Thursday, May 3, 2012

NY: Fire Forces Cats From Hudson Rescue Shelter

Fire Forces Cats From Hudson Rescue Shelter 
- Lance Wheeler Video
FIRE at Animalkind! They Need Your Help!!!
Tuesday night at 11 pm there was a fire in the building of Animalkind.

Due to the fast response of the fire department and our sprinkler system-no lives were lost.
Unfortunately the water damage is tremendous and we needed to evacuate all 120 cats on wednesday. The Warren Inn generously provided a temporary housing place, but many of our rescues still need a place to go.

We have nowhere to go and no funds.
We are in desperate NEED of locations, homes, foster homes and donations!!
 Any amount will help us save our organization. Please spread the word and adopt or foster!
WE NEED YOU NOW! Otherwise our existence is uncertain, that means there will be no place for the forgotten and homeless felines. Please e-mail if you can help (our tel.system is down for now)

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