Saturday, May 4, 2013

Charlotte. NC: Two bonded housebroken doxie girls looking for new home together

Michelle Williams has two female dachshunds that clearly love each other alot.  Just look at the photos.  She has to give them up because she is working two jobs and as painful as it is, she knows they will need more time than
she can give them right now.  She takes great care of them!

Spayed: YES

Housebroken: YES

Ages: Peanut is 8 years, very active and will bark when excited - she will usually calm down after a bit.Pumpkin is 4 years, a doll, very laid back and full of love and affection.  They are both lap dogs. Have not been around kids so probably not a good idea and they do not like cats. 

Peanut is a hunter and will go after rabbits and snakes.  Their Mom would prefer they go together and wants it understood that if someone takes them and cannot keep them, please let her know as she does not want them shuffled around

The dachshund rescue groups so far cannot promise they will be placed together.  If you know of a loving home for them both or if you can forward this with her contact information, I am trying to help her so that they can stay as family.

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