killing one and others were left with lacerations and internal bruising. Some dogs are loose running around the 50 acre property and many buildings have been damaged.

They are in bad need of supplies that include: Tarps, zip ties, crates, kennels, X-pens, building supplies, fencing, generator, flash lights, contractor trash bags, cleaning supplies, bungi cords, rope, bleach and batteries.

Foster homes needed for puppies/dogs/kittens/cats.

If you are able to donate any of these supplies, bring them to Jefferson Feed and Seed on Central Ave., and Jefferson Highway, 504-733-8573. Financial donations are always in need.
Thank you.  Patricia Lynn Doar