Friday, August 2, 2013

LONG ISLAND NY CALI NEEDS HOME or FOSTER by *TOMORROW* AUG 3** Landlord Problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Landlord says NO to cat! Out of time, Cali is going to a shelter tomorrow. Please help her find a good home asap!!

From Patty B: “just got a call from a woman and would not tell me who gave her my phone number. She was hysterical. Said she had the post on craigslist for 3 weeks and landlord told her she had until tomorrow. I told her to kindly ask landlord for a few more weeks. Might u post to some of your lists for me? U can put me as contact. Such a pretty kitty and she will have to bring to shelter.”

Cali is 2 years old and is up to date on shots.. she's fixed.. she is a cuddler…she is going to a shelter tomorrow Aug 3…. EVEN a foster tomorrow will buy Calli some time...
CONTACT  Patty or Krystina 6315767185

Wantagh, NY: The little dog who COULD... a companion, pal, beloved family member.  All he wants is to be loved.
August 5:
"Dillon is still here. Sad mystery that is- he is so well behaved, so good looking and just an all around good boy.
Obviously came from a home, and he needs to be in one again SOON. He is in one of our offices as he just gets too depressed in the kennel and wants to lay nearby a person all day.
Please keep working this great dog like mad! Thanks, Wendy"

July 14: Just got word that DILLON has had NO offers. NONE!! and the shelter is FILLED to the BRIM… Please help this boy find a loving home.
Dillon #1297: 7yr old, Male/Neutered Pointer Mix **House-broken, Crate-trained, knows sit, paw, GREAT COMPANION DOG** Are you Lonesome tonight? well Dillon is! He is lonesome for a home to call his own! Picked up as a stray, only wearing a collar that said "Dillon", someone somewhere gave up on this precious boy! Friendly fella that would be an excellent companion dog for an older couple, maybe someone living on their own looking for a slow walking partner. Or a home with respectful older children (8yrs old). He's best as the only dog in the home, doesn't like to be around other animals.
He just needs someone to take an interest in him and let him know he's loved. Dillon is learning to take treats gently (sometimes he takes them a little hard); his personality and handsome good looks make him irresistible; but NO ONE HAS EVEN PUT AN APPLICATION IN FOR HIM! AND NO RESCUES ARE ABLE TO TAKE HIM! This handsome, good natured boy deserves to be living in a home, NOT A SHELTER.

Contact: Hempstead Animal Shelter, Wantagh, NY, Call: 516-785-5220
Private Adoption- Nancy; Wendy; Rescue- Shari

*Wantagh, Long Island*Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter***DIABETIC CAT IN NEED OF AN ANGEL!**

8/5/13:  Wonderful news!  Callie has a new forever home now!

Wantagh, Long Island*Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter***DIABETIC CAT IN NEED OF AN ANGEL!**

JULY 4th Update 4:10 ( Obviously NOT the Best time for an URGENT REPEAT PLEA…BUT in the same of this kitty…we will TRY AGAIN!!! The Shelter is REALLY trying for this sweet kitty…One More Try!SHELTER "UPDATE: July 4, 2013 Callie was checked on at 11 this morning. Her BG is down to the 200's (still too high for a cat in a ketoacidotic crisis) and she ate a little bit of food. She looks a little brighter but is still by no means out of the woods. There's a skeleton crew on due to the holiday, so that's about all we know. My contact has a direct line to one of the shelter directors, so if someone steps up, she can go and get the kitty out of there. This girl needs someone experienced who isn't afraid to do TR and keep this kitty under 100." All med costs covered!!
MUST BE FOSTERED IMMEDIATELY to save Her Life!!! Shelter cannot handle her needs to save her…NOT!!!!July 3 - 4:00 PM - Shelter CANNOT Hold!