Saturday, October 26, 2013

TN Owner was stabbed to death & pup beaten w/pipe RESCUE NEEDED

This precious dog was beaten with a pipe as her human Mom was stabbed to death. Please help Golden Girl find a new home. 

*From Parker: The one blue eye looks like could be some Husky there....or herding breed??? very beautiful girl what ever she is...6-8 months will be spayed. Folks this is from a very dear lady that I know. Ms. Martha is the one whom rescued Maggie Mae. Folks please read below and share this dear dog's story in hopes of getting a rescue or forever home. This is an awful tragedy for any dog to go through.
Please contact: Martha Ross
Thanks Parker

"Hi Fellow Dog Lovers!

I have a very special girl and seeking help finding a home. If you are local, you are familiar with the young lady that was recently stabbed to death while at work at Wendy's in Magee. Her boyfriend, her child's father, killed her.

This sweet, very timid dog belonged to the deceased. The boyfriend also abused this dog. She has a dent in her head. It broke my heart when I saw her, she has the same dent as Maggie Mae (Mary picked Maggie Mae up for me, her owner beat her with a steal pipe in the head and went to jail).

I call this little lady Golden Girl. I know very little about her. I believe she is about 6-8 months old. She is very sweet and scared. I am attaching photos and will get her spayed ASAP, and a complete examination.

Thank You!
Martha Ross
Adopt a Rescue Dog"

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Midlands of SC: 1.5 y/o sweet hound dies 10/25/13

Just a baby, full of love and loyalty...please help us find him the family who deserves this love before his time runs out.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Long Island, NY *Candy 7 Year Old Calico *Lost her Elderly Mom to Assisted Living

Candy, 7 Year Old Calico who Lost her Elderly Mom to Assisted Living now needs your help.
UPDATE: You may remember this story - 3 kitties losing their home when mom is moved into a nursing facility. 2 kitties have been adopted, but Candy became sick.
*From Trudy: **Candy's Story gets sadder...she had a wonderful adopter ready to bring her HOME...then Candy stopped eating for 4 days and was rushed to Vet Hospital as Emergency by her foster Mom, Patty Burkhart...
10 days later Candy is still there and now has a definite diagnosis of ***Kidney Disease (See Info below)... She is doing very well now... EATING & playing and a VERY nice kitty.
***Candy will need sub q fluids DAILY for the rest of her life....she will need to be on a Special Diet for Kidney Disease...THIS is going to make finding a Special HOME for Candy a MUST!!! Candy has NO WHERE to Go…we couldn’t post for her HOME until we knew what her diagnosis was…
I know that some of you or people you know have had experience with sub q fluids...
Even I did it for 3 years and it gave our cat an incredible quality of life that she would never have had. I had never put a needle into anything...the needle does NOT go below the skin so it is NOT difficult or painful what so ever!!! I developed a routine and our kitty went right along with it...The vet states that Candy takes the fluids quite easily...that is a blessing!
Candy's 2 house mates have been adopted into WONDERFUL HOMES...Skippy and DAISY.
I don't know what we will do if we can't find a HOME for Candy...I just don't know...I'm trusting that somehow we will...Please Help this Beautiful Girl get HOME!!! (Transport Arranged to Approved HOME)

Patty is PRO...if you've never given fluids, it is NOT HARD but it is a commitment... A Commitment to Candy...

NOTE: In doing research about this condition I found a fantastic website, with a page specifically on how to obtain supplies inexpensively.
Tanya's Comprehensive Guide to Feline Chronic Kidney Disease - Obtaining Cheap Supplies USA

Monday, October 21, 2013

Long Island, NY *ROXY the Big Brown Dog* 12 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix...Healthy and Friendly with ALL!!! Story Book Doggie!!! Henry & Mudge...The Big Brown Dog!

ROXY The Big Brown Dog...12 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix losing home after Dad died... **SWEET as they COME**!!!

Long Island, NY Oct 21, 2013
Another animal losing her HOME now that her Dad died...SHELTER BOUND if no Home is FOUND! Contact or call 516.616.307

We are praying for a foster home for her, although it might be a permanent foster. It is the larger dog in the photo, she is a 12 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix.

Roxie will be losing her home VERY SOON because her dad died and her mom has to go into assisted living. Roxie is the 12 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback in the photo (not the smaller dog). She is an active senior, does not seem to have arthritis and can do the flight of stairs in her current home without a problem. Roxie is good with other dogs and kids. She once lived with a cat and she walks well on a leash. Please help us to help Roxie. Contact or call 516.616.3076.