Friday, August 2, 2013

LONG ISLAND NY CALI NEEDS HOME or FOSTER by *TOMORROW* AUG 3** Landlord Problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Landlord says NO to cat! Out of time, Cali is going to a shelter tomorrow. Please help her find a good home asap!!

From Patty B: “just got a call from a woman and would not tell me who gave her my phone number. She was hysterical. Said she had the post on craigslist for 3 weeks and landlord told her she had until tomorrow. I told her to kindly ask landlord for a few more weeks. Might u post to some of your lists for me? U can put me as contact. Such a pretty kitty and she will have to bring to shelter.”

Cali is 2 years old and is up to date on shots.. she's fixed.. she is a cuddler…she is going to a shelter tomorrow Aug 3…. EVEN a foster tomorrow will buy Calli some time...
CONTACT  Patty or Krystina 6315767185

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