Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Weston, FL: URGENT!!! Blitz has no place to go - Owner to euthanize

Emergency!! - Owner is going to euthanize because she has nowhere to put him! - Blitz, 90 lb Shepherd/Rottie/Lab mix losing his home!! - Good with dogs and cats, and loves children! - WESTON FL
The owner just told me that she has absolutely no place to keep Blitz , she has had him in a vet office boarding for 6 months trying to find him a home.  She has called every rescue in South Florida, and beyond.  She does not want him in a shelter, so she feels she has no option but to put him to sleep.
Is there anyone out there, any rescue who takes big dogs that can save this boy? 

This is such a sad situation for Blitz.  He was rescued as a 5 week puppy by a family.  They lost their home, and had to move into an apt., and their family members had been taking turns watching him because the apt doesn't allow dogs.  
The family member can no longer hold on to him, as she was in an accident and can't hold on to Blitz anymore and poor Blitz is living in a crate at vet office but he can't stay there any longer. 

About Blitz written by the owner:
He is 3 1/2 years old, and neutered. He is 90 lbs., and house-broken, and doesn't have any bad habits such as chewing or digging.  He will, however, bark when the door rings, like most dogs.
He's great with babies and children.  He always played with children in previous neighborhoods, and has been amazing with my son since he was born October 2012.  He's careful and respectful of his space.  

Blitz has made friends with dogs of all sizes, however, he doesn't seem to like unneutered males.  If they are neutered, or female, there is no problem.  Blitz throughout the years has lived with cats also and gets along with them. 
Contact: Kathy: 305-401-4693.

Monday, February 3, 2014

NYC: 2 beloved family dogs need immediate temporary foster

Don't let these two precious faces end up at the NYC kill shelter.
Cross post as urgent.
Temporary foster needed for 2 smallbreeds whose Mother/Daughter are on SSI disability and whose rooming house was just vacated for code violations.
From the desperate owners now in a shelter that does not allow dogs:

Hello, my name is Lori Moser and my daughter's name is Chelsea Moser. I have been on SSI disability since last April and my daughter just got on SSI disability this month.
We have both been disabled by genetically related conditions for a very long time, but just went on disability because of my divorce. We have two dogs, a maltese names Emmy and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Suzette. Emmy's nickname is Kins and Suzette's is Zoodle.
We were waiting as patiently as possible for both of us to be accepted for SSI so we could move to more comfortable accommodations and were just going to start doing so when the fire department showed up at our rooming house andvacated the entire housedown for code violations. We had about two hours to vacate the building. The Red Cross came and put us up in a hotel for two nights and then the HRA transferred us all to a homeless shelter.
Fortunately, we have friends who stepped in right away to take the animals until we can find permanent housing.

Their situation does not allow this to be a long term foster home for the dogs, however.

Being disabled, our dogs are our constant companions and honored and beloved members of our family. Though our situation is currently a bit grim, our greatest concern is for our dogs, as we could not bare to loose them.
Suzette is elderly for a Cavlier at 11 years old. Suzette is 11 years old. Here she is modeling her makeshift winter booties. She has some hearing and vision loss but is not blind or deaf. The hearing loss is due to old age, she also has cataracts and recently her eyes have gotten worse. She had to have some of her teeth pulled a few years back, but she does fine with small kibble and loves just about any kind of people food. She is used to getting "last bites",when we eat, as is Emmy. We were waiting for Chelsea to get on SSI so we could take her to get them looked at by a vet and were evacuated before we had time to. She is very mellow and well mannered. She is very submissive to other animals and can be easily bullied. She is good around other dogs, cats, children....anyone two or four legged.

Emmy is about 7 years old.
Emmy is about 7 years old. She is also very good around all folks, two or four legged. She is a little more nervous than Suzette is, and but she settles in. She loves to snuggle and will pretty much snuggle you as much as you will let her. She likes to sleep next to you if she can. She is very thin and at first this might alarm you and we are always a little concerned, but she has been that way all of her life. She has always had unlimited access to dog food and gets table scraps as well. She just doesn't eat much. She has had her blood work done a few times because of her weight, but everything has always been fine. She has very small teeth (which need to be cleaned, and have also been waiting on SSI $) so she too needs kibble with small chunks. She is a very good girl and will not give anyone any trouble. She will just be nervous at first until she has time to adjust. She is VERY bonded to Chelsea and I and this has to be very difficult for her.

Neither dog is spayed. We bought them from very good breeders and we thought we may breed them once each for friends and relatives to have the pups, but life had other plans and neither of them has ever had puppies. We used to live in a big house with a big back yard on the West Coast, so they were not around other dogs much and it didn't cause any problems.

It would be ideal if the two dogs could stay together, but if that is not possible, we will be grateful for whatever situation allows them to be safely returned to us when we are able to get permanent housing again. We will be eternally grateful to anyone who fosters our babies. Oh, and they are both trained to go piddle on piddle pads, but they also go potty outside. Because of our disabilities Chelsea and I are homebound much of the time and our dogs are everything to us. They are truly our family.
BAFN will deliver these
dogs to you and pay for food.

WHO TO CONTACT:  My email address is and my daughters' is

You may reach me by phone at 347-296-5173. They are currently staying with our friends Jordana and Claudia Bernstein, who may be reached by phone at 646-506-8418 or 212-706-1691. We got your email address from Claudia who is the aunt of Lauren and Justin Bernstein, who fostered a pitbull named Sandee through your organization. Thank you for considering fostering our girls. They are so sweet, and we miss them so much.

Lori Moser