Thursday, September 8, 2011

UPDATE: Time is of the essence!! Please Help Gracie Belle Stay with Her Loving Family

 UPDATE: This family received an eviction notice and must be out of the apartment in 72 hours. 
Please Help Me Keep 
My Dog Gracie Belle
About me: I am a single mother on disability with a limited income currently living in Dallas, Texas where I have zero support. I am moving out-of-state on September 12th so that my 3-year old son can live closer to his father and I will have some support. I will be staying with friends temporarily until I can afford my own place. I am unable to take my dog Gracie Belle to where I will be staying because they already have their own dogs. I am desperately trying to figure out a way to keep my dog so that I do not have to give her away.

CHIP IN: I have set up an account for Gracie Belle so contributions can be made.
FACE BOOK: To find out more about our story and why I love Gracie Belle so much, you can friend her under the name of Help Gracie Belle (
CONTACT: Emails can be sent to
Click the READ MORE link to learn more about Gracie Bell and her family.

Please help change this sad story to a happy one for little Chip, a paralyzed, almost forgotten doxie.

WHO IS HE? Chip is a 6 y/o dachshund, UTD on all vaccines, neutered and special needs (paralyzed- needs expressing) that was neglected for most of his life.
WHERE IS HE? Connecticut
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact Toni Diamond if you are interested in adopting. or call her at 856-498-8166.

Chip has the saddest face and eyes I've ever seen. They speak volumes and tell the story of a life that has been very heartbreaking. He is not demanding, he is grateful, he wants nothing more than LOVE.

CHIP'S STORY: Chip is six years old but I don't believe there was any time that life was easy for him, even before he became paralyzed. His life in a home with a family did not last long because when he fell off the couch and became paralyzed, his family did not want to keep him.  He was posted on Craig's list and quickly found another home - but that home also was short lived.  In only a few weeks he was posted on Craigs List again because his care was more than this person had bargained for.  And, so Chip was picked up by a rescue from North Carolina and placed in what they believed to be a great foster home in Queens, NY.  The person who fostered
Chip collected money monthly from the rescue for his care....he was a paycheck.  Little love or caring was provided.  Details about his existence would only break your heart- so, we will only post the obvious;
1.  Chip was never vaccinated in the two years he spent with ...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yonkers, NY: Prince needs rescue by Sunday 9/11, surrendered because owner is terminally ill.

PLEASE HELP THIS FRIGHTENED BOY FIND A NEW HOME.*From Leslie: Would you consider helping a cocker from NY? he is 2 years old and was surrendered because of a terminally ill owner...he will be pts on Sunday unless I find a rescue...the shelter is very crowded and the dog is terrified...he is definitely getting better than he was 3 weeks ago and He has  always been dog friendly. He is cage aggressive, probably because he is afraid. He is walked by a staff member who has no problem at all, he is ok with dogs. He never bit anyone. He is definitely getting better, but the shelter is so crowded, they can't keep dogs who have any issues. Thanks Leslie McCauley. Yonkers shelter
WHO IS HE? His name is Prince, 2 yrs old, male Cocker Spaniel; special conditions: he has to go to a rescue,not directly to an adopter,someone who knows cockers
WHERE IS HE? Yonkers shelter, New York
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Email Leslie at

Monday, September 5, 2011

L.A., CA shelter-LAST CALL FOR JOYOUS HATTIE! video below of the happiest dog ever

WHO IS SHE? HAPPY HATTIE Hattie  (A1239684, just a year old, 52 pounds) is as happy as they come.  The only problem is -- she's in ISO with URI!  Hattie is actually 90% lab  --  though her photos here just don't show it  (black dogs are so difficult to capture).  She's the physical fitness queen at the shelter, begging for someone to run with her, to take her to the beach so she can chase the waves.  She hasn't hit the gym yet but, with her HIGH energy level, she'd be up for trying.  Originally kenneled with another dog, Hattie is now alone.  She wants to PLAY, is a bit dominant, but can take other dogs jumping on her as well without flinching.  Hattie would do well with some etiquette training, no doubt.  Don't let this dynamic girl die.  Visit her at the shelter and see if you aren't bowled over by Hattie.  Here's her video :
WHERE IS SHE? South L.A. shelter  3612  11th Ave.  L.A.  90018
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Call shelter at (213) 485-0117 or -0119. Please let me know if you have questions  --  or better yet, adopt or rescue as people always...

Beckley, WV-Tiger's IS GOING TO BE GASSED-Urgent

WHO IS SHE? TIGER-Pit Bull Terrier Mix, Medium • Adult • Female • Prefers a home without: dogs • Primary color: Brindle PETFINDER LISTING
WHERE IS SHE? Humane Society of Raleigh County Inc., 325 Gray Flats Road, Beckley, WV 25802
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Please contact Jim or Nicole at 304-253-8921 or via email at
*From Natalie: This shelter has no formal rescue program (as we are currently the only rescue that takes dogs from them on a regular basis....) and no screening for adopters (sadly) - you just pay the adoption fee for the dog ($35 and includes a DHLPP shot) and vet him/her yourself ----- our group has an existing relationship with a local Vet that you can contact, Paws and Claws Animal Clinic (304-763-0103).
No euthanization dates are provided for the dogs...but they are killed as the kennels fill up, and with any more dogs coming in, they will be gassed.  ANY help you can provide is greatly appreciated!
If you can help, please contact Erica ( or Pam (, volunteers in that area who can go to the shelter...


30 CATS AND KITTENS NEED YOUR HELP. Go to  to view all available cats and kittens. If you see a cat you can rescue, please call the shelter at 540-775-2120.  KGARL is able to help transport animals if you are a rescue group and have your paperwork on file at the shelter (see #3 below for details). Reasonable transport may be provided upon request, but very long distance transports (more than 70 miles) will be your responsibility.  King George Animal Rescue League (KGARL)  is able to help with pull fees, vaccinations, and transports (~70 miles).  Please pass their photos and info onto rescue organizations that you may know who could save them.  When doing so, please pass on all information included in this email, including the rules for adopting/pulling from KGAC.  PLEASE CIRCULATE THIS UPDATE WIDELY! If you need to know more about any of these animals, please contact Vicki at...