Saturday, December 31, 2011

UPDATE: EXTREMELY URGENT: Two lab mix boys only have hours!

1/1/12 UPDATE: Some wonderful people have stepped up to provide another 14 days boarding for these sweetie pies.  Now lets find them a foster or home! 

Urgent request from Catie Sellars:

"These 2 dogs were found in a parking lot by a woman who worked nearby. She started feeding them and taking care of them.

One day the owners of the building said that the dogs had to go or they were going to call the Memphis Animal Shelter. She got my number from a friend and called me. She offered to pay for their vetting, so we set them up at my vet. They have been fully vetted. Treated for mange, neutered, vaccinated, dewormed...the whole nine yards. They have been found to be HW+, and have had their first month of treatment. All the while this is going on I was searching for a rescue for these boys.

A woman named, Gina Austin, contacted me and offered to take the boys, saying she would be back in town on the 26th and would get them then. Wonderfully generous people donated their boarding fees until then. Well, Gina never showed for them and stopped answering everyone's phone calls. So, now these boys cannot stay at the vet unless someone can donate to their boarding fees.

These dogs will end up at Memphis Animal Shelter to be euthanized if we can't get them into a rescue SOON! I have only got until Dec 31 to figure something out. Please help! We need donations for their boarding and heartworm treatments and they need rescue or adoption! Please, I am desperate!!"

If you can help, please contact Stage Road Animal Hospital @ 901-382-1950 or me-Catie Sellers @

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