Thursday, April 26, 2012

*8-9-12:  GOOD NEWS!!!  The kind uncle who took him in fell in love with this little guy and has made him a permanent part of his family!

Please help us find this little boy a good home. He was sprayed with Raid to get rid of fleas!!!!!!
He's so small, won't take up much room, he just wants a family and a home to call his own.  He's temporarily being kept in a garage, but they can't keep him. Please crosspost, share to help him find a good home.

*From Neala: This is a little sweet boy dog my uncle found. Someone was spraying Raid on him to get rid of fleas. Then someone else bathed him and now he is in my uncle's garage. Not neutered. Very sweet. Has a slight limp. Found in San Antonio, Texas. Contact Neala at 210-535-9925 if you can help. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

*Thor - Therapy Dog hit by Semi-truck - please read!!

UPDATE: Vet is no longer taking donations as Thor was picked up today. (4-27-12)  *From Suzanne: "He has been moved from the smaller crate to a run and is getting use to his tri-pawd. I know he will be ok, he has a strong, strong will, a ridiculously strong body & his love for his family. With rehab & therapy, I have no doubt he will be just as mischievious and silly as before (possibly more so). I know he will still watch over my girl & now I will never get back my side of the bed."

Please, folks...look within and either donate as little as a dollar or as much as your heart and pocketbook will allow. Most of all...please circulate this heartwrenching story to help bring this family back to their life. Thor was brought into their lives for a very special reason and