Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Weston, FL: URGENT!!! Blitz has no place to go - Owner to euthanize

Emergency!! - Owner is going to euthanize because she has nowhere to put him! - Blitz, 90 lb Shepherd/Rottie/Lab mix losing his home!! - Good with dogs and cats, and loves children! - WESTON FL
The owner just told me that she has absolutely no place to keep Blitz , she has had him in a vet office boarding for 6 months trying to find him a home.  She has called every rescue in South Florida, and beyond.  She does not want him in a shelter, so she feels she has no option but to put him to sleep.
Is there anyone out there, any rescue who takes big dogs that can save this boy? 

This is such a sad situation for Blitz.  He was rescued as a 5 week puppy by a family.  They lost their home, and had to move into an apt., and their family members had been taking turns watching him because the apt doesn't allow dogs.  
The family member can no longer hold on to him, as she was in an accident and can't hold on to Blitz anymore and poor Blitz is living in a crate at vet office but he can't stay there any longer. 

About Blitz written by the owner:
He is 3 1/2 years old, and neutered. He is 90 lbs., and house-broken, and doesn't have any bad habits such as chewing or digging.  He will, however, bark when the door rings, like most dogs.
He's great with babies and children.  He always played with children in previous neighborhoods, and has been amazing with my son since he was born October 2012.  He's careful and respectful of his space.  

Blitz has made friends with dogs of all sizes, however, he doesn't seem to like unneutered males.  If they are neutered, or female, there is no problem.  Blitz throughout the years has lived with cats also and gets along with them. 
Contact: Kathy: 305-401-4693.


  1. If she asks her medical doctor to provide ESA prescription for her and this dog, she should be able to keep him in the apartment, under HUD. Housing act. NOT AS A SERVICE DOG, as the dog does not meet the rules/regulations of being a service dog. HOWEVER, he might be able to become an ESA.
    You can check on FACEBOOK for the PROBONEO Group. They might be able to help you.
    Also, check on this website:

    And, while I think he doesn't really do his research, check with attorney Matthew Deitz. He does disability stuff. He might/might not be able to help out. Again, I do not care for some of the groups he is associated iwth----I believe that they are unethical, at best...but......

  2. Thanks to those who have reached out with suggestions to help Blitz. Sometimes, when things are so raw for an owner, its difficult to respond to everyone. We are following this story closely and will update as soon as we know. In the meantime, please keep networking for this boy.

    The Hearts


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