Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Advance, NC - elderly couple had to give up their senior kitties... please help

This is heart breaking. PLEASE CROSS POST Three beautiful, senior cats in need of fur-ever home(s) or rescue. Located in Advance, NC close to Winston-Salem. Contact is: Gerri at Village Way Kennel (336) 998-0263 or by cell at: (336) 671-8117.

There is no other family to help. Wife paid for boarding for one month when she went into the hospital. Sadly, she is going from the hospital to hospice. Because the husband is unable to physically care for the cats he came to the vets office to sign euthanasia papers.

Thankfully, the vet and staff were so touched by this gentleman, the story and the cats that they agreed to hold off with hope home(s), or rescue(s) can be found, but they can’t keep them much longer. Rebecca and Joseph have been there the longest and Noel, the last was recently brought in. They have adjusted well to being in a kennel, but it’s no life to live, especially for very long and the vets office just can’t keep them much longer. They need the kennel space for sick patients and boarders too. So, sadly if homes or foster/rescue(s) aren’t soon found they will be euthanized.

Adopted as kittens, these kids are spay/neutered and current on vaccines. Indoor only. They got along well with the couples dog and grandchildren. Super sweet and loving. 

Rebecca 10 yrs and 8 months old
Joseph 10 yrs and 8 months old
Noel 8 yrs and 11 months old

PLEASE, can anyone help any of these beautiful, well loved and cared for cats?  They do not have to stay together. We are all saying our prayers for the cats and the couple.

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