Monday, April 30, 2012

*Tarboro, NC: Update: Mama and her two babies just left for the Big Apple!

Mother's Day Update:  How appropriate that a rescue from New York has stepped up for Shelby and her babies. Shelby got the best Mother's Day present ever.  They all left for the big city yesterday and the rescue is confident that they will find wonderful new homes for them.

No love as great as a mother's -- Shelby and her 2 pups were found in an abandoned house!!! 
*From Julie: This is Shelby and her 2 week old pups at Edgecombe. She was in a abandoned house. She was so scared and aggressive when they went to get her, they came in the house with SHOT GUNS!!!! She was just terrified!!! She is now comfortable with people. She will NOT poop or pee in her kennel but will hold it until they take her outside!!! The is the BEST mommy and the best dog!!!! She walks well on a leash, gets along with other dogs and loves to be petted. She has been at the shelter over a week and needs out!!! Please share her so she goes to a safe haven!!!
thanks, Julie, SPCAANC

Please contact Peggy L. Harrell
Facebook: Advocates for Edgecombe County Animals
SPCA Alliance of NC - Founder, V. President
Tarboro TNR - Founder
Pet Tenders, LLC - Pet Sitting Service
Tarboro, NC / 252-883-6818

How can you help?

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