Monday, June 9, 2014

Huntington Long Island, NY Abused cats at Huntington colony -15 left to relocate = "Just Take One"

Update: Funds Needed for Ongoing Rescue of Abused Cats

Cats being abused by gang members ... one found dead a few days ago. Any donations are appreciated to help these cats find the safe and loving homes they deserve.

This mission has been going on for awhile. Sonya, who spearheaded the operation, is working VERY, VERY hard to bring these cats to safety... she has found safe havens but now she needs funds for vetting and care...if you can donate....please do...if you can share with others...please do.
Click this link to donate.

JUST TAKE ONE ~ Campaign to help these 15 ABUSED CATS get to safety -- victims of cigarette burns and trauma, also shot at -- Help is needed before its too late!

Huntington, Long Island
Not only were these cats burned but this past weekend they were SHOT at... FOSTERS NEEDED...These cats are ULTRA FRIENDLY and partly why they are such EASY TARGETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Paws Unite People is assisting in getting the Huntington burned cats to safety!! WE NEED YOUR HELP!! We currently have 3 friendly adults going in for spay/neuter/shots/testing and need Foster homes. We will be joining forces with a rescue in New Hampshire, so we NEED fosters for these cats until they are able to be transported up!!

THREE in for spay 12 MORE to GO!! Please help and spread the word and FOSTER!!

PLEASE help!!!!

Original story: *From J:  There are 15 cats left there now. Below are the photos of cigarette burns on the cats.

It is suspected that MS-13 gang members that frequent the property for night time partying have done this sadly and it has happened more than once. The Cat shelters were tampered with as well.

SPCA has this open case but cannot catch the abusers.  They will not relocate or home the cats since they just don't do that.  Most are TNR'ed, but a few new ones joined the colony that will be fixed.  Ages up to 3 yrs old. Some kitten age. Shelters will not take since they are full.

Twelve were already removed to safe havens, one at a time, but now the remaining 15 need a place.  I am told all are friendly, but I cannot verify to what degree.  Two feeders there now (an AM and a PM), but AM feeder is moving out of the area in July and don't know much about the other feeder yet except that it is on her way home from work to stop and feed. But they need to get out of there.

Latest burn incident was three wks ago and the traumatized cat is just starting to allow the feeder near him.

Little Shelter trying to help by allowing feeder to display some cats at upcoming adoption events. But those are the ones already in foster care. Last Hope had provided certs for TNR in the past and LAPnow. PETA was
involved at some point. This story was given to me through a PUPS volunteer. So, many are aware of the situation, but feeder now has hit a wall and no further leads to get remaining cats out of there.

The idea is "Just Take One" campaign for the remaining 15. So we need 15 people, each one to take one cat to either foster, place in shelter or find a home. Please spread this story to your animal network and beyond.

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