Thursday, May 5, 2011


URGENT!! PENNY AND JULIE ARE SCHEDULED TO DIE TODAY May 5th! The rest may not make it through the weekend.
WHO ARE WE? We are several animals that have been turned over, picked up or abandoned. We don't know what we did to wind up here. But now we are in a gassing shelter and desperately need your help NOW! They say we are to die soon. Please watch our Smilebox video to learn more about each one of us.
WHERE ARE WE?  Vance County Animal Shelter in Henderson, NC (a gassing shelter!)
HOW CAN YOU HELP US? Please email Angie at if you can help or call the VCAS at (252) 492-3136.


RESCUED! WHO AM I? Control number 6-8-11-1  Not sure of my name yet but I am already spoiled rotten. I love being with people, especially being held in your arms and carried around. If you open my cage, I will jump into your arms.  When I got here, I was bleeding from my nose. They took me to the vet, and she said it is because my teeth are so dirty, my gums are infected. They have me on medicine, and I am doing better.  The vet says I need to have my teeth cleaned and may have to get some teeth pulled.  I am super, super sweet, and need someone to rescue me by 6/19.
Name: unknown Control number 6-8-11-1; Dog; Female; white Poodle maybe Bichon ; Age: 8 years young; Weight: approx 8 lbs; Special conditions: gum/teeth need dental work, already on meds to clear up infection  
WHERE AM I? King George Animal Shelter, VA

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


ADOPTED!! WHO AM I? My name is LOOPY. My mom passed away and now I need a new home. I'm an old girl, but I love people and animals. Please help me find a good home to live the rest of my days in. I'm all by myself now because the place I'm at doesn't like animals. I really need your help.
Name: Loopy - Dog; Female; Lab mix; Color: black; Age: 10 y/o; Weight: appr 60 lbs; Special note: senior dog, having some trouble getting around, slow moving. See note below.
WHERE AM I? Long Island, NY
NOTE FROM LEA: I am in desperate need of help. My mother passed away last week and left behind 3 dogs and several cats. My building does not allow dogs, and I am not financially able to move to a new apartment right now, so I am taking the cats, but need to find homes for the dogs. A shelter has agreed to take 2 of the dogs back (my mom adopted them from there), but I need to find home for her Lab mix, Loopy. It is breaking my heart because I love these dogs, but I can only do so much. Loopy is staying with my sister for now, but she is not an animal lover, and is rarely home, and really just does not care.  I live 1 1/2 away (in the city), and do not have a car, so I cannot go there  often. 
... I do not think she would last long in a shelter... she is having trouble getting up and down, and has slowed down considerably. I really want her to be able to live out her final years (possibly months) in peace. She lived her entire life with my mother, who was home most of the time, and is not used to being alone. She loves people and other dogs, and is good with cats and kids. She is super sweet, a bit goofy, and loves food and going for walks. She is housebroken, but really needs to be on a schedule to avoid any accidents. She cannot walk up and down too many stairs, so would need a place on the ground floor or with an elevator. She has been so depressed since my mom died. She is about 60lbs (this is just a guesstimate). 

SAFE! HAS BEEN ADOPTED! Senior L.H. Dachshund (owner surrendered at age 14)

ADOPTED!!! Please crosspost like crazy for him. He won't stand a chance when it comes time to make room for new arrivals!
WHO AM I? My name is Tampa. I'm an old boy and I don't know why my family didn't want me any more. I kind of scared and confused. Please can I come home with you? Name: Tampa - Male; Long Haired Dachshund; Color: red/brown; Age: 14 y/o Special conditions: senior
WHERE AM I? Hall County Animal Shelter (Gainesville, GA).


DUKE HAS BEEN PLACED AND IS SAFE. WHO AM I? My name is Duke and sadly my family has to move to a place that doesn't allow dogs. I wish I could stay with them, but I know the only way to help them is for me to find a good new home so they won't worry about me. Will you let me come home with you? I'm gentle and will be your loyal companion.
Name: Duke; Dog; Male; Great Pyrenees; Age: 5 y/o; neutered, vaccinations up to date, and housebroken. 
WHERE AM I? Houston, TX


URGENT! WHO AM I? I don't know my name or why I'm in the Garland County Animal Shelter. They tell me its not a good place to be and I don't have long to find a home. I am spayed and I'm sure they can tell you more about me if you call them. ID# A148315 -- Dog; female; Black and Brown Rottweiler mix; age unknown
WHERE AM I?  Abe Jack Tuggle Animal Shelter, Garland, TX (high kill shelter)
HOW CAN YOU HELP ME? You can contact the shelter at 972-205-3570, Then press option #2 or email


SAFE: Megan is going to Friends For Life Sanctuary for now. Her Mom passed away yesterday afternoon, but can be at peace knowing her little girl is in safe hands. Condolences to the family for their loss. URGENT: Female owner is dying, maybe only has a week left and she has an 11 yr old female Pyrenees with a heart condition that is at vet hospital now.They do not have boarding facility there. 
WHO AM I?  My name is MEGAN. The lady I've shared my life with is now dying, only has a week to live. She wants me to find a good home so that she can be at peace. Please help me find that home. I'm well-behaved and will be a loyal and loving companion. MEGAN - Dog; Female; Breed: Great Pyrenees; Age: 11 y/o; Weight: 90 lb; Special Conditions: Dog is housebroken, UTD on shots, spayed, heart condition - Vet will provide heart medication for her.
WHERE AM I?  All Saints Animal Hospital in Hendersonville, NC


SAFE, IN FOSTER HOME NOW!! WHO AM I? I'm Joey. I'm a good dog, a real good dog. I like to run and play and I can be quiet too. They don't know much about me, just that I was pulled from Amelia AC in Feb by a rescue group and brought here to this boarding kennel. The people here are really nice, but I've been here for so long. I'm loving and affectionate, and would love to go home with you! I will make a very loyal companion for whoever adopts me. Name: JOEY - Dog; Male; Treeing Walker Coonhound; Age: unknown; Weight: Unknown WHERE AM I? Kents Story Virginia


RESCUED! WHO AM I? My name is ALOHA which besides "hello" means affection, love, peace, compassion and mercy. They say I don't have long because I'm at a place that only gives us a short time to find a home. You see, I was turned in with my 8 puppies. I'm so grateful my little ones have been rescued, but they couldn't take me and I've been left behind here at the shelter. I'm just like my name says -- calm, playful, tolerant and well mannered. I love to play ball! Please let me show you what a loveable and loyal companion I can be. Will you give me a chance?
Name: ALOHA - Dog; Female; American Staff Blue Brindle with white haze chest; Age: 6 y/o
WHERE AM I? Montgomery County Animal Shelter, Virginia


WHO AM I?  My name is Quinn. I'm in the Harnett County Animal Control Shelter and I don't know why, because I'm really a good dog, just a little shy. QUINN, Pen #11 -- Dog; Cocker Spaniel mix
WHERE AM I?  Lillington, North Carolina
HOW CAN YOU HELP ME? You can contact the shelter at (910)-814-3926
(910)-814-2952. Or you can call Donna Hawkinson, Chicago Illinois, 847-691-3797 or email her at


SAFE!! FOSTERED WHO ARE WE?  CHAD AND CHET When we were delivered to this shelter we were terribly frightened, so we cowered and hid under the lobby chairs. We haven't had much of a chance in life, because we spent most of our lives (between 9 months and a year) in a cage.  I'm (Chad) more black in color while my brother Chet is more brown. We weigh between 60-70 pounds and need some special love and training. We'd really like a chance at life out of a cage!  UPDATE: IN A SHORT TIME CHAD AND CHET HAVE ALLOWED (AND ENJOYED) HUMAN CONTACT! CHAD WILL GIVE KISSES AND PLAY BALL. THESE ARE GREAT DOGS WHO HAVE BEEN NEGLECTED ALL THEIR LIVES. ALL THEY NEED IS LOVE AND PATIENCE WHERE ARE WE? Cottageville, West Virginia  


RESCUED! WHO AM I? I'm not sure I ever had a name. I'm only 1-1/2 years old and they say I'm nice and quiet. I like people and I like to play with other dogs. I heard them say I don't have long, just until Monday. Please, please take me home. I'll love and protect you and be loyal to you always.
Name Unknown - Dog; Female; Treeing Walker Hound; Age 1-1/2 y/o; Ehuthaniasia Date 5/23/11; Rescue must be arranged by Fri 5/20/11; Transpt to northeast, midwest available, Free transport to Atlanta provided
WHERE AM I? Murray Shelter in Chatsworth, GA just north of Atlanta and just south of Chattanooga , TN


BOTH ADOPTED!!! WHO AM I?  My name is GRACE and I'm a survivor. Even with 3 legs, I get along just fine. And I love to give hugs when I sit up. I don't remember what happened to it, but they say I might have lost my leg after being hit by a car. When they found us, my other front paw had been recently hurt too, probably a car again and it might need to be fixed. But nothing slows me down and I've taken good care of my pup Cooper. I have all my shots, and they say I'm healthy. I love other dogs, people and children. Sometimes I'm a little shy around men at first, but it only takes a few pets and scratches on my head for me to warm up to them. Please give me a chance to show you what a wonderful member of your family I can be. I promise to give you lots of love and affection.
GRACE -- Dog; Female; Age: 2- 3 years; Breed: Shepherd Mix; Weight: 60 pounds; special conditions -3 legs, one foot may need future medical care; fully vetted, microchipped, HW Neg; all shots UTD
WHERE AM I? under the ospice of Cape Fear St Bernard Rescue, Wilmington, NC, currently in foster care.


ADOPTED!!  WHO AM I?  I don't know my name, but I've been stray for awhile. It was pretty scary being out in those terrible tornados and storms. I was taken in by a really nice couple that found me wandering around. They think I might have lost my right front paw in a trap. They've given me so much TLC and attention, bathed and shaved me, clipped my toenails and got rid of all the ticks. They wanted to keep me, but they have 2 dogs already and the landlord says no more. Julie said I'm very sweet and well behaved, even better than her dogs. I like being outside better than indoors and I'm really a mellow fellow. Please give me a chance. I made it through all the storms with only 3 legs. I can be a great dog if you'll let me show you.  NAME UNKNOWN  -- Dog; Male; Shepherd Mix; age unknown;  Special conditions: missing front right paw from injury
WHERE AM I?  Nashville, TN


RESCUED!!! $125 SPONSORSHIP AVAILABLE WHO AM I? My name is Ginger, and I'm a bright and friendly girl. I love people and other dogs and I've been patiently waiting in the Douglasville, GA shelter, but I keep getting passed over time and again. I bravely smile each time someone walks up buy then they leave. Can you help Wendy pass the word about me and help me find a home? Click the following for more info: GINGER ID#1756 -- Dog; Female; Red Husky/Shepherd mix; age unknown
WHERE AM I? Douglasville, Georgia


RESCUED!  WHO AM I?  My name is REX. I don't know how old I am, but I've been around for awhile. They think I'm a white shepherd mix with Lab or Pyrenees. I don't have many teeth left. I was running around with my girlfriend when they found us. We were a family, she gave birth at the shelter. Then she and all our puppies were adopted. I'm glad for that but I miss them. So I'm waiting for someone to come along and take me home. I like to sit and watch the world go by. I like people, I'll wag my tail and appreciate a pat. Not too crazy about a lot of fuss or hugs. I don't mind other dogs, but I prefer females. They say I'm on a PTS list this week. I don't know what that means, but I don't think its good. Please help me. Click my name for more information at

REX  #11020901 -- Dog; Male; Shepherd/Labrador Retriever Mix; older age unknown;  Intake Date: Feb 2011; Sponsorship $250 available; Transport assistance available
WHERE AM I?  Sussex, Virginia

A very nice and talented lady wrote a poem about me. Click here to read it.

ADOPTED!!! my name is buffy, i've been in the shelter for 2 years waiting for someone to take me home.

ADOPTED!! WHO AM I? My name is Buffy. I've been living this shelter for 2 years now. Before that I lived on a chain and then my owners decided they didn't want me anymore. I sleep on a concrete floor now, but its better than being on a chain. I may be an old girl, but I still have a lot of love left to give you. I won't make a mess and I'll be loyal and faithful. Please give me a chance.
BUFFY - Dog; Female; Breed: Chow mix; Age: 16; Special conditions: spayed, vaccinations UTD, fully housebroken; dominate female would do best as an only dog or may be OK with a submissive older male dog
WHERE AM I? Associated Humane Society, Tinton Falls, New Jersey
HOW CAN YOU HELP ME? Please apply to adopt me at : or call 732-922-0100 and ask for Buffy!


I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE. WHO AM I?  I don't know my name, but I've been around for awhile. My owner didn't want me any more. I guess its because I'm kind of old, and I can't see very well. I'm very overweight and my toenails are really long so it makes it hard for me to walk. Please give me a chance. If you help me, I can be a good dog for as long as I can.  Name: Unknown -- Dog; Male; Beagle; 12/yo; Special conditions: possibly blind, eye infection, overweight.
WHERE AM I?  Goldboro, NC
HOW CAN YOU HELP ME? (919) 344-1830 for Sandy or the shelter on Monday at (919) 731-1439. OR at least email me or Beth and say you can save him and we can help!!!!


RESCUED!!!! WHO AM I?  My name is YARA. I don't know why I'm here. I was very nervous when they wanted to take my pictures. I just want to be close to someone to feel safe. There's so many loud noises and strange smells at this place. A really nice lady gave me some treats which helped. When she wasn't paying attention, I scooted over and gave her a few kisses on the hand. I know I could be very friendly and a good companion if I wasn't so scared. Please take me home so I can show you what a good friend I can be.
YARA  -- #32965 Dog; Female; Age: 2 years; Breed: Rottweiler/Lab mix; Weight: 45 pounds; Impound Date: 4/23/11; Ledger #: 32965 (please refer to THIS NUMBER rather than dog's name when calling the pound!)
WHERE AM I?  Athens-Clarke County (Georgia) Animal Control


SAFE, RESCUED.  WHO AM I?  My name is JEREMIAH. They found me by my owner's side heartbroken .... he died and I didn't want to leave him.  I haven't known any other life, so I'm pretty scared right now. I don't know anyone here and I'm kind of lost and confused. It makes me jumpy and kind of nervous around people. They said I'm losing hair because I'm frightened. I don't want to stay here, but I don't want to die either. Please help me. I need a special place, someone that can take care of me for awhile until I'm better. And then I'll take care of you and I promise to stay by your side as long as you need me. If I could just get a little TLC, I know I'll get stronger and get over losing my long time friend. I really don't need alot, just give me a warm place to lay away from noise and I'm happy.
JEREMIAH -- Dog; Male; mixed breed; possibly 8-10/yo or older; Special conditions: bad teeth, eyes, some hairloss; no funds yet for a vet visit; probably best in a home without children; $300 sponsorship offered for Jeremiah and his vetting.
WHERE AM I?  Hazlehurst Animal Shelter, Georgia (3 1/2 hrs from Atlanta)


ADOPTED! WHO AM I?  My name is Beau. I was rescued from a kill shelter a year ago but a very nice lady, but she can't keep me anymore. They said I've been abused and I am very shy and afraid of men and teenage boys. I know I'm a good dog.... I'm house and crate trained and I like other dogs, cats and children. I'm neutered and have all my shots. Please help me find a home. BEAU -- Dog; Male; full-blooded Redbone Coonhound; 3 years old; 60 lbs.
WHERE AM I?  Fairmont, West Virginia


RESCUED!! TOMORROW IS MY LAST DAY. WHO AM I?  I don't know my name. But they found me in the rain tied to a tree. I'm old and I could use some tender loving care, but I can still give you lots of love. Please help me.
Name unknown  --  A895719 Dog; Male; Age: 12 years; Breed: Cocker Spaniel; Weight: 26 lbs

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


WHO AM I?   I don't know my name, but I'm very friendly and I'd love to come and live with you.  I can jump really high and go over fences. I think that's how I got lost.  Please help me soon though, because they say that today is my last day.
Name: unknown - ID # 246301; Male puppy; Color: black/white; Age: unknown; shots/neutering; money is available for  this
WHERE AM I? Seminole Animal Control, Seminole County, Florida
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact:  Gail at 407-462-2320
PLEASE NETWORK THIS LISTING: one click may make the difference of a lifetime! NO CRAIGSLIST PLEASE!

Monday, May 2, 2011



WHO AM I?  My name is SILAS. They found me with a chain around my neck and I was very hungry. I love kids and I'm very friendly. But they said unless someone rescues me, I'll be put to sleep after 4 pm today. Please help me. I can be a great dog for you and your family.
SILAS  -- Dog; Male; Heeler Mix; 1 y/o
WHERE AM I?  Lafayette, Tennessee