Thursday, July 10, 2014

Long Island, TEDDY CAT...Declawed is Losing His Safe Haven...

July 9, 2014
*From Trudi:  Just received this urgent plea from the ultimate rescue friend -- Dottie Zammetti
Contact Dottie at

***Teddy is a semi-friendly DECLAWED cat that showed up in a friend's colony last fall. He has never left the sanctuary of an enclosed courtyard of an abandoned house in all this time and has used a greenhouse as his shelter. He is afraid of the other 3 cats in the colony, likely due to not having his claws for defense. When he first arrived, he would hiss, spit and swat at the feeder. But over time, he has come to trust her and allows pets and even scruffing. When she recently mentioned that he never extends his claws when he swats, I had her scruff him while I checked his paws and discovered his declawed status. He hissed at me, but did not go to swat or bite. With time he will adapt, hopefully in a good home. But right now his safety is in jeopardy because new owners bought the house & property where he has been living and will be tearing everything down to rebuild and have forbid my friend from her or anyone else feeding the cats on their property. The other neighbors also won't allow the cats to be on their properties either. Our main concern at the moment is this boy because of his fear of the other cats and being declawed so we are looking for a home or safe haven for him. His eyes do drip from time to time but he allows us to wipe them now.

Ted was a super good boy at the vet the other day and he got a great checkup. He is felv/fiv negative, up to date on rabies and FVRCP and was treated for fleas and ticks. No ear mites or any other health issues. Unless he has had a dental in the last year, the vet estimates him to be about 2-3 years old because he has no tarter on his teeth. The vet attributes his drippy eyes to a possible blocked tear duct that may have developed after an eye infection as a kitten. He runs up and rubs against the feeder and loves being pet but he will nip at times if overstimulated, although never hard. So we need a cat savvy person for him, no other cats and probably no small children. Not sure about dogs. At the moment we need immediate foster to get to him to safety so that we can better assess him in a home situation and try and find him a proper home.

Demolition of the buildings is scheduled to begin the end of next week so this is a truly urgent situation. Please share far and wide so we can get this guy to safety! Contact Dottie at