Sunday, January 26, 2014


Beautiful shepherd!! Please share for this sweet baby!! Lived with homeless man under bridge and the owner is now dying !

Contact: Mirta 305 484 1349
Please someone take this baby ! She is spayed, clean, utd on vaccinations. Just needs a home!!  

*From K: Please save Nina. She lived together with her owner under a bridge, homeless but never separated. He is now in the hospital dying with his last wish and prayer is that Nina go to a loving home and not a shelter or worse. Please try to imagine what she is going through, no longer with her loyal companion any longer. We are begging someone out there to save her and give her a forever home where she will be able to go on without her best friend. Transport can always be done-tell everyone.
*From K: This girl is beautiful, and she has lived a hard life with a homeless man, but she was loyal and faithful to the end. Now he is in the hospital dying. After a lifetime of living the homeless life I hope and pray that someone
can see the hard times this beautiful German Shepherd, now shaved, has endured; I hope everyone sees her heartbreak and worry. This precious, intelligent girl doesn't need to go from one place to another place, here and there. She needs a steady forever home with someone who will be her loving companion. and who will let her sleep on the bed at night or next to it in her own comfortable bed. She needs someone who will be there for her, and just her. I know there are people out there with loving and compassionate hearts who are solid and 100% forever loyal. That is what this girl needs, and she needs it now. I know you see what I see, and our heart will be breaking for this girl until she gets the loving and comforting home that she needs and deserves.
Where is she now?