Sunday, December 28, 2014

Copiague, Long Island, Harry and Bobo Living In Vacant House...MUST Get them onto a Foster or Home! Or Donations needed for GOOD/Home Boarding Facility!

Sadly…No HELP has come through for these two beautiful dogs…they are
deteriorating as you can see by the new photos…we’ve attached the FUND
Raising Link Now as funds are urgently needed…
We were made aware of Harry and Bobo a week or so ago. Their owner has been hospitilized for over a month leaving the 2 of them alone in the house with no one! A family member was stopping in and doing what she could but due to her age that was limited. Harry is in bad shape. As you can see in the picture he has lost most of his hair and his skin is raw. Bobo has nails so long that they curled all the way under. They are both extremely depressed and are getting worse every day. They need medical treatment right away and then will need a foster home or permanent adopter. We have stepped up to help get them out and fed regularly but now we need help with the rest. A vet will be headed there this week to help us get them healthy again. Please consider donating to the care of these sweet dogs. They are counting on us.

Someone is stopping in to feed them but this is no way for dogs to live. Need a foster or adopter right away!! Harry (left) is a shepherd mix about 7 years old. He is neutered. Bobo (right) is younger but they don't know how old because they found him walking around in the rain as a stray and took him in a year or so ago. He is also neutered. Both are friendly and seem to get along with other dogs. Contact if you can help…they are pathetically sad.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wantagh, Long Island, Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter ( Kill Shelter) Gorgeous GS REX NEEDS OUT with SAVVY GROUP or ADOPTER!!!!!!!!

Sweet Rex is begging for a loving home after being in this shelter for nearly a year. Please open your heart and your home for this boy.
Nov 26, 2014 Long Island NY *KILL SHELTER*** 

*From T:  Meet Rex! Rex is a 6yr old shepherd mix who came to the shelter after being abused by his previous owner. He will do best in a home in teens and up and as the only dog in the home. Don't let his age fool you as he is an active boy who loves walks and he is a quick learner who will do anything for a tasty treat, like sitting up on his hind legs! This boy is waiting for the love he so desperately deserves and is patiently waiting.

To Inquire about REX, anyone interested should call the shelter. I suggest you ask to speak directly with the behaviorist, Laura Garber at 516-785-5220, ext 4632, since she knows Rex the best.

Particular Attention to Rescue Groups...PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wantagh, Long Island
Town of Hempstead Municipal Animal Shelter ( KILL) 
3320 Beltagh Ave, Wantagh, NY 11793

How much more does this beautiful boy need to say????????

Monday, November 24, 2014

Rome, GA: Peter knows that his time is short - PLEASE save him

12-26-14:  Happy Update!  Peter was pulled and is safe in a foster home.  If you are interested in giving him a "furever" home, contact information is below. 

GENEROUS SPONSOR offering $285 towards the rescue of this Precious Boy !! PLEADING for help !! "Peter" is on the TOP 5 on the LIST TO DIE !!!

*From Ronda: We have the most Adorable boy here with the Sweetest personality. He has no name, just an ID number, so I named him "Peter"...he's a Saint !!  We just Love him !! Unfortunately, this IS a Kill shelter and dogs, puppies, cats and kittens DO die here by the dozens. Peter can sense this, he knows, he's heard, he's witnessed.

When a volunteer took him out for pictures and to spend time with him, Peter was happy, nuzzling into everyone, wagging his tail, playing with the other dogs, just showing everyone HOW GREAT HE IS !! BUT, as they were returning to the building, Peter started to cry, he slowed down his walking, kept getting slower and slower until he wouldn't walk anymore. When the volunteer got him close to the door, Peter sank to the floor and was just FROZEN in FEAR !!

PETER IS BEGGING FOR HIS LIFE, he KNOWS this is NOT a good place to be !! PLEASE HELP HIM !! PLEASE don't let them do EXACTLY what he is fearing -- for them to TO KILL HIM

Peter is a lab / hound mix and is maybe a year and a half to 2 yrs old. He is PERFECT, he loves other dogs, is gentle, great on a leash, what more could you ask for ??

#2048 "Peter""$285 sponsor labrador / hound ? mix__ male-_
SO SWEET -- get this GREAT boy OUT of here please !! __ !!
Peter SANK to the floor, Janie is trying to lift him back up to his feet...WE'RE BEGGING FOR SOMEONE TO SAVE HIS LIFE !!
You CAN rescue if you're out of state - there ARE volunteers who will help run them out of the building to safety - there ARE vets and boarding places nearby, there ARE transporters that leave GA every week - you CAN make arrangements to get them to you !!

just Please, Please say that you have room in your heart and home for them. You will not regret it

Please contact all parties below, so no one misses an offer: 

in the subject line of the email 

! (706) 506-3611
and (704) 288-7272 - you can text me too !
Poor babies are located here :
Floyd County Animal Control
Rome, GA

Friday, November 21, 2014

Dallas, GA: Partially deaf Snow's young owner on a ventilator - she needs a home

12/26/14:  Update - Snow is doing great in her foster home! She is a wonderful snuggler and loves playing with the other dogs and cats. We don't have an update on her former owner but hope he was able to pull through as well.
Please help share Snow's story and pray for her owner.

Hey Everyone,
We were approached by a gentleman at adoptions yesterday. He had a 5 month old, 30 pound white pit bull with him and asked if he could talk to me. I said sure.

 He started to tear up as he told me "Snow" belonged to his 20 year old son. His son was in NY visiting and was shot at a party. He is critical and in  ICU and they don't think he is going to make it.

He showed me pictures of his son on a ventilator. He wanted us to take in little Snow as he said they can't care for her. Little Snow appears to be deaf or very hard of hearing. We couldn't say no. She needs to get her shots, needs to be wormed and must be spayed and micro chipped. She also needed a sweater.. Thanks Annette..she is warm now. Holly has taken her in until a suitable foster can be found. We need to cover her medical expenses. $135.00 will cover everything.. Doers anyone want to sponsor? lets keep her owner in our thoughts..
Jason M Flatt
President and Founder
Friends To The Forlorn Pitbull Rescue Inc.
PO BOX 2316
Dallas GA 30132

 A registered 501 (c)(3) organization
Tails In The Hood
pay pal

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Brooklyn, Ny **German Pointer Mix* 4 Years Young Will Be Killed if Not Adopted

12-28-14:  Happiest update ever!!!  Connor has stolen someone's heart and has been adopted!!
Won't someone help this poor boy and give him a loving home, will be put to sleep very soon unless adopted.
Nov 18, 2014 ***CONNOR***ADORABLE
Brooklyn Center
ACC...Kill Shelter

Due Out 11/19
2336 Linden Blvd
Brooklyn, NY
(212) 788-4000
Contact by email : Mention CONNOR A#1020852

CONNOR - A1020852
Intake condition EXAM REQ Intake Date 11/16/2014, From NY 11691, Due Out
Date 11/19/2014,
Medical Summary scan negative male, ~4yrs old ocular clouding old healed
scabs on elbows mild to moderate gingivitis allowed handling for exam but
was nervous barh nosf
Weight 56.8

Sunday, November 16, 2014



Nov 15: Staten, Island NY
TWO Declawed Cats Turned Into KILL Shelter: REASON: MOVING!!!!!!!!!!
*From T: I am sick to my stomach over these turned in to kill shelter animals...PEOPLE are SICKENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE CONTACT THE STATEN ISLAND NEW HOPE STAFF - Tuesday and Thursday-Sunday 9:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.: Joann Caro
Phone: 718 984-4024

A1020747 - Becky - 10 yr spayed black/white - Declawed
A1020748 - Spunky - 10 yr spayed tabby - Declawed

Becky and Spunky are a sweet pair that just came in. They were in a bit of shock upon intake but now warming up. They were surrendered because the owner is moving. They also lived with a dog'
Female cat, spayed and 10 years of age a/to owner (surrendered with Becky A1020747)
Front declawed

11/15/14 12:42
Where did this cat come from? My Home
Does this cat have a microchip? No
Animal's Name: Spunkie
Lives with 1 adult
Lives with 1 teenager
Has lived with other cats
Has lived with dogs
Enjoys PettingHABITS:
Eats dry food
Eats canned food
Always uses the litterbox

Ridge Long Island...Two Cats...Chloe and Suki lost human mom and their home

12-26-14:  She got her wish...Chloe and Suki are together in a new home!

Dying Woman's Wish Was To Find a Home for her Two Cats...Chloe and Suki

Update: Nov 15 *We now have an $800 Sponsorship for an APPROVED, HOME VISITED, PERMANENT HOME for SUKI and CHLOE!!!

Nov 14** Praying We Can Keep These Sad Girls Out of a No Win Shelter Now...
*From T: From a Friend of mine: "Tara's neighbor with whom she was very close , a woman in her 50's, sadly died unexpectedly last week and before she did she left a letter in Tara's mailbox entrusting her two kitties in Tara's care as her last dying wish. Although riddled with grief Tara cannot keep the girls.. She asked for my help in trying to find them homes. Here is what Tara sent me... "Chloe is the one under the bed. She is about 11 years old. The other one is Suki. She is part Siamese and about 7 years old.
....Both girls, are spayed, healthy and utd in shots. As per Tara "these cats were this woman's life". They never went outside...strictly indoors."

Tara's email is

Friday, November 14, 2014

Memphis, TN: Please don't let this sweet and hopeful pup fall between the cracks

This poor boy is being bounced around, please help us find him a good home.

11/7/14  Brooke Bailey wrote:

Duke was adopted from MAS about a month ago and since then he's been bounced all around and has had no stability. The family that adopted him from MAS decided they didn't want him after all so I found a foster for him but then foster then backed out. Then I found another adopter for Duke, but now their circumstances have changed and they can't keep him either.
Duke is an awesome young dog, about 45 pounds, healthy, neutered and UTD on shots. Housebroken, crate-trained, good with kids.
He's still very much a puppy and needs training and so far nobody has been willing to give him the time to do that. He has a lot of energy and wants a lot of attention and so far no one has been willing to love him and be patient with him through his puppy phase. Can you please share this boy before he winds up back at the shelter? Please contact me if you can help.
Brooke Bailey

Monday, November 10, 2014

*** HARVEY ***Funds Needed for SURGERY*** 
This poor boy has been through some rough times, and now he needs a little more help from you. Please help by donating towards his dental surgery so that he can go on to find a forever home.

From <> Linda Galicki a WARRIOR in RESCUE...
LOOK at this magnificent BOY...
Here is Harvey. He is five years old. He is a RARE MALE diluted pastel calico. He was dumped in a large feral community by his "family." He was not accepted by the cats and beat on, and was slowly starving to death. He was terribly emaciated and very, very sick. He had the worst upper respiratory infection which affected his eye. When Harvey was trapped and brought to the vet, the eye could not be saved and was removed. It took him a while to recover from his illness. He is gaining weight slowly. We now noticed that there were issues with his mouth. One side was crooked, and he was having a little trouble eating. Turns out he has several rotting teeth, and a few broken ones. He also has sever stomatitis. He needs to have all his teeth removed. The surgery will cost approximately $800. We need to raise funds for this surgery before he goes up for adoption. 

If anyone can please find it in their heart to donate to help Harvey get this necessary surgery, please call Catnip and Carrots Veterinary at (516) 877-7080. Say you are donating to Harvey Galicki's teeth surgery. I've attached a photo and a video of Harvey. Sweet baby that he is. He does not deserve such treatment.

Harvey is the sweetest kitty. Not a mean bone in his body. He is a quiet boy who loves to head butt you. He loves being held and pet and kissed.

Thank you so much for any assistance you can provide. If anyone wants to find out more information about Harvey, they can contact LINDA at

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Islip Long Island*** Five Kitties Raised from Birth Going to Islip Shelter on WED***

24 Hours Left...
Going to give this a Blessed TRY...There Before the Grace of G-D go I...
Long Island NY Islip Area   ~ Oct 13 ****ANOTHER SAD CASE*** All We Can Do Is TRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Please contact Angie 631-901-6149 OR
*From T: I just got an email from a lovely woman named ANGIE regarding her financial emergency and the fact that she needs to take her 5 cats, who she has raised since Kitten Hood, to the Islip Shelter tomorrow if a foster cannot be found: Here is her note...

"I'm hoping you can help me. I was given your email as a contact to see if you can help me find safe and loving homes for my 5 cats. I'm in a financial situation where I have to move from my apartment by 10/28 and can't bring my cats with my while I get back On my feet. I've been calling and leaving notices with anyone I can think of. I've had them from birth and am devastated to lose them but I have no choice. Is there anything you can do to help me? I got approved from Islip animal shelter to take them Wednesday but now am hearing that they are not a good place to leave them. I'm facing having to put them to sleep if I can't find homes for them. Please call me at 631-901-6149 if you have any connections. They've all been raised together and are extremely bonded. Thank you "

Thank to anyone who can weigh in here for Angie and her 5 cats! I am dancing as fast as I can but just could NOT turn away from this...another sad case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please contact Angie 631-901-6149 OR

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Long Island, NY *EMERGENCY* FOSTER NEEDED by TOMORROW for this Little Abandoned Senior

This poor thing has been living outdoors on her own for a while... Heart Breaking!

SOS URGENT - Oct 11 (Saturday) We have one day to get her a foster so she doesn't DIE in a SHELTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adult female, abandoned in Shirley by Smiths Point Beach, has been homeless for months living in an abandoned home, she has lost most of her fur from a flea allergy, her eyes are crusty and cloudy, she is skin and bones. She is at Selden Animal Emergency Service and will go to Brookhaven Animal Shelter on Monday.

We are looking for a foster home to help get her healthy.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Miami, FL: Dedicated Rescuer needs help for Shadow and herself

Aimee Lonczak was my right-hand in rescue for a good long time until her health issues and those of her Dad intervened... Now she needs some help saving Shadow - a dog she pulled under my contract six years ago from Miami-Dade (2008)... Shadow has had a history of illnesses from day one and has overcome them all in great part thanks to Aimee and her daughters' care and strength.

He is a member of their family. Aimee has a heart of gold. She had to fly out at 5am on an emergency flight TO NJ as her Dad has to be hospitalized again. Not a good sign. And this with her health poor and two elementary school girls. This is her story - in her words - and I KNOW every word to be true.

I have attached a photo of this sweet boy who continues to fight the good fight and deserves to be well. We are a village in rescue - and right now Aimee needs our village to help out - wherever you are. Thank you so much.
Shadow is now back on IV and injectable antibiotics.
Kathy Papresq, Miami, FL

From Aimee...
Shadow was rescued in November, 2008 from MDAS. He was a matted mess and no one wanted him covered in fleas and ticks which is the normal for there. I was away and I remember having him brought to my house and my maintenance man let the puller put him in my house until my foster could come and pick him up. Lo and behold, my husband came home first and was shocked none the less to find him there and me in N.J. He was a surprise for my Ava who use to walk around with a Schnauzer statue bigger then her.

Shadow has had his fair share of medical issues since being broken out of jail in MDAS. He has a heart murmur and cataracts. Then, one horrible night Shadow got so sick in the middle of the night, he was vomiting, had diarrhea, and was foaming from the mouth during the night so he was rushed to the vet where it was touch and go, only to be hospitalized for over a week and diagnosed with HGE. Shadow came home on special food and medication which was quite costly. We were on a good road and then another set back right before Christmas. It broke my heart to watch my Ava cry in her cereal hoping he would make it. 10 days later, my little fighter made it and came home to us! We have had very many smaller setbacks, but he kept fighting.

In June my dad almost died and I had to be in N.J. to take care of him for 7 weeks. While at my dog sitters, Shadow got sick from another dog. After many antibiotics, blood tests and a culture, we got the worst news ever - Shadow had Ecoli. I opted to treat him instead of put him down. The I.V. and the antibiotic injections where killing his liver and kidneys, he cried for my daughters. He had to be locked away from them because he was communicable to them and the other dogs, yet he fought it and won… only to have continued onset and explosions as we kept fighting another culture. He is Ecoli free now, but now he has Phsdomonis a bacterial infection. More antibiotics.

Today yet another explosion. Shadow needs more treatment. I have spent upwards of over $1000.00 and still have have a balance of almost $1000.00 and that is with my Rescue Discount. He still needs more treatment. Shadow has not given up his fight and I have not given up on him. He is eating very well. He’s active, alert and playful. He still has a lot of life left in him, so if you are able to please help him that would be very appreciated.

I know times are hard, if anyone can give up that one cup of Starbucks it will make all the difference to him and my daughter Ava. Over the years, I have tried my best to help so many animals all over the U.S.  I have fostered for many of you, pulled and transported for many, and let so many others use my contract to pull under. I have even had to be the bad person and come and pick up some animals for some of you who weren't able to send angels over the Rainbow Bridge with my two little girls.

My reputation does stand for itself. My daughters have spent many hours sitting in MDAS with me to rescue and save so many innocents, like the Distemper outbreaks in the 100 degree weather; they sat in my truck for hours. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Donations can be made directly to the vet:

Just Paws Animal Hospital
11210 Pines. Blvd.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Sept 25, 2014, Long Island, NY
PLEASE HELP THIS LITTLE BOY.... he lost his dad and now his new family is giving him up.

Spotty is a 3-4 year old male, Rat Terrier, neutered, UTD on vaccines. VERY smart, obedience trained, housebroken and loves to cuddle. He is afraid of strangers but with the right family, one who is willing to take the advice & instruction of Spotty’s trainer things will be fine. There was a problem in his current home with one of the family dogs, but gets along fine with the other one. So testing would have to be done if there is already a resident dog.

Our suggestion would be either a couple or a family with kids 13 years old and up. We don’t know how he is with cats, but given his breed we would feel more comfortable with a home that does not have cats. Although we prefer an adopter immediately, his currently family is not giving us much time so we need to move him ASAP, so we are desperately
seeking fosters as well.
Please help him-he is so confused as his senior Dad moved into a facility‎
and he had to be re-homed and this family adopted him but is now giving up
on him.

For more info please contact Melissa of Pioneers For Animal Welfare Society
at <

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Long Island* Shar Pei Thumper Girl NEEDS a HOME!! SHELTER NEXT.

Thumper lives in a Trailer Park with Dad, who must give her up as he's moving.
Can't let this sweet Girl go to Kill Shelter OR Any!
She does have a skin condition that needs treating...Thumper is only 3. Gets along with dogs and cats. A great doggie. Please Help Her!
Contact Merrie Gordon
347 538 1659

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


The kind woman who found this beautiful, FRIGHTENED cat cannot afford to have him vetted...

Sept 3, 2014 - Brooklyn, NY ~ We need help with vetting and HELP with find safety for this poor "FREE CAT".
Contact:  Trudy

From the woman who found him:
Desperately need help finding a foster or permanent home for this fella. I found this guy on my way to work this morning, locked in a cage on the street with a sign that says " free cat", frightened to death. I could not walk past him and ...not help, people are cruel and I couldn't let anything happen to him. I desperately need help with just a foster or if you know a great person that wants a cat... He is super sweet, and loving. He is clean, well fed, litter trained and obviously was a house cat. I have no room in my
apartment, he is the bathroom, but I can work with a group to get him placed if he has a foster home. He showed no aggression toward my dog or the kitten I am currently fostering. I am located in Brooklyn, in Prospect Park Lefferts Garden between Lincoln Rd and Parkside, still looking for placement

Friday, August 29, 2014

Long Island, Mastiff Buddy is Losing His HOME!!! MUST FIND FOSTER or HOME before Sept 9...Family MOVING!!!!!!!!!

Buddy, who loves to play hide and seek with his toys, is losing his home, headed to a shelter.... please help this giant teddybear find a new family. 
This dog will NEVER make it in a SHELTER...NEVER
August 28, 2014 **SHELTER BOUND***
Long Island, NY ***URGENT***

Buddy is a 5 year old, male, neutered, Lab/Mastiff mix and up to date on all shots. He is not good with cats and is good with other dogs. Very affectionate, very friendly and very obedient and he is very good with children. Buddy is a love and would do well in most situations. He is a big guy weighing in at 120 lbs but in his mind, that is just more to love. He loves his toys especially tennis balls and he loves to play hide and seek with his toys. He is petrified of thunder and fireworks. He needs a permanent home and a foster as of 9/10/2014 as his current owners are moving and cannot take him with them. He is in Long Island, NY.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dover, PA - August 19, 2014***Left Behind by “FAMILY” Who MOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abandoned, left behind -- headed for a shelter any day now, please help find this boy the loving home he deserves. 

This LB (Lost Boy) was left behind when his owners lost their home and moved away. He is in desperate need of a home or foster or he will be shelter bound. He is about 8 yrs old fixed. Great with cats, other dogs and loves people. Pls this is urgent! The girl caring for him can't keep him any longer and wanted to take to shelter today. Pls pls share and if you can help pls call asap 717-870-9545 thank you so much. He is in Dover Pa.

Transport Available to APPROVED HOME

Friday, August 1, 2014

UPDATE Long Island, NY*** Brindle Mastiff/Terrier Butterscotch -Family Must Surrender...AGAIN!!! Please Read Update!

August 1, 2014  ***LONG, ISLAND, NY ***
Update on Butterscotch AKA NALA
She was seen yesterday, July 31, by  Dr. Seltzer an outstanding Dermatology/Allergy Specialist at VMCI ( Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island)
Due to the lack of follow through in the past year by the adopter, the dog MUST be attended to PROPERLY going forward in order to get her on track and feeling better! Despite everything this dog is an angel with wonderful personality. Loves dogs and kids!! The vet hospital fell in love with this Happy, Sweet Girl!!!
We MUST find a foster or HOME for Butters ASAP....someone who will be willing to do what it takes to save her...there is NO going back to a shelter for she WILL DIE there...
A very kind and generous woman paid the vet bill yesterday in full...we are waiting for the cultures to comes will then be known what type of anti-biotic to give...then the allergens will be that point shots must be given daily ( at home) for one month. Her ears need to be medicated, she needs to be bathed with special soap and she will be on special food for life. She is TWO.
Sound overwhelming??????????? I know that there ARE people who have dogs/cats with allergies...I know that there ARE people who do what it takes.
If we don't get this dog into the right care and quickly the vetting yesterday will be for naught.
*****Additionally costs going forward to get this dog on track WILL BE PAID to a foster or home....Sponsorships are being offered already.
NOW* NOW* NOW*     Contact Trudy
***PLEASE consider Fostering or Adopting Butterscotch before she becomes another sad statistic...
We Have No Where to Turn Now...
Let's Save this dog....PLEASE

Friday, July 18, 2014

July 18 -- Long Island, NY Rescue organization being shut down by the Town of Oyster Bay -- they need your help

7-20-14 Update from the organization:

I am going to address some of the many repeat questions I have seen but have not had time to individually answer.

1. We have a lawyer and we are working on getting back into this building. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees and there is a possibility we may never be able to go back with animals.

2. Please help by continuing and endlessly making phone calls to the town.

3. Adoptions adoptio...ns adoptions are needed at this time. Adoption fees are $100 or $125 depending.

4. If we knew why this building was an issue for the town we would have had this resolved already. Unfortunately, we don't know. With that in mind, we can't answer those questions for our supporters.

5. Our cats and kittens are safe! They are in foster in different locations. For the safety of the animals we will not be disclosing there whereabouts unless someone is interested in adopting a specific kitten.

6. At this time, until we are made aware what needs to be done to the building to bring it up to code there is nothing our supporters can do.

Their Facebook page:


Yesterday, Joanne, Alicia and Carol (officers of AASN) met with Diana Aquiar, Deputy Commissioner of Planning and Development and her staff to resolve building permit issues. Ms. Aquiar informed us to continue normal operations and if for any reason they needed to close our doors, she would notify us in advance.


Tomorrow, Town of Oyster Bay Animal Shelter will be removing ALL of our CATS & KITTENS and bringing them to their shelter, which DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH ROOM TO ACCOMODATE THEM. Did we mention that many of our cats and kittens rescued off of the streets came from the Town of Oyster Bay streets? DID WE ALSO MENTION THAT WE HAVE A CONTRACT WITH THE TOWN OF OYSTER BAY'S TRAP NEUTER RETURN PROGRAM OF FERAL CATS? WE ARE THE CONTRACTED TRAPPERS FOR THE TOWN FOR OVER 5 YEARS?

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Our well cared for kittens and cats will be jammed into tiny cages, some which will be placed on the floor, to get sick and not cared for correctly by unconcerned town employees. Some of our cats and kittens may even be EUTHANIZED for space or medical reasons.



IF YOU CANT BE WITH US TOMORROW... Please have your voice heard and help us by calling the elected Town of Oyster Bay board members: (see the facebook page for these numbers)

Thank you for your continued support!

Please, as always, share this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All About Spay Neuter Inc.
                4209 MERRICK ROAD               
                MASSAPEQUA, NY 11758               

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Long Island, TEDDY CAT...Declawed is Losing His Safe Haven...

July 9, 2014
*From Trudi:  Just received this urgent plea from the ultimate rescue friend -- Dottie Zammetti
Contact Dottie at

***Teddy is a semi-friendly DECLAWED cat that showed up in a friend's colony last fall. He has never left the sanctuary of an enclosed courtyard of an abandoned house in all this time and has used a greenhouse as his shelter. He is afraid of the other 3 cats in the colony, likely due to not having his claws for defense. When he first arrived, he would hiss, spit and swat at the feeder. But over time, he has come to trust her and allows pets and even scruffing. When she recently mentioned that he never extends his claws when he swats, I had her scruff him while I checked his paws and discovered his declawed status. He hissed at me, but did not go to swat or bite. With time he will adapt, hopefully in a good home. But right now his safety is in jeopardy because new owners bought the house & property where he has been living and will be tearing everything down to rebuild and have forbid my friend from her or anyone else feeding the cats on their property. The other neighbors also won't allow the cats to be on their properties either. Our main concern at the moment is this boy because of his fear of the other cats and being declawed so we are looking for a home or safe haven for him. His eyes do drip from time to time but he allows us to wipe them now.

Ted was a super good boy at the vet the other day and he got a great checkup. He is felv/fiv negative, up to date on rabies and FVRCP and was treated for fleas and ticks. No ear mites or any other health issues. Unless he has had a dental in the last year, the vet estimates him to be about 2-3 years old because he has no tarter on his teeth. The vet attributes his drippy eyes to a possible blocked tear duct that may have developed after an eye infection as a kitten. He runs up and rubs against the feeder and loves being pet but he will nip at times if overstimulated, although never hard. So we need a cat savvy person for him, no other cats and probably no small children. Not sure about dogs. At the moment we need immediate foster to get to him to safety so that we can better assess him in a home situation and try and find him a proper home.

Demolition of the buildings is scheduled to begin the end of next week so this is a truly urgent situation. Please share far and wide so we can get this guy to safety! Contact Dottie at

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Memphis, TN : Sweet and Beautiful Little Bear Left Alone in a Field for Months

From: Angela  

"I hope by some miracle someone can help this poor dog. Please share far and wide so that maybe there will be a miracle for this dog. I work at 201 Poplar and get off work at 6 am. Each morning I pass a field near my home and would see a white dog lying in the middle of the field, all alone. 

I purchased a bag of dog food and would feed him each morning. It has taken months to win his trust, and finally I was able to slip a leash on him. He was so happy he rubbed his head against my leg as I led him to my vehicle. 

I took him to my vet and he has heartworms – but they will be treated!!   And, of course he is not neutered. I am glad at least that he is no longer in that field with no shelter.

The problem is that I have no place for him. I am absolutely willing to pay for his shots, neutering, and heartworm treatment if someone could possibly take him in.

He is a young dog, maybe 2 or 3 years old and weighs about 50 lbs. (although he is underweight  right now). He seems to be okay with other dogs and ignored the clinic cat.  Thank you."  

Angela Edmonds


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Memphis, TN: Max, unloved, living in a dark garage most of his life...

Now ignored by the system that should protect him. Help us find him the loving home he deserves.
Neutered, Vetted, No Heartworm

6-26-14:  A Letter from Max himself:
My name is Max.  People tell me I'm a very handsome fawn/white Pittie boy with golden eyes.  I don't look in the mirror much, so I'll go with that!  
I haven't had a very good life.  My original owner really wanted me, but his wife hated me.  So, from the time I was a puppy she put me in the dark garage 24/7.  I was so lonely!!  I never had any toys or walks.  Then one day the woman said she was “pregnant” (whatever that is) and used that as an excuse to make her husband get rid of me. 
He was very sad but she won.  (She always won.) She wanted to take me to the kill shelter - said she didn't care that they would kill me in 48 hours.   The husband and concerned neighbors took me to a foster.  I LOVE my foster (and she loves me!)  but she is too old to take care of me, and she has no yard for me to run.

It's been a few months, so I'm really scared I'm going to the kill shelter.  Memphis has so many homeless dogs and I don't have a rescue group.

Can you adopt me or rescue me?   I'm about 60 pounds.  In good with people and small dogs.  I'm afraid of larger dogs.   I LOVE to go in the car!  I spent so many years in a dark garage so I would love to have a small yard.

I will give you years of love!!  I will lay by your chair while you watch TV.  I will give you kisses when you need them. I will protect your house.

I will be loyal to the very end.

I just need a chance.

Love, Max

From the heart of a long time, dedicated rescuer and networker: 
I have been unable to get local pit rescue to courtesy list him.  Nor have I been able to get local rescue here in Memphis to just allow him to come to adoption events, since he “wasn’t their dog”. 
I have assisted in the rescue of 100s of dogs and contributed thousands to local rescue.
I’m so distraught about my failure to help this dog that I’m going to take a break from rescue until such time that this dog is rescued.  If I can't help one that is MOST  in need, then I can't live with myself.. I can’t abandon this one because there are “easier” dogs to rescue.
When we, as rescue volunteers, allow pit bulls to become a “throwaway” breed -  and don’t even care if their lives are in in immediate danger – we have failed.
Max’s only sin was having his life controlled by people who never loved him.  He tried everything he could to gain that love, but was instead kept in a dark garage and then thrown out.   See his story below.


“Max has never had a loving home - something he richly deserves!! This is the dog that a pregnant woman did not want any more. She had been keeping him in the dark garage most of the time anyway.  She attributed faults to the dog to justify her decision to to him to a kill shelter.

Please see this INCREDIBLY beautiful dog's pictures. He has been evaluated thoroughly by Bryan an expert at ProTrain. Per his foster, Bryan has said that Max as a very good dog! He has stolen our hearts!

Max is an exceptional dog, and much loved by people who care about him and who want him safe and happy. Bryan, the evaluator, says Max is a very adoptable dog! He does extremely well with small dogs, and is in a foster home with small dogs now. Children ten and older would be great.

Max is young, and he is insecure about storms because he was alone so much when he was a puppy. Max needs a loving home where he can lie by your chair and be your companion, which is what he is doing now with his foster - but his foster can't keep him much longer. She rescued him from his horrible life, but she is not at an age where she can keep him. Also, she doesn't have a yard, so Max doesn't get to run around in the yard and explore.

Max is an inside dog but he needs to get exercise. He needs a reliable rescue group or loving permanent home. Please help Max find a happy place where he will be safe and protected, so he can have the life he deserves.

Contact Sharon (below) for information as to how to rescue or adopt this precious boy. He really deserves and needs a loving, responsible, forever home where he will be there always as a great family member and companion. 

Those of us who love Max want to know that he will be in a safe, loving and happy home.”
Transport available to reputable rescue or suitable adopter.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Huntington Long Island, NY Abused cats at Huntington colony -15 left to relocate = "Just Take One"

Update: Funds Needed for Ongoing Rescue of Abused Cats

Cats being abused by gang members ... one found dead a few days ago. Any donations are appreciated to help these cats find the safe and loving homes they deserve.

This mission has been going on for awhile. Sonya, who spearheaded the operation, is working VERY, VERY hard to bring these cats to safety... she has found safe havens but now she needs funds for vetting and care...if you can donate....please do...if you can share with others...please do.
Click this link to donate.

JUST TAKE ONE ~ Campaign to help these 15 ABUSED CATS get to safety -- victims of cigarette burns and trauma, also shot at -- Help is needed before its too late!

Huntington, Long Island
Not only were these cats burned but this past weekend they were SHOT at... FOSTERS NEEDED...These cats are ULTRA FRIENDLY and partly why they are such EASY TARGETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Paws Unite People is assisting in getting the Huntington burned cats to safety!! WE NEED YOUR HELP!! We currently have 3 friendly adults going in for spay/neuter/shots/testing and need Foster homes. We will be joining forces with a rescue in New Hampshire, so we NEED fosters for these cats until they are able to be transported up!!

THREE in for spay 12 MORE to GO!! Please help and spread the word and FOSTER!!

PLEASE help!!!!

Original story: *From J:  There are 15 cats left there now. Below are the photos of cigarette burns on the cats.

It is suspected that MS-13 gang members that frequent the property for night time partying have done this sadly and it has happened more than once. The Cat shelters were tampered with as well.

SPCA has this open case but cannot catch the abusers.  They will not relocate or home the cats since they just don't do that.  Most are TNR'ed, but a few new ones joined the colony that will be fixed.  Ages up to 3 yrs old. Some kitten age. Shelters will not take since they are full.

Twelve were already removed to safe havens, one at a time, but now the remaining 15 need a place.  I am told all are friendly, but I cannot verify to what degree.  Two feeders there now (an AM and a PM), but AM feeder is moving out of the area in July and don't know much about the other feeder yet except that it is on her way home from work to stop and feed. But they need to get out of there.

Latest burn incident was three wks ago and the traumatized cat is just starting to allow the feeder near him.

Little Shelter trying to help by allowing feeder to display some cats at upcoming adoption events. But those are the ones already in foster care. Last Hope had provided certs for TNR in the past and LAPnow. PETA was
involved at some point. This story was given to me through a PUPS volunteer. So, many are aware of the situation, but feeder now has hit a wall and no further leads to get remaining cats out of there.

The idea is "Just Take One" campaign for the remaining 15. So we need 15 people, each one to take one cat to either foster, place in shelter or find a home. Please spread this story to your animal network and beyond.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hardy, Arkansas: Bear, The Cuddle Bug Looking for His Best Friend

This is Bear, a Red Chow and Rottie mix (according to the vet) and is approx. 16 months old. Neutered, smart, gentle, friendly with other animals and children. Was abused as a puppy, so a little timid till he gets to know you, then he's your best friend.
Not a mean bone in his body. Has effective bark and thinks everyone comes around here to play with him or give him treats! Not leash trained yet but is easily trainable. He desperately needs a loving, forever understanding home.
 In North Central Arkansas area of Hardy, Arkansas. Contact Dan at  or call (954)232-9207 if you can help!
Please help us Share Bear on Facebook