Friday, December 2, 2011

AZ Duck & Animal Rescue Needs Food & Supplies to Survive

 EMERGENCY! Gilbert, AZ Duck & Animal Rescue DESPERATE FOR FOOD & donations

On behalf of Tammy Vrettos of Webfoot ResQ, we are sending out a plea for help. Some of you may remember the recent passing of fellow rescuer and Tammy's partner, Dell Gillispie. His untimely death left her with the task for caring for over 300 birds, 75 cats and several dogs. Dell passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack on September 13. He was an integral part of Webfoot ResQ, caring not only for the animals, but also for Tammy in her failing health so she could continue her mission. Tammy is now facing an extreme difficulty in feeding the animals in her care and in foster care, as well as keeping utilities on and a roof over her head. Please, please, please, if you cannot help her, pass this on to others who can. Thank you, Hearts to the Rescue.

Donations accepted through ChipIn:

Tammy will take any kind of cat food, dog food, chicken scratch, poultry crumbles or monetary donations. Or if you are more comfortable, you can donate directly to their vet at 
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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Centre County, PA: 19 year old deaf cat with lots of love to give

Urgent request:  Sandy was saved at the last minute by this wonderful family, but now their own cat is ill and Sandy does not get along with other cats.  Please help them find the perfect home for Sandy, where she will be the only cat.

WHO AM I?   My name is Sandy and I am 19 years old!  I am deaf, but that does not stop me from enjoying my family and cuddles, even though I really don't care for other cats. I would love a dog friend, though.  Another cat who lives here is sick so my rescuer said I need to go to another home or they might have to send me to a shelter.  Darn...they just saved me from my original owner who wanted to have me PTS (whatever that means) and I was just getting used to everyone. They don't want to send me back there or to a shelter where I could be PTS (??), but they might have to make that decision.

I have been declawed on my front paws so I make very sweet and soft biscuits!  I have been combo tested negative.  All I need is a soft bed, a window sill or a little corner to nap in.  I promise I won't be any trouble .... I am a little grandma cat, you know!
WHERE AM I?  Centre County, PA

HOW CAN I HELP?  Contact if you can give me a home.
 Crosspost and tell anyone you know who might need a grandma cat to take care of them.

Donate even a dollar (if you can) because this nice family wants to get some bloodwork done to make sure my kidneys are okaye and for food and litter.

If you have any doubt about how a senior cat can change your life, take a moment.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Suffolk County, NY: Owner died, loyal dog locked in filthy cellar

A true Christmas miracle, thanks to Tara! 
Here is what she just sent:  "Lucky for Oliver. he was transported to south carolina cocker rescue where he was placed in a loving home with a nice couple who owns other cockers. He is gonna have all his medical problems taking care of. he is already a loved member of the family. Thanks for your help and interest God bless
Tara and Oliver"
My name is Oliver, For five years, I was my owner's best friend.  We went everywhere together. I took care of him and he took care of me.  My owner passed away and so I had to move, but they just threw me in a dark cellar by myself with noone to play with or take care of. I am blind in one eye, but I can see just fine with my good eye.  After several months of living like this, a nice lady climbed down the ladder and took me out of there...well, I'll let her explain:

Three days ago I helped rescue an older Cocker out of a basement cellar. It was not a finished basement and to call it a basement at all is wrong. it was more like a cellar with dirt floor, dark and damp.
This older dog was forced to live down there all day and all night. Never to be let out to use the bathroom, his sat in his own filth. He lived to eat and was only given the bare minimum to keep him alive. He was overfed and given water. No daylight or light at all. To get to the cellar there was a ladder, no stairs, so only with assistance could this dog  leave his hell hole.
    Yet, it was not always like this. For five glorious years, this dog was life and heart of an elderly autistic man. He went everywhere with this man. He was even a service dog for emotional support. Anywhere this man when the dog wasn't too far behind. He was groomed regularly, fed a normal diet and just plain good old fashioned loved. The man grew ill and sadly passed away. This is when this Cockers life took a turn for the worst....
    He was to be sent to live with the old man's wicked daughter. She, for whatever reasons, did not really want the dog and put the dog in her cellar. There, he languished for 6 solid lonely months. It was not until the smell of the dog reached the main floor of the home and in-laws noticed. One such family member who reached out to me as I groomed her cavalier regularly.