Saturday, February 4, 2012

*NASHVILLE TN: Dog has lived alone in a back yard for 2 years! Please help him find a loving home.

8-14-12: Guess who stole his rescue angel's heart? "
I actually was able to keep Harley and he has been spayed and is one of the happiest dogs around!!  Lisa" 

Sweet Harley has been living alone in a backyard his entire life and now his owner has moved and can't take him.
WHO IS HE? This is a great dog that is 2 years old, he is a mix and is not fixed, His name is "Harley" he has lived in fenced in yard his entire life. Harley is great with small dogs and children. "He is a big baby so playful." He is in need of a good home. Elderly owner had to move in with family who are at their max with 3 dogs already. Owner listed  him on Craig's list not realizing what the outcome can be. Please help us find Harley the home he deserves.
WHERE IS HE? Nashville, Tennessee
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Please contact Lisa at 931-224-1099 or

Friday, February 3, 2012


These two 10 yr old precious pooches are in need of a home, are very bonded and must remain together.
WHO ARE THEY? These two precious pooches are in need of a home. Dwayne is a security guard and his baby has been gravely ill and hospitalized with allergies. Doctors demanded that they get rid of the dogs!  The family is devastated. The dogs have been together since they were 8 weeks old and must stay together.
Transport Available to GOOD Home! THESE TWO, ADORABLE Mini DOGS NEED URGENT HELP NOW!!! They Have NO idea what fate will follow shortly if not re homed…
Their names are Kenya and Harlem.  They are well trained and can perform tricks!  They are both mini dogs. Please help find a home so they will NOT be put to sleep. We’ve been circulating this photo in hope that someone will adopt them but no luck thus far…none!
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contacts are Dewayne at and/or Florence at

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

King George, VA - Dying Vietnam vet Kenny Garner wants to see his cats find homes

Kenny Garner of King George, a Vietnam War veteran who is suffering from the effects of Agent Orange, cares for 45 cats—15 indoors and 30 outdoors. As his health deteriorates, he wants to find people to adopt his pets. (Photo by Suzanne Carr Ross/The Free Lance-Star)
The rescue group St. Seton's Orphaned Animals is trying to help disabled Vietnam Veteran, Kenny Garner find homes for his cats. They are all fully vetted, Fiv/Felv tested neg., etc.  Their photos can be viewed at  Mr. Garner is about to be evicted and these young, friendly, gorgeous babies are on their way to a kill shelter.  PLEASE, if your group could just take ONE, that is one less who will die.

“Poor Mr. Garner is dying, is afraid of losing his home, can’t pay his bills, but he is most worried about the welfare of his cats and two dogs,” said Cathy Markwith, a volunteer with KGARL. “It is emotionally draining to see this man that served his country, but can’t get the help he deserves for the short time he has left.” - BY CATHY DYSON, THE FREE LANCE-STAR  Click here to read the rest of his story

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tiny chi boy living on borrowed time - URGENT!!!

This little guy was left behind when his two Chihuahua female roommates who, we are guessing, where dropped off with him were pulled by a rescue group who could not take him too. He is Heartworm positive and unfotunately that isn't helping him find a new home. He was a bit stressed in the kennel but when pulled out was very sweet. He just isn't too happy being locked up in a kennel.

He knows his place is curled up on a couch or in someone's lap. Please help us get this little guy somewhere calm where
he can relax and get on his way to a forever home

To become a Placement Partner with HEART you must complete the Placement Partner Application and agree to the Placement Partner Guidelines. Please contact  to complete the process. Animals on this list are only available to 501(c)(3) Placement Partners with the HEART Program.

If you can help, please email
Animal ID
Chihuahua, Short Coat/Mix
1 year
HEART, Help Every Animal Reach Tomorrow--SOUTH CAROLINA
Intake Date
Adoption Price

Monday, January 30, 2012

Solano/S.F./Sacramento, CA-1 lonely dog languishing in shelter after owner was murdered. Other dog was rescued leaving this little boy by himself in the shelter.

His story:  He belonged to the victim of a murder suicide incident in Vacaville, CA a couple of weeks ago. He lived in a home with 3 small children and another dog who has been rescued. He's very socialized -- just a bit stressed from being at the shelter. Any help would be appreciated as his time is running out. The victim used to take the dogs for their walks at the local park.

WHERE & HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact Ron Whitfield is the director of the shelter. His number is (707) 784-1370. Solano County Animal Shelter at 707-784-1356 and inquire about ID#161074.

L.A., CA- Buddy is now in the pound, a travesty for this dog - adopted out and then returned

UPDATE: in a foster home now, safe and secure, but still needing a forever home. Photos soon to come. 
*From Verna:  I had rescued a young male pit bull we call Buddy.  We fed and loved him, had him neutered, got his shots, and had the chip installed.  We found him a didn't work out.  Turns out the adoptive guy wanted a puppy and has turned other pits into the local pound.  He did this with Buddy on Saturday 1/21.  He never bothered to register the chip to his name, so luckily I was contacted.  I am not in the rescue business, this beautiful doggy followed us back to work while walking my boss' dog.  I can't let him down now.  I have until this Saturday 1/28, tomorrow to pick him up.  This dog is so gentle and sweet.  He was never fought and in fact doesn't fight, and was attacked by another dog in general population at the pound. They tell me it was minor bite to his stitches.I need some help immediately.  I have offers of some money if that helps get him into a rescue.  I live in 3 tiny rooms with no outdoor space at all,with a dog and cat or I would take him in a minute.  I have feelers out to every rescue sight I can find on line and through others resources!  I will pick Buddy up on Saturday...I just have no idea where we will go.....HELP PLEASE!!
CONTACT INFORMATION:  MY NUMBER IS 562-376-1824 CELL 562-862-0957  HOME    310-320-1785-WORK, Verna Panzo Email:
Gratefully, Verna and Buddy