Saturday, May 5, 2012


8-9-12  Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!  "Yes Liam was rescued and is doing wonderful in his foster home in Michigan. He actually may be a little overweight now."  Crystal 
Found in a garbage dump - starving!! 
This is LIAM  A156901 - UNALTERED MALE, WHITE POINTER/PIT BULL mix, 7Y –Liam was brought in as a stray. He was going through a garbage can trying to find food. This poor boy was literally starving. He is so very thin. He has what we believe may be a lipoma type growth on his right rear leg about the size of a golf ball. He is such a sweet soul. When he looks into your eyes with his, he seems to be saying “thank you for giving me food and a nice place to sleep---I was so very tired of having to search for my next meal.” This sweet boy will be available after 5/5 for rescue placement. He weighs about 30lbs. He must be out by 5/9.

These dogs/cats must be out by 8AM on their due out date! THEREFORE, they must have a commitment by 5PM the day before. However, please note that if the animal shows signs of being sick it can be euthanized so do not wait until it is too late to commit.
Where is he? Catawba County Animal Services, North Carolina
How can you help? please email Crystal:

Thursday, May 3, 2012

NY: Fire Forces Cats From Hudson Rescue Shelter

Fire Forces Cats From Hudson Rescue Shelter 
- Lance Wheeler Video
FIRE at Animalkind! They Need Your Help!!!
Tuesday night at 11 pm there was a fire in the building of Animalkind.

Due to the fast response of the fire department and our sprinkler system-no lives were lost.
Unfortunately the water damage is tremendous and we needed to evacuate all 120 cats on wednesday. The Warren Inn generously provided a temporary housing place, but many of our rescues still need a place to go.

We have nowhere to go and no funds.
We are in desperate NEED of locations, homes, foster homes and donations!!
 Any amount will help us save our organization. Please spread the word and adopt or foster!
WE NEED YOU NOW! Otherwise our existence is uncertain, that means there will be no place for the forgotten and homeless felines. Please e-mail if you can help (our tel.system is down for now)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

*SANFORD NC: Update for sweet injured dog now named Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea, as she has now been named, is receiving medical care for her wounds and has a long road ahead of her.  Her pectoral muscles were completely torn and she has a luxating patella. Surgery for that will have to wait until her other wounds heal.  She is being fostered by a vet tech's mother right now so she is receiving much needed TLC during her recovery.  If you would like to donate to her care or are interested in adopting her, contact Laura Roberts at 919-851-4421 for details.

In a lot of Pain and Needs Rescue -- Urgent help Needed 
*From Omayra: She came to the shelter as a stray. She is a Brindle Pitt very sweet and calm. Even she is injured very bad did not try to bite when we were cleaning and disinfecting the area that looks like she was attack by another animal. She is in a really bad shape and in a lot of pain. If any one can help her please do so. Her available day is tomorrow and she need a vet soon. If not she will be PTS because of her condition. :( We are trying to keep the area cleaned and do what is available in owner hands. We do not have medical treatment in the shelter. :( Thanks,
To Help, Contact: Omayra Zagada, Lee County Animal Control Officer II
Phone: (919) 776-7446
Fax: (919) 718-1426 ( 0 )
E-mail:   website:

Monday, April 30, 2012

*Tarboro, NC: Update: Mama and her two babies just left for the Big Apple!

Mother's Day Update:  How appropriate that a rescue from New York has stepped up for Shelby and her babies. Shelby got the best Mother's Day present ever.  They all left for the big city yesterday and the rescue is confident that they will find wonderful new homes for them.

No love as great as a mother's -- Shelby and her 2 pups were found in an abandoned house!!! 
*From Julie: This is Shelby and her 2 week old pups at Edgecombe. She was in a abandoned house. She was so scared and aggressive when they went to get her, they came in the house with SHOT GUNS!!!! She was just terrified!!! She is now comfortable with people. She will NOT poop or pee in her kennel but will hold it until they take her outside!!! The is the BEST mommy and the best dog!!!! She walks well on a leash, gets along with other dogs and loves to be petted. She has been at the shelter over a week and needs out!!! Please share her so she goes to a safe haven!!!
thanks, Julie, SPCAANC

Please contact Peggy L. Harrell
Facebook: Advocates for Edgecombe County Animals
SPCA Alliance of NC - Founder, V. President
Tarboro TNR - Founder
Pet Tenders, LLC - Pet Sitting Service
Tarboro, NC / 252-883-6818

How can you help?