Friday, December 27, 2013


Five Cats need a home now.... deadline Jan 15 or they will be sadly taken to shelter *From Laura: Hi everyone! I don't send a lot of emails like this, but right now my partner's family is in an urgent state of need. My stepdad-in-law has been diagnosed with terminal cancer in his lungs and brain, where there are already over 30 tumors. He's fighting day to day to maintain his quality of life. He and my mother-in-law are struggling financially, as she's disabled and neither of them can work. 

There are currently 7 cats and a dog living in their small home, and because of both of their health, five of the cats must find new homes. This must occur by January 15, and unfortunately, those who have not found homes will be going to a shelter, where I believe it is unlikely for them to make it out alive. They are special cats with very special personalities, but will probably be looked right over at the shelter.

I am attaching the sad story of two of these cats, Emmy (black and white) and Runner (black), who ended up with my in-laws after their original guardian, a family friend, committed suicide. These I feel are the 2 most adoptable cats because of their sweet demeanors. Right now, a kind rescue group to take them in would be a wonderful solution for these babies!

The other kitties are as follows (photos attached):
-Murray - a black and white kitty who is very independent and a free thinker. He's not especially social with other cats but can live with them if necessary and will just do his own thing!  He can be a huge sweetheart when he wants to be. Prefers to be indoor/outdoor cat.
-Baby - a small tabby who is very docile and shy. She is scared of new people, but is so sweet when the right person takes the time to get to know her. Probably the sweetest little girl I've ever met. Indoor cat.
-Harley - black and white kitty, not good with other cats. He has a mind of his own and just wants someone to be "his person." He's mostly laid back and low maintenance. Indoor cat.

These cats will all be fixed, vaccinated, and had a basic exam before being sent on their way!

Even if you cannot take these kitties, PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO YOUR CONTACTS. Maybe we can find a few rescue groups to take them. These cats are located in Hampton Roads, Virginia, but I am willing to drive as far as it takes to get them to where they need to be (I love road trips!!!). Thank you all SO MUCH for any help in spreading the word.

INTERESTED ADOPTERS/GROUPS, please contact Laura Cascada at

P.S. I've set up a donation page for my in-laws as well, and if you'd like to make a small donation, please indicate that it's for the kitties - I'll use it directly for their vet expenses. TO DONATE PLEASE CLICK HERE:

Laura Cascada

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Advance, NC - elderly couple had to give up their senior kitties... please help

This is heart breaking. PLEASE CROSS POST Three beautiful, senior cats in need of fur-ever home(s) or rescue. Located in Advance, NC close to Winston-Salem. Contact is: Gerri at Village Way Kennel (336) 998-0263 or by cell at: (336) 671-8117.

There is no other family to help. Wife paid for boarding for one month when she went into the hospital. Sadly, she is going from the hospital to hospice. Because the husband is unable to physically care for the cats he came to the vets office to sign euthanasia papers.

Thankfully, the vet and staff were so touched by this gentleman, the story and the cats that they agreed to hold off with hope home(s), or rescue(s) can be found, but they can’t keep them much longer. Rebecca and Joseph have been there the longest and Noel, the last was recently brought in. They have adjusted well to being in a kennel, but it’s no life to live, especially for very long and the vets office just can’t keep them much longer. They need the kennel space for sick patients and boarders too. So, sadly if homes or foster/rescue(s) aren’t soon found they will be euthanized.

Adopted as kittens, these kids are spay/neutered and current on vaccines. Indoor only. They got along well with the couples dog and grandchildren. Super sweet and loving. 

Rebecca 10 yrs and 8 months old
Joseph 10 yrs and 8 months old
Noel 8 yrs and 11 months old

PLEASE, can anyone help any of these beautiful, well loved and cared for cats?  They do not have to stay together. We are all saying our prayers for the cats and the couple.

Monday, December 9, 2013

*Orlando, FL: Savannah on her own walking 100 miles - Urgent!!!

12-16-13 Savannah is safe with her owner who had been looking for her!

This is Savannah and hers is quite a story - she needs help NOW!
Orlando, FL - Dog walked 100 miles alone, owner in jail, she needs foster/home/rescue now!! - Savannah, senior Shep mix!! 
Please contact Chucky ASAP at: 407-739-2003!!  This poor girl needs a HOME to love her-=- she's precious just wants some TLC and love, that's IT!  If not a home, pls a rescue step up to help her ASAP!!!

She was found in my front yard on Black Friday. I took her to my vet and they found she was micro-chipped… Unfortunately, her owner never registered info on the micro-chip.  I was able to get the manufacturers number from the chip, and learned it was installed at The Marion County Animal Shelter (Ocala) in 2002.  I also was able to get her owners name and address.  I did a small background report, trying to find a working phone number for her owner, but had no luck.  I was able to get in touch with her owners’ parents, who are in their 90s.  Sadly, they haven’t heard from their daughter in years, and said they have no idea of how to find her.  I then had my mother help me out; she works for the City, and was able to pull a full background report… That is when we discovered that Savannah’s owner has been in jail since late October.  Based on the timeline and geographic scenario, this 11 year old girl has been surviving on her own for over a month, and has walked close to 100 miles.

I am an animal lover, and would love to be able to keep this sweet girl, but my family and I are not in a financial position to keep her at this time.  I also believe that our home is a little too chaotic for her; between my other 2 dogs (weighing in at 150 lbs combined), and my rambunctious 2 year old… I just don’t think she can get comfortable, or that she is getting the one on one love and attention that she deserves.

I have called 15+ rescues, and all have explained to me that they are either full, or that they only accept dogs off of death row.   I have also called no-kill shelters in Orange, Seminole, Brevard, Lake, and Marion counties to see if I can drop her off there.  I have been told that they do not accept strays, and can only take her if I claim her as a pet.  Claiming her as a pet would mean that I am claiming ownership of her for the past 90 days, and therefore taking responsibility for her current condition.  Since her current condition is less than fair (due to her extreme weigh loss), I could be fined and charge with animal neglect and have my other 2 dogs taken away. All the shelters I have call have suggested forfeiting her to animal control.  I really do not want to send her to animal control because their policy is to euthanize after 5 days.   
Additionally, I have called them and been informed that they have shortened their holding period to 3 days before euthanizing them, due to the large amount of animals they receive throughout the holiday months.

My goal in all of this is to find Savannah a loving and stable home.  I feel she would be best suited with either a person who is single, an old couple, or possibly someone with a disability.  She is very low maintenance, and prefers to be in a low-stress environment.
Here is some additional info about her:

• Female, Spayed
11 years old• Tall/thin – about 60 lbs
• Micro-chipped (can be registered under your name)
• No fleas
• House Broken
• Does not chew
• Does not get in the garbage
• Non-Food Aggressive
• Ok with other dogs & older children
• Ok with cats (at least the one who was roaming around my vets office when I took her there)
• Low activity required – Just lots of love and petting
If you are interested in helping this sweet girl out, or know anyone who may be, Please contact me ASAP at: 407-739-2003.

Thanks so much for all of your help and prayers for a forever home for Savannah.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Charlotte, NC: URGENT! "Macy" - Found In Survival Mode Living Under a Bridge

Importance: High
A picture speaks a thousand words....
Please share this story with anyone you know looking for an adorable little girl who has had a tough life.

"This girl has come a long way in her adjustment back into a loving home environment.

HOWEVER, when we first rescued "Macy"  in September... I absolutely had no room for her and nowhere for her to go....

I called my friend after pulling her from under the bridge, in the dark of night, and asked if she could take her for what we thought was only a couple of weeks....

My friend, graciously agreed to take her in for a couple of weeks (she really did not have room for her either)...well that was back in September.   She has been working with "Macy" and has done a fantastic job....BUT, my 2 week agreement is LONG PAST!  The situation has become URGENT....I have got to find a place for "Macy" to go! She can no longer stay with her present foster mom.

"Macy" will be an excellent companion / pet for a good loving home.  She has absolutely no aggression to her what-so-ever.  She is a little stand-offish when meeting new things, people, other dogs, etc, But, she comes around very nicely once she sees that she is not in danger.  She runs and plays with the other dogs and loves to see Mom and Dad coming home from work.   She is UTD on shots, spayed, micro-chipped....ALL done at personal expense of my friend, her present foster mom.

Can anyone take this girl into their Foster / Adoption Program?  OR Give her a "Forever" Home?

I am desperate to find a place for this great little girl..... PLEASE HELP! "

Contact:  Debbie Hinson - 704.582.0408 or

Monday, November 25, 2013

Booneville, NC Blue Heeler/Beagle being surrendered. Family moving north without him.

Rascal is a YOUNG 6 yr old adult, male dog that is thought to be a Blue Heeler/Beagle mix. (He plays and acts like a puppy. He has a lot of love and life to give). Contact information below.

They have sold their home and are moving North and cannot keep him. I have met him. He is a very sweet dog. He is house trained, crate trained and adheres to a underground fence. He does fine with other dogs and is ok with cats. He is good with kids and loves women. He likes men too but has given on occasional delivery guy a hard time. 

He is neutered and UTD on vaccines and preventatives. He is on 4health dog food and seems pretty healthy from what I have seen. 

Would you know of anyone that could give this guy a home? The owner wants nothing more than to give him a forever home. But he needs to be moved pretty quickly. I am going to post to others so please let me know asap if you are interested.

Thanks. Sherry Azelton
Second Chance Animal Rescue of Surry County
P.O. BOX 324
Mt Airy NC
(336) 756-3635

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Atlanta, GA: URGENT. JASPER. Needs a home. He is In north Atlanta but can be transported

Update: This boy is going downhill quickly in boarding. 

Help !!!! Atlanta area.  But he can be transported !  I STILL HAVE NO HOME FOR Jasper !!!!  This boy is going downhill quickly in boarding.  He desperately needs a foster or a home. Or even another rescue who can find him a good home.  Please share for him. Picture and info below. 

Sweet Jasper is giving up, please help us find him a home for the holidays.
This sweet dog needs a home as soon as possible. He's in a boarding facility but is not doing well at all. Please can you help this precious dog?
Contact Joan

*From Joan: Jasper needs a home. He is in north Atlanta but can be transported.
Rescue friends, can you please help me? Meet Sweet Jasper. He was pulled from a high kill shelter in the south and saved just in time. He is a 2 year old Pointer Lab Mix male and is absolutely gorgeous! He is totally vetted, heartworm negative and neutered. Very sweet. Good with adults and kids and loves to run and play. Not sure about cats as the kennel does not have any. He is good with puppies and older dogs. Takes a minute with males but he's really very sweet. He is in a kennel in boarding and is going downhill being there. He really needs a home where he can bond and run and play. We are willing to transport him to another rescue if necessary. But he really needs foster or adopter or rescue to help him get on his way to a real life! He so deserves it. Please share and give him a home for the holidays. Thank you
Contact Joan Locher with Paws & Stars Animal Rescue for more information. Put Jasper in the title. Thank you!
Joan Locher
Paws & Stars Animal Rescue

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Virginia: 7 year old blind poodle unwanted by owners

Cute little 7 yr old blind poodle going to the pound because the family got a new puppy.....
If you can foster please contact
The owner has a new puppy and no longer wants this boy. He will go to the shelter  if a foster isn't found.
He is 7yo, blind, ~12 pounds, playful and gets along with everyone.  He is afraid of loud noises.

  Contact : Kimberly Sharp
(Kimberly is not the owner - she is trying to help.) 

Catawba County, NC-- STILL IN NEED--NOBODY HAS SHOWN INTEREST, 5 babies from cruelty/neglect home---need rescue placement

This will break your heart. These 5 poor little dogs have endured a life of misery. Please help rescue them asap, they only have one more day, no one has shown any interest yet.
Dogs taken from neglect/ cruelty situation…. All of these dogs came from the same residence. They need rescue placement by 11/19.


Rocco and Tippy were in a dog lot that had no door or way into the pen. They were only being thrown food through the fence. They were not being fed regularly were skinny when we got them. They are very sweet but a little shy at first. Rocco weighs about 35-40 and Tippy weighs about 30-35.

Cruco and Chico were in each tied out by ropes with no shelter. They are very skinny. They are shy at first meeting. Cruco is more shy than Chico. We do not believe there was a lot of interaction between the owners and the dogs on the property due to the lack of care. They were not being fed with any regularity. Cruco weighs about 30 and Tippy weighs about 30.



Poor Mickey was the worst of the bunch. He would not stand up and was extremely weak. When he got to the vet he had a temperature of 98.9 and weighed only 25 lbs. He was severely anemic. The vet stated that due to these factors that had we not stepped in, he would have not survived the night outside in the cold. He is making slow progress but is continuing to improve. He is good with other dogs. He is a quiet boy that will need time to recover from his physical neglect and emotional neglect. Poor thing acts as if he has not had any positive interactions with his “family”….basically laid at the end of a chain waiting on food. L

Contact: Jennifer Sigmon
Catawba County Animal Services
100-C Southwest Blvd.
PO Box 389
Newton, NC 28658
Phone (828)464-7686
Fax (828)465-8918

*Pensacola, FL: Out of Options and Totally On Our Knees!

11-21-13 She has a foster!
Precious stray will have to face the shelter tomorrow unless rescue steps up, please help us!! 

Beautiful, sweet girl, house trained, perfect with other dogs and loves people, Pitties are always the ones who get the raw deals although they are the best and sweetest dogs, and great companions and family members. Please help this girl before she goes to a kill shelter THROUGH NO FAULT OF HER OWN and gets killed. Please make contacts and help, we cannot live with this girl getting killed for lack of help.

CONTACT IS: Kelly Wieczorek

Help, last chance!! I've posted before but am out of options. I found this sweet girl in my yard a few weeks ago, took her to the shelter, and then picked her up when she was going to be euthanized. I picked her up hoping someone could take her but everyone has backed out so far and I am running out of options. She is a pit, approximately 5 years old, very sweet, potty-trained, and knows a few tricks but I have an old little dog at home that has become very aggressive towards her and I don't trust them together. The pit just gives her kisses in response but I don't want my dog to push her, and we don't have the house or a fenced-in yard capable for such a dog.My husband has been working from home since last week to take care of her but leaves on a business trip Wednesday so if I don't find a home by tomorrow she will have to go back to the shelter. I did get her shots on Saturday but she tested slightly positive for heartworms. I am willing to help pay for the heartworm treatment if someone will take her in. Please help if you are able.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

OZONE PARK, QUEENS, NY: A desperate plea from a fellow rescuer!

A Fellow rescuer is being forced to move and leave many outdoor cats that have come to depend on her. She's begging for help with feeding or relocating these precious animals.
*From a concerned animal lover: I have been in touch with a LOVELY, KIND, DEDICATED woman for about 3 years now...she lives in Ozone Park, Queens and feeds MANY, MANY, MANY cats outdoors...they are fixed!
Mary has NO ONE to help her feed now as her ONE &n ONLY helper is not well and cannot continue...IF ANYONE LIVES NEAR OZONE PARK, QUEENS or knows someone who does...PLEASE contact Mary Rossello
She is truly DESPERATE and I fear for her health now...and these kitties have come to depend on their meals…

This is the note I received tonight: Nov 16
"Trudy I'm in trouble here. Big trouble. I need help desperately with feeding. I'm spending over $1000 a month on cat food and now my 75 year old co feeder is done. She can't continue. I don't have another cent to give to buy any more food or time to feed anymore cats than I already do. These poor babies depend on us. She helps feed 3 nites a week 9 cats. It's too much for her. I’m in trouble. I'm in terrible debt and need to move away because this house is being sold. Have to find someone around here to take over at that house. If you have any contacts on Facebook please do ask out there for these beautiful cats who need help. I'm in so much trouble here. I'm barely Getting to work on time. I can't go out anymore at night or on vacations and I'm worn out and my health is failing all for these cats. I've lost friends and family doesn’t understand. And most of all I am financially ruined. So if you can reach out somehow but I know no one will want to do this. I've tried to get help with just one nite and no one would. This is a terrible prison I'm in here because I love the cats. God help us with this. Thanks for any help you can reach out for. They are all gorgeous sweet cats.”

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jacksonville, FL: Adorable wheelchair dog needs a new home

Can anyone help this furbaby ? Please network.
Contact is Melissa Vanaman.


I have a dog that was adopted from the humane society. He is paralyzed and is in a wheelchair. He is loving and caring.
I can no longer take care of him without an income and he is being locked up for 14-16 hours a day.
This breaks my heart to see this and feel he needs attention he deserves.
I contacted the humane society and their were unable to take him. If there is any way possible I need a place for him to go.
Thanks, Melissa

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NE VIRGINIA_Bonded Seniors Need Home ASAP! Will be euth'ed end of week!! Please share for these two!!

11-18-13: These two little souls still need a place to go. Please don't forget about them continue to network for them.


*From Mary: RECENT UPDATE: We have also discovered that Mia is most likely deaf and dear sweet Ralphy has mast cell cancer. I've been balling my eyes out all day. They will not have the tumors surgically removed because they still do not think he is adoptable. I looked it up though and if it is stage 1 or 2 and the tumors are completely removed he has an excellent chance of pulling through and the cancer not coming back. This is almost too much for my heart to bear.

You can contact me any time. I can usually respond within a few minutes.
Mary Weber

Video clips from our visit to see Mia and Ralphy last Monday:

THIS IS THEIR STORY:  In early August, I pulled two loving seniors (a 12 year old pittie mix named Mia and a 9 year old corgi mix named Ralphy) out of a condemned, abandoned home in my neighborhood. The owners of the home were heroin addicts, one was in the hospital for an overdose and the other was incarcerated for robbing someone at our local Wal-Mart in Martinsburg. They had three young girls under the age of 12--they were
picked up by relatives or placed in a foster home. But no one was there to take

Friday, November 8, 2013

Stone Mtn, GA $1,000.sponsor UNBELIEVABLE ABUSE & NEGLECT (Rope around neck)

UPDATE:  This dog was caught on Wed 11-6 and is at Gwinnett County AC. The man that has the property the dog was either dumped on or ran away to, who called AC after he and his staff couldn't get near the scared baby without him running, has pledged $1,000 to the reputable rescue that saves him and properly cares for him. Please share for that rescue as well as additional pledges as this dog will not only need good and no doubt costly vet treatment and time with behavioral experts as he/she? is terrified of people given the likelihood this was a bait dog. According to article dog needs out by Nov 12. 

Hope then despair -- the images show it all. Please help this neglected dog find the loving home that he deserves. Urgent situation.
We only have limited information. If you have questions or would like to help, please contact Mr. Tobias at his email listed below. This needs to be handled discreetly so that the animal doesn't suffer. Do NOT contact unless you can help save this dog. Please don't leave negative comments or replies. We don't want this post to backfire and wind up hurting this precious dog or the person who is trying to help him.


Nov 6, 2013: "He has a rope around his neck and injuries. Animal Control came out this morning but was unable to apprehend him. He ate all the food, drank water and slept on blanket where he still lays.

One of our employees almost has him comfortable enough to come close. I will pay $500 if you all could come get him and take care of him to prepare him for adoption to a good home. Any suggestions?"
Jeffrey L. Tobias, CEO
The Potter's House Family and Children Treatment Center Inc

Thursday, October 31, 2013

*Memphis, TN: Adorable Teddy Bear Mix Hidden from Public

11-4-13:  This dog was adopted by a lovely lady named Kay Hurst who absolutely adores him. She had a similar looking dog named Sage who died a few years ago. He is in a great home.   Jan Courtney
This teddy bear is at a high kill facility called Memphis Animal Services.  His ID is A260191 and he is in the stray area of the facility, which is an area where the public is not allowed, which lowers his chances of being adopted. 

He is a male and he’s listed as a “Chow” although he looks more like a terrier of some kind and he’s also listed as being almost five years old, although he looks a lot younger.  He’s heartworm negative.  The staff says he’s very friendly and sweet natured.  
He’s been at Memphis Animal Services since Oct 15, 2013 and needs to be rescued as soon as possible.  Please consider giving this sweet boy a home.  

If you are interested in him, please call Tracy Dunlap
at Memphis Animal Services at 901-636-1416 as soon as possible.  ID# A260191
Memphis Animal Services
2350 Appling City Cove
Memphis, TN 38133
Phone: (901) 636-1416

The facility is at I-40 and Appling Road. You take the Appling North exit off I-40. There is a Shell station on the North East corner of the I-40/Appling Road junction. You take the road across from the Shell Station (looks like a service road). Once on that road you can see the new Inspection Station on the right and the shelter is right across the street. (The directions on GPS systems are always not accurate.)
Sunday & Monday: Closed to the Public
Tuesday: 11:00am to 7:00pm
Wednesday: 11:00am to 5:00pm
Thursday: 11:00am to 7:00pm
Friday: 11:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday: 11:00am to 5:00pm

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lake City, FL: Emily...Her body is crippled, but her spirit soars

Emily has been Rescued by The Little Guild of Saint Francis

This precious blonde bundle of love is Emily.  She has a physical challenge, but shhh...don't tell her that.  As far as she is concerned, all that she is missing is a family to love. She's running out of time at the shelter Let's help find her family

The rescue coordinator for the Lake City Humane Society, in Lake City, Fla., is pleading for help for an exceptionally sweet dog who was picked up as a stray back on Oct. 16.

The dog, dubbed "Emily," is crippled; initially, the facility employees believed that Emily had been struck by a car, but after an exam by a veterinary technician, it appears that Emily may have been born with the disability.
Debra Ludwig, the rescue coordinator for the shelter, stated:
"Her rear legs are bowed in at the knees and she can not walk properly although it does not slow her down much. She does not appear to be in pain and is very loving.
We are a small county shelter and do not have to means for a complete vet workup and proper care for this girl.
She is in need of a rescue who can take her in and provide her proper care and evaluate her legs to see what is needed for her."
The hold time is up for this sweet dog and now she desperately
 needs a rescue organization to take her in.

Per the shelter staff, Emily is sweet and quiet and gets along well with other dogs. (Just look at her picture - that says it all.)  Anyone who can help is asked to email: and reference ID# A21279713.

Brookfield, CT Another Elderly Woman's Animals Facing a Kill Shelter...

Left alone in the house since the beginning of summer, a sweet dog named Valentine and her 4 kitty siblings may be sent to a kill shelter because human Mom was sent to a nursing home... read their story below

Oct 30, 2013 Brookfield, CT

*From T: I received an email from Reesa two days ago regarding 4 cats and a dog about to be taken to ACC In Connecticut…Yet Another story of an elderly person having to leave her beloved pets behind while her “devoted” grandson wanted NOTHING to do with them other than dump them into a KILL Shelter…We talked and decided it was WELL worth a TRY to find HOMES for them before resorting to the grandson’s choice. (All the while knowing that we might have to do just that if HOMES were not found).

Reesa took the 4 cats (photos below) and the dog from the HOME today and brought them to her vet for check-ups and combo testing. $750 that Reesa had no intentions of spending during these hard economic times was been spent today to save these precious, innocent animals…We PRAY they won’t have to be taken to the ACC where they will surely be killed. Two blackies a Tabby and a Tiger….the usual…

Our Search Begins here…
A Little Background:  This dog, VALENTINE, and the 4 cats were left ALONE in a cold, abandoned house without electricity since the beginning of the summer. It is getting to be very cold and even colder inside the house. The grandmother was put is in a nursing home one year ago. The grandson who does not live far away feels he was "guilted" into caring for them and goes to the house occasionally to care for them. He does not like animals. There is garbage all over the house. It is a total mess with everything all over the place and cat/dog food and waste. Another disappointing story of the elderly having NO ONE to count on…A growing epidemic.

VALENTINE is a female beagle/ black lab mix about 5 years young. She was abused as a puppy. She is a very affectionate loving dog starved for attention. She gets along well with people and cats and other dogs. She has been fed a cat food diet because she is left in the house not monitored with the cat's food out. She’s a little chunky…

About the 4 cats: They are all under five yrs old. They are all neutered or spayed. They are friendly. They were all combo tested and are negative!3

NICK: male, is gray/white and very friendly.
BLACKIE: is male and a big, VERY friendly boy.
BAMBI: female, is black, a pure sweetheart, and is Blackie's offspring.
JONIE: female, is a gray and black tabby, also very gentle.

VETTING UPDATE: Oct 29, 2013
Excellent news, all of the cats are FIV and FeLV negative. Vet said they are in general good health. He treated them for fleas. One has tapeworm. The dog was also treated for fleas and she is being given antibiotics for Lyme and anaplasmosis. Vet stated that she should be fine.

“It's amazing that all of the animals are Super Sweet with great dispositions considering what they have been through. They are stressed but are relatively calm and are very good with people and were great at the vet too.”
NOW to Find HOMES for 4 Kitties and a Doggie…They Do NOT have to be ADOPTED Together…HOMES for ALL is Our DREAM…


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ozark, Alabama - Dog thrown into trunk on way to pound!! - Rescuer can't keep!! - Needs help NOW!!

SAFE! Rescued and possible adoption in the works! 
This is an urgent plea for help... the picture says it all. Share, crosspost, whatever you can do to help find this little dog a loving home after suffering at the hands of her previous family.

*From M:  Contact me at: (at if you can help, and PLEASE SHARE!!!!!!!

Today when I was out trying to catch the mom and puppy I have been trying for, for over a month, a white dumpy car approached me and asked if I wanted a 'yard dog'. I told them I could help try to find a home for the dog if they would text me a photo. He said no, they were on the way to the pound now cause 'we ain't got time for her no more'. I saw no dog in the car and said that..... he proceeded to jump out and pop the CAR TRUNK. This poor skinny baby girl was huddled in the corner with her too tight collar tied up with a metal cable and a padlock around her little neck, crawling with fleas, sores on her ears, but still so hopeful for a little love that she crawled into my arms wagging her little tail. I got her a bowl of food and she ate two bowls ravenously before coming up for air (they said they feed her as much as she wants but 'she never gains weight'.

I am bathing her poor dust logged body tonight (they said she digs holes to lie in cause they can't afford her a dog house), & am taking her to vet for shots an worming and check in the morning....... but she needs a rescue or foster immediately.

My husbands mother had a massive stroke in England, and we will be going over there sometime next week probably, and need her a place urgently. Can any good rescue or foster help?????? She is so precious and very petite/small.

She may have some food aggression because when the little boy who owns her went to take her bowl from her she growled a little, but is fine with kids when no food is threatened to be taken from her.

Please, please help!!!

Contact me at: if you can help, and PLEASE SHARE!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

TN Owner was stabbed to death & pup beaten w/pipe RESCUE NEEDED

This precious dog was beaten with a pipe as her human Mom was stabbed to death. Please help Golden Girl find a new home. 

*From Parker: The one blue eye looks like could be some Husky there....or herding breed??? very beautiful girl what ever she is...6-8 months will be spayed. Folks this is from a very dear lady that I know. Ms. Martha is the one whom rescued Maggie Mae. Folks please read below and share this dear dog's story in hopes of getting a rescue or forever home. This is an awful tragedy for any dog to go through.
Please contact: Martha Ross
Thanks Parker

"Hi Fellow Dog Lovers!

I have a very special girl and seeking help finding a home. If you are local, you are familiar with the young lady that was recently stabbed to death while at work at Wendy's in Magee. Her boyfriend, her child's father, killed her.

This sweet, very timid dog belonged to the deceased. The boyfriend also abused this dog. She has a dent in her head. It broke my heart when I saw her, she has the same dent as Maggie Mae (Mary picked Maggie Mae up for me, her owner beat her with a steal pipe in the head and went to jail).

I call this little lady Golden Girl. I know very little about her. I believe she is about 6-8 months old. She is very sweet and scared. I am attaching photos and will get her spayed ASAP, and a complete examination.

Thank You!
Martha Ross
Adopt a Rescue Dog"

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Midlands of SC: 1.5 y/o sweet hound dies 10/25/13

Just a baby, full of love and loyalty...please help us find him the family who deserves this love before his time runs out.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Long Island, NY *Candy 7 Year Old Calico *Lost her Elderly Mom to Assisted Living

Candy, 7 Year Old Calico who Lost her Elderly Mom to Assisted Living now needs your help.
UPDATE: You may remember this story - 3 kitties losing their home when mom is moved into a nursing facility. 2 kitties have been adopted, but Candy became sick.
*From Trudy: **Candy's Story gets sadder...she had a wonderful adopter ready to bring her HOME...then Candy stopped eating for 4 days and was rushed to Vet Hospital as Emergency by her foster Mom, Patty Burkhart...
10 days later Candy is still there and now has a definite diagnosis of ***Kidney Disease (See Info below)... She is doing very well now... EATING & playing and a VERY nice kitty.
***Candy will need sub q fluids DAILY for the rest of her life....she will need to be on a Special Diet for Kidney Disease...THIS is going to make finding a Special HOME for Candy a MUST!!! Candy has NO WHERE to Go…we couldn’t post for her HOME until we knew what her diagnosis was…
I know that some of you or people you know have had experience with sub q fluids...
Even I did it for 3 years and it gave our cat an incredible quality of life that she would never have had. I had never put a needle into anything...the needle does NOT go below the skin so it is NOT difficult or painful what so ever!!! I developed a routine and our kitty went right along with it...The vet states that Candy takes the fluids quite easily...that is a blessing!
Candy's 2 house mates have been adopted into WONDERFUL HOMES...Skippy and DAISY.
I don't know what we will do if we can't find a HOME for Candy...I just don't know...I'm trusting that somehow we will...Please Help this Beautiful Girl get HOME!!! (Transport Arranged to Approved HOME)

Patty is PRO...if you've never given fluids, it is NOT HARD but it is a commitment... A Commitment to Candy...

NOTE: In doing research about this condition I found a fantastic website, with a page specifically on how to obtain supplies inexpensively.
Tanya's Comprehensive Guide to Feline Chronic Kidney Disease - Obtaining Cheap Supplies USA

Monday, October 21, 2013

Long Island, NY *ROXY the Big Brown Dog* 12 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix...Healthy and Friendly with ALL!!! Story Book Doggie!!! Henry & Mudge...The Big Brown Dog!

ROXY The Big Brown Dog...12 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix losing home after Dad died... **SWEET as they COME**!!!

Long Island, NY Oct 21, 2013
Another animal losing her HOME now that her Dad died...SHELTER BOUND if no Home is FOUND! Contact or call 516.616.307

We are praying for a foster home for her, although it might be a permanent foster. It is the larger dog in the photo, she is a 12 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix.

Roxie will be losing her home VERY SOON because her dad died and her mom has to go into assisted living. Roxie is the 12 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback in the photo (not the smaller dog). She is an active senior, does not seem to have arthritis and can do the flight of stairs in her current home without a problem. Roxie is good with other dogs and kids. She once lived with a cat and she walks well on a leash. Please help us to help Roxie. Contact or call 516.616.3076.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Columbia, SC: Senior dogs evicted from apartment of elderly owner. Can you help?

Sad situation ... Senior dogs evicted from apartment of elderly owner. Can you help?
Originally posted Oct 15
ESSIE: 16 yr old aussie Shepherd/ border collie mix, Arthritis, cataracts.
ROSCOE: 13 yr old pit mix, Very sweet to people.

Contact Angie at

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Concord, NC: Elliott and Oliva, bonded gsd mixes on borrowed time

Surrenders: Left -  Male "Elliot"
                     Right - Female " Olivia"
Here we have Elliott a male shepherd X. He is mixed with something else that gave him a spotted tongue and under bite. Olivia the female looks to be a shepherd mix as well. Both shot no signs of aggression or abuse and appear to be in good health with no visible skin/coat issues. BOTH are Spayed/neutered and housebroken. Vet records are current and can be accessed with Pet smart.
Needs Rescue ON or BY FRIDAY  October 18th by 5pm
Tanya Barbee
Cabarrus County, NC
Rescue Coordinator

Thursday, October 10, 2013


This photo says it all, please help Gabbi.
*From Barbara: Let's please help this sweet. loving gorgeous boxer in the gassing shelter in Cleveland County. Those who have had contact with her have named her Gabbi and say that she is just PRECIOUS, dog friendly, and a people pleaser. You can look at her face and know that she is pleading for someone to help her. She would make an amazing, appreciative, smart pet for someone. Along with her in the kennel is her full grown son who is a Boxer/Dalmatian mix. Please help them!

Contact: Jennifer Coalson 704-481-9884

Pleading for help...

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Chester, PA ** Two Beautiful ABANDONED Cats Begging to Come IN, please help find these cats a home.

The neighborhood delinquents are threatening the cats. Read their story below…

Oct 9, 2013 CHESTER, PA
From a Kind Hearted Woman, CONNIE:
Connie is hoping to find a home for these two abandoned cats...ironically they were from separate HOMES but they have BONDED together in their search for Food, LOVE & Shelter...They ...are EXTREMELY FRIENDLY and Begging to Come In...
Call Connie OR LISA:
610.990.2208 or 610.872.8325

“Hi, I live in Chester, Pa (between Philly and Delaware) and I am desperately looking for a rescue who has room for two adult cats who we're thrown onto the street at different times but have teamed up together and formed a tight bond.
The first one is a tortoiseshell female, she was put out onto the streets when her owners son had to be hospitalized "supposedly" the doctors said it was because he was allergic to the cat. I have since gotten her spayed when i did a TNR
program with forgotten cats, she also was given her rabies shot. She is a very girly girl cat (if that makes any sense)she loves to be petted and she loves to play but doesn't like to be picked up. She won't scratch though, if you happen to pick her up, she just will jump off of you the minute you let go.
The second one is a beautiful orange and white male. He was put out of his home (I'm thinking) a day or two after we ended TNR. His owners have since moved away but he continues to meow and scratch at their door to be let in. I also believe he was abused! When he first appeared he was skin and bones and very afraid of every movement and sound. I have since worked with him and he is now trusting of people again and will do the funniest things to get your attention so you will pet him. But he also breaks my heart at night when the other cats come to eat, one cat in particular , a BIG tom cat is always beating or trying to beat him up, or chase him off so as soon as he sees him coming he runs up to our porch door stands on his hind legs and looks in at us with a look on his face that we can't resist so we let him into our screened in porch until the other cat leaves. He is also fond of other animals, he loves to hang out on the ledge of our porch while our four cats lounge next to him on the other side of the screen. He is also great around our small dog.
I just feel really bad with winter coming.. Although they both always have access to food and water I worry about them staying warm because where they have been sleeping is under our snowball bush and i know they have to get cold since their little bodies aren't used to the cold weather and they are both small with not a lot of meat on them. Another thing that worries me is the fact that every time we go to walk somewhere both cats are behind us, following us, and it is nearly impossible to get them to stay here until we get back so we wind up standing in the middle of streets while they both take their time to cross every street. It's cute!! But around here it's very unsafe!!
And another thing we worry about is the kids around here, and also the neighbors because the one neighbor has sprayed them with raid on more than a few occasions because they were on her porch and another chases them with a broom. and because the cats don't leave the front of our house the kids are always messing with them trying to scare them either by stomping their feet at them or by throwing rocks at them and the list continues.. we have also found cats dead in the past because of these kids.. We (my family) have gotten into many arguments with parents because of their kids trying to harm these cat, so please if you have room or even if you don't but may know someone that does please let me know!?! Thanks
You can either email me back or you can call 610.990.2208 or 610.872.8325 and ask for either Lisa or Connie.. Thank you!