Saturday, October 27, 2012

Paterson, NJ: Little Sharpei Pup crated almost 24/7!

-- PLEASE contact Kristen RIGHT AWAY


Hey Everyone ~
I got a phone call from a friend of mine in New Jersey
-- She knows of a family that has a Shar Pei mix pup -- about a year old --
and this pup DESPERATELY needs to get OUT of this situation !!
Family adopted her when she was a small puppy,,
they fell in love with the idea of having a puppy,,,
but that's where it ended !!

This POOR,,, POOR darling girl is about a year old now and


Help me Please ~ I'm a Good Girl !!

For those of you who don't know Paterson New Jersey -- it's a horrible place -- busy inner city with SMALL spaces,,,, dirty little rental units in the buildings, dirty sidewalks,, dirty air,, dirty everything !!!,,,, I would NEVER place an animal there !!! Especially a sensitive Shar Pei !!
Her skin is now flaky and itchy,,, don't know from environment or stress,,, but SHE NEEDS RESCUED or adopted FAST.
My friend has convinced the family to give her up
-- after all this time,,,, she doesn't even have a name !!!
IF YOU CAN FREE this darling
from the Hell she is living in
-- PLEASE contact Kristen RIGHT AWAY
,,, every second of every day,,
this Loveable little girl is imprisoned,,,
without the proper exercise,,,
Love or interaction that she needs !!
By the way ~ Kristen has found this girl to be Lovable with children,,other Dogs & even birds too !!