Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Winder, GA: Precious Pumpkin too scared to even stand up

1/4/12:  Tuesday afternoon update: Little Momma Courtney is safe and going to rescue today! Pumpkin had an outpouring of offers of help - thanks to all who networked & have offered help for her.

Very, very scared Pumpkin is still needing the help of fearful, she couldn't even stand up when she first came.  She is doing much better now and truly needs her own home and safe place.  Look how beautiful she is!

WHO AM I?   My name is Pumpkin.  I have been in the shelter since October.  At first, I was so, so scared that I was afraid to stand up.  I wanted to be petted and give kisses, but I was just too scared to do anything other than wag my tail.
Here is what Officer Burrel has to say about Pumpkin:  "She has been here at the shelter since Oct. and really needs to find a good home. She came in so very scared we have not had her available to the public. She was so scared she wouldn't stand up she would crawl to you with her little nub tail wagging as fast as it could. She has made great progress since she has been here but will still need lots of work. Precious girl that we would love to find a local rescue who could help her out. Please if you can help with her please let us know."


Barrow County Animal Control
616 Barrow Park Dr.
Winder, GA 30680
OFFICE 770-307-3012
FAX 770-867-1660 and

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