Monday, January 30, 2012

L.A., CA- Buddy is now in the pound, a travesty for this dog - adopted out and then returned

UPDATE: in a foster home now, safe and secure, but still needing a forever home. Photos soon to come. 
*From Verna:  I had rescued a young male pit bull we call Buddy.  We fed and loved him, had him neutered, got his shots, and had the chip installed.  We found him a didn't work out.  Turns out the adoptive guy wanted a puppy and has turned other pits into the local pound.  He did this with Buddy on Saturday 1/21.  He never bothered to register the chip to his name, so luckily I was contacted.  I am not in the rescue business, this beautiful doggy followed us back to work while walking my boss' dog.  I can't let him down now.  I have until this Saturday 1/28, tomorrow to pick him up.  This dog is so gentle and sweet.  He was never fought and in fact doesn't fight, and was attacked by another dog in general population at the pound. They tell me it was minor bite to his stitches.I need some help immediately.  I have offers of some money if that helps get him into a rescue.  I live in 3 tiny rooms with no outdoor space at all,with a dog and cat or I would take him in a minute.  I have feelers out to every rescue sight I can find on line and through others resources!  I will pick Buddy up on Saturday...I just have no idea where we will go.....HELP PLEASE!!
CONTACT INFORMATION:  MY NUMBER IS 562-376-1824 CELL 562-862-0957  HOME    310-320-1785-WORK, Verna Panzo Email:
Gratefully, Verna and Buddy

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