Saturday, May 4, 2013

Charlotte. NC: Two bonded housebroken doxie girls looking for new home together

Michelle Williams has two female dachshunds that clearly love each other alot.  Just look at the photos.  She has to give them up because she is working two jobs and as painful as it is, she knows they will need more time than
she can give them right now.  She takes great care of them!

Spayed: YES

Housebroken: YES

Ages: Peanut is 8 years, very active and will bark when excited - she will usually calm down after a bit.Pumpkin is 4 years, a doll, very laid back and full of love and affection.  They are both lap dogs. Have not been around kids so probably not a good idea and they do not like cats. 

Peanut is a hunter and will go after rabbits and snakes.  Their Mom would prefer they go together and wants it understood that if someone takes them and cannot keep them, please let her know as she does not want them shuffled around

The dachshund rescue groups so far cannot promise they will be placed together.  If you know of a loving home for them both or if you can forward this with her contact information, I am trying to help her so that they can stay as family.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Young Bendy w/leg braces
Bendy's Home for Handicapped Cats has cared for handicapped/special needs cats of many kinds over the past 13 years, starting withBendy Kitty who was born with bent front legs. 

R.I.P Bendy Cute Kitty 4/23/2012
Currently we have 9 FeLv positive cats in their own area, two "hind end twisties" who are incontinent and require special diets, diapers, monitoring for urinary tract infections and medications when they get one, several blind or mostly blind cats, 2 seniors with hyperthyroid and three seniors with CRF, another senior has triaditis (CRF, pancreatitis and IBD) and three other cats with IBD and differing sensitivities.

Life is always busy at Bendy's Home!

Over the years our vet has let us run a tab and been very helpful in teaching Bendy Mom how to do things at home (running fluids for example) to keep the bills down. This year, however, bills have gotten out of hand. We had multiple emergencies and are having a lot of tooth issues which have put the current tab to $3000 (despite donations) and made the head of the clinic, understandably, unhappy.


Mebane Pet Clinic
1028 Mebane Oaks Rd
Mebane, NC 27302
919-304-5200 (they will take credit cards over the phone)
Photos of more kitties at: 
Bendy's Home for Handicapped Cats


Sunday, April 28, 2013

*Greenwood, IN: URGENT - Echo, 6-year old puggle on wheels needs a new family to roll with

Fingers crossed, but I think we have it all figured out!!!!
We are going to drive Echo to Georgia on June 16th to stay with a lady named Cindy. She sounds like a great lady, has experience with disabled pets (has a ferret that is paralyzed and owned a cat with kidney failure) and has the time to take care of him. Again, I can't thank you all enough for the help, support, and prayers!!!
I am sooooooo excited and upset at the same time. On one hand, I found someone that can care for Echo, and provide him the time and care he needs and deserves. On the other, I have to say goodbye to one of the greatest animals I have ever met. June 16th is gonna be one emotional day.  Again thanks everyone for all of your help!!!!!!!
- Carl & Echo
Echo is a special needs dog who just doesn't understand why his life has changed.  He's ready to pick up where he left off and now it's with his wheels.  Echo needs that new home as soon as possible.  Could that be you or someone you know??  Please share his story, or better his heartbroken owner and let him know Echo is going to be just fine. He is neutered (but don't tell him that! )  His annual vaccinations are due in June.  His owner is willing to have those done for his new owner and also willing to help with transport if you are not close by.

"While shopping at Petsmart for our other dog, we happened upon an adoption day and found an adorable puggle, Echo. He came home with us that evening for a “trial run” (we all knew he wasn’t going back) and has been with us ever since. He led a normal dog life up until 4 years ago. I came home from work to a dog in obvious pain and within hours he lost the ability to use his back legs. We rushed him to an emergency vet, and despite quick diagnosis of a ruptured disc and surgery, Echo was never able to fully recover. While his back legs haven’t worked since, his spirit has never been broken. Two days after surgery, Echo drug himself out of his kennel and over to me on the floor just to lick my hand (I swear it was his way of telling me everything was going to be ok).

Echo does require expressing due to his paralysis.  A daily schedule of expressing and he is good to go. The past 4 years have been a challenge, but Echo’s spirit and energy have never faltered. This is the reason that posting this is incredibly hard for me. Since Echo’s injury, my wife and I have brought 2 children into the world, and Echo has gone from being the baby to spending far too much time in this kennel due to me picking up a new job and the kids.
C.mon guys...I really want to play! 
Promise I will slow down
 and wait for you!

Understandably, he has become increasingly cranky and uncomfortable around the kids. He misses the old days when he was the center of attention and being his corny loveable self.  I love this dog more than I care to admit most days, but I just don’t have enough time to give him anymore and he spends a lot of time in his kennel because of the hours I work. Echo does not deserve the hand he has been dealt, and it is totally unfair to euthanize him because of what has happened, especially when he is a loving, caring, wonderful dog. However, if I cannot find him a home or a rescue, that is what we are left with.