Friday, September 2, 2011


*From Mary: Buddy loves to be scratched behind the ears. When he is inside he lays right next to the air vent in the kitchen. He takes his medicine extremely well (it's always wrapped in a piece of cheese). He loves raw hide chews and being around people. I really think he would do best in a home where he is the only male dog. This may be because he is still in tact or just because he is used to that situation. He is very good about going outside. He knows that when we leave he has to go out and that he also sleeps outside. We can't leave him inside as much as we want to because he and our male dog do not get along. He is improving so very much. He is taking his HeartGuard monthly slow kill pill as well as 20 mg of prednisone once a day. The situation with our male dog, Charlie, and Buddy seems to be heightening. I have to find Buddy a home as soon as possible before a fight happens with not so good results.

WHO AM I? My name is Buddy. I found these really nice people who tried to find where I came from, but noone seems to be looking for me. I was kind...

Baltimore, MD: Ruby, a 10-year-old blind Cocker Spaniel in need

RUBY STILL NEEDS A HOME, PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN. *From Sherry, on behalf of the Blind Dog Rescue Alliance: We have been contacted by Ruby's owner for assistance in placing her in a loving home. At this time, we have no available fosters, and I'm reaching out to you in hopes you may help. Ruby's owner is facing great difficulty in caring for her and she is becoming overwhelmed. She calls us daily with tears and concerns. For this reason, we have deemed Ruby's placement as urgent.  If you are unable to foster at this time, can you please point me in another direction? I have included Ruby's information below. If you are able to foster, I will forward the owner contact information. Thank you so much for your time. -- Sherry Willoughby, Intake Volunteer, Blind Dog Rescue Alliance WHO IS RUBY? Female (altered); Cocker Spaniel; 10 y/o; Blind WHERE IS SHE?

LA,CA: Rudy 6 yr old Belgian malanois/Sheepdog- gentle giant - Owner wept as he left him there.

*From Linda:"He needs love!  He's large but gentle and he needs love!"  Those were the words that Rudy's owner wrote when he relinquished Rudy to the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter on July 19, 2011.  He was ill and could no longer care for his 6 yr. old Belgian Sheepdog.  How heartbreaking that must have been for him and for Rudy who now hopes that someone will see what a magnificent dog he is and want him for their own. VIDEO: WHO IS HE? RUDY #A1233080 - Rudy is a big boy weighing in at 96 lbs.  He has a lush, silky coat and his recent visit to the groomer brought out the shine and luster in that coat.  He is a breathtakingly beautiful dog who is described as being friendly with people, dogs and cats.  He loves people and is happiest when he can be with his human friends.  He is exceedingly gentle and well behaved in the play yard.  He loves to be brushed but more than anything he just likes to hang out. Rudy waits patiently for the special someone who will look at him and know that he is the dog for them.  He needs a forever home.  Please help Rudy!
WHERE IS HE? West LA City Shelter/ 310-207-3266/ Tues-Sat 8-5,  Sun 11-5/11361 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90064   HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact or Samantha Westbrook, NEW HOPE COORDINATOR, 213-485-0494 / CELL  213-792-5811  MORE INFO ON THIS BREED

Sunday, August 28, 2011


WHO IS SHE?  This is KATTY (*From Karen: I just had this kitten rescued from Death Row in NYC.  The rescue organization that pulled her for me set up a Chip in to raise funds for her immediate, necessary vet care.)  
KATTY is as all kittens should be, active and curious, but sadly, her curiosity ended up with her becoming injured--possibly an electrical cord burn. (The shelter will kill for less so KATTY really needed her friends. Fortunately she was pulled by our HEARTS rescue member Karen.)
NOW KATTY HAS A FUREVER HOME, but help is needed with her medical bills, etc. that were incurred during her isolation and treatment.
Please click the title to be directed to a ChipIn link that exists to help raise funds to help pay for medical bills for Katty and two others.