Saturday, December 31, 2011

LA/San Bernadino, CA: Bonded and his baby need help

These two boys came in together...they are definitely bonded, could be a dad and his baby!  If only they could talk, but look in their eyes.  They are so sad, confused and clinging to each other.  Please help get them out of the shelter for the new year.  Don't let them die there.

WHO AM I?  I am a neutered male, yellow Chinese Sharpei mix.  The shelter thinks I am about 1 year old. We have been at the shelter since December 21, 2011. The ID number below is for me - to ask about my puppy, just tell them he came in with me.

WHERE ARE THEY?  San Bernadino City Animal Control in L.A.
HOW CAN YOU HELP?  Contact the San Bernadino Animal Control at  909-384-1304
Ask for information about animal I.D. number A418516

UPDATE: EXTREMELY URGENT: Two lab mix boys only have hours!

1/1/12 UPDATE: Some wonderful people have stepped up to provide another 14 days boarding for these sweetie pies.  Now lets find them a foster or home! 

Urgent request from Catie Sellars:

"These 2 dogs were found in a parking lot by a woman who worked nearby. She started feeding them and taking care of them.

One day the owners of the building said that the dogs had to go or they were going to call the Memphis Animal Shelter. She got my number from a friend and called me. She offered to pay for their vetting, so we set them up at my vet. They have been fully vetted. Treated for mange, neutered, vaccinated, dewormed...the whole nine yards. They have been found to be HW+, and have had their first month of treatment. All the while this is going on I was searching for a rescue for these boys.

A woman named, Gina Austin, contacted me and offered to take the boys, saying she would be back in town on the 26th and would get them then. Wonderfully generous people donated their boarding fees until then. Well, Gina never showed for them and stopped answering everyone's phone calls. So, now these boys cannot stay at the vet unless someone can donate to their boarding fees.

These dogs will end up at Memphis Animal Shelter to be euthanized if we can't get them into a rescue SOON! I have only got until Dec 31 to figure something out. Please help! We need donations for their boarding and heartworm treatments and they need rescue or adoption! Please, I am desperate!!"

If you can help, please contact Stage Road Animal Hospital @ 901-382-1950 or me-Catie Sellers @

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Winder, GA: Precious Pumpkin too scared to even stand up

1/4/12:  Tuesday afternoon update: Little Momma Courtney is safe and going to rescue today! Pumpkin had an outpouring of offers of help - thanks to all who networked & have offered help for her.

Very, very scared Pumpkin is still needing the help of fearful, she couldn't even stand up when she first came.  She is doing much better now and truly needs her own home and safe place.  Look how beautiful she is!

WHO AM I?   My name is Pumpkin.  I have been in the shelter since October.  At first, I was so, so scared that I was afraid to stand up.  I wanted to be petted and give kisses, but I was just too scared to do anything other than wag my tail.
Here is what Officer Burrel has to say about Pumpkin:  "She has been here at the shelter since Oct. and really needs to find a good home. She came in so very scared we have not had her available to the public. She was so scared she wouldn't stand up she would crawl to you with her little nub tail wagging as fast as it could. She has made great progress since she has been here but will still need lots of work. Precious girl that we would love to find a local rescue who could help her out. Please if you can help with her please let us know."


Barrow County Animal Control
616 Barrow Park Dr.
Winder, GA 30680
OFFICE 770-307-3012
FAX 770-867-1660 and

Long Island - ROMEO & JULIET Found Tied to a Tree Together, Abandoned.AGAIN!!!

UPDATE: 1/1/12 We have sponsorship to valid rescue or adopter.  Contact enlightened34@

Reposting: They Remain in Kill Shelter on Borrowed Time...Dec 28.  Please help keep these two together.

WHO ARE THEY? *From Peg: These two beauties were brought in together as strays by an Animal Control Officer… They were found tied to the same tree. Apparently they had been in our care before and were always redeemed by their owners. Not this time. This time nobody came for them. Romeo is an absolute love whose tail NEVER stops wagging and Juliet is a bundle of nerves until she sees Romeo. Then she is confident going into to play bow and chasing Romeo all over the director’s office. These are going to be dogs who do NOT do well without one another. They have obviously been with each other their whole lives, although Juliet is much younger than Romeo, she has not known life without him. Please consider giving these 2 their forever home TOGETHER. Apart, Juliet will surely crumble and I do believe Romeo will be heartbroken. Can a group take these 2 together and ensure they are adopted together? Or can someone open their homes for these 2? They are more bonded than any two dogs I have ever seen and it is heartbreaking to think they may not be able to get out of here together. Please consider pulling these 2 dogs and helping them stay together. As a municipal shelter, that is something we aren't able to do. Please help them. Please cross post and email blast these guys. We really want these two to go together!!!
CASE # 3013: (Brindle) -male  -8yr old pitbull mix  -has arthritis, cataracts press point scars  -65 lbs  -up to date on vaccines -calm/quiet
CASE #3014: (Black w/ white face) -female -1yr old pitbull mix -60 lbs  -very stressed/scared when not by her male companion, ROMEO  -calm/quiet
WHERE ARE THEY? Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter
HOW CAN YOU HELP THEM? You can contact Peg Gugliotta, Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter, Rescue Coordinator Email:  Peg Gugliotta  or phone  631.813.6887

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

KY - Kasey needs your help to get much needed vet procedures



HIS STORY: *From Kim - Kasey has made it to his temp foster here in KY, he goes in on the 21st to get his eye surgery, ears flushed, thyroid checked, neuter, and a dental as well. This poor boy is getting the works and he deserves it. When he arrived he was just as bad off as the pictures show, we have new pictures that will be posted asap, he is as sweet as can be and loves other dogs and people, he listens very well. So far we have started to treat his eye infection and ears, also his dry eye. We feel that his cherry eyes and eye infection are causing Kasey to have trouble seeing sometimes so we are hoping that it will be better once he has had his surgery. Also his skin looks good but he is still missing hair and was itching like crazy we have treated him with revoluntion and he seems to be doing better so we suspect that it was dog lice, that was the only thing he hadn't been treated for at the vets, he had dips and baths and ivermectin but nothing else. Since putting this on him his itching has gone down 90% along with good food, and baths.

If you can donate towards Kasey please do so, he was found as a stray and was brought to the vet clinic in Nashville SC/NC and was treated barely and left to live in this state since August. We hope that now that he is with a wonderful rescue he will get the care he needs but in order to make that happen we need your help, it's hard for any rescue to take dogs like this much less right now with the economy. Every dollar counts and Kasey needs your help. Cherished Cockers is a 501c3, as well as Heart to Heart your donations are tax deductable.