Saturday, May 5, 2012


8-9-12  Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!  "Yes Liam was rescued and is doing wonderful in his foster home in Michigan. He actually may be a little overweight now."  Crystal 
Found in a garbage dump - starving!! 
This is LIAM  A156901 - UNALTERED MALE, WHITE POINTER/PIT BULL mix, 7Y –Liam was brought in as a stray. He was going through a garbage can trying to find food. This poor boy was literally starving. He is so very thin. He has what we believe may be a lipoma type growth on his right rear leg about the size of a golf ball. He is such a sweet soul. When he looks into your eyes with his, he seems to be saying “thank you for giving me food and a nice place to sleep---I was so very tired of having to search for my next meal.” This sweet boy will be available after 5/5 for rescue placement. He weighs about 30lbs. He must be out by 5/9.

These dogs/cats must be out by 8AM on their due out date! THEREFORE, they must have a commitment by 5PM the day before. However, please note that if the animal shows signs of being sick it can be euthanized so do not wait until it is too late to commit.
Where is he? Catawba County Animal Services, North Carolina
How can you help? please email Crystal:

Catawba County Animal Services
Animals That Need Rescue
Please note: We cannot guarantee the breed of a dog. We can only speak as to what breed we think the animal is. 
If you can rescue an animal on this list, please email Jennifer Sigmon at jennifersigmon@ To offer rescue placement to an animal on this list, you must email Jennifer. The group must fill out and submit the rescue agreement form and supporting documents, and be approved to pull from our shelter.
I volunteer my time with this shelter to help pull and transport dogs on top of my full time job. If you can help any of these please email me, Crystal:
If your rescue group has never pulled from our shelter then we will need to approve your group to pull from us. We would need a rescue group agreement to be filled out and sent back along with a copy of your group’s 501c3 and a copy of your group’s adoption contract. Rescue group approval may take 24 hours or more depending contact to the references. Please remember to fill out the rescue group agreement entirely. Please do not wait until the “need out” date to begin the process of pulling an animal. We do not have the ability to be no-kill due to the large numbers we take in.
Our main method of contact regarding rescues is EMAIL.
If you want spay/neuter $60, HW test $15, microchip $15, Rabies vaccine $5. DHLPP and Bordetella are no charge.
For rescues interested in pulling….There is an approval process we go through in order to better acquaint ourselves with the mission of the rescue groups interested in pulling animals from us. The following items must be submitted for review and approval:
1)      Fill out the Rescue Group Agreement – which is attached
2)      A copy of the rescue group’s 501(c)3 IRS form
3)      A copy of the rescue group’s adoption contract
4)      Any other item pertinent to placement
As soon as all of the items are received Jennifer will review all forms and check necessary references.

Our main method of contact regarding rescues is EMAIL.
Please note: We cannot guarantee the breed of a dog. We can only speak as to what breed we think the animal is.

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