Friday, December 2, 2011

AZ Duck & Animal Rescue Needs Food & Supplies to Survive

 EMERGENCY! Gilbert, AZ Duck & Animal Rescue DESPERATE FOR FOOD & donations

On behalf of Tammy Vrettos of Webfoot ResQ, we are sending out a plea for help. Some of you may remember the recent passing of fellow rescuer and Tammy's partner, Dell Gillispie. His untimely death left her with the task for caring for over 300 birds, 75 cats and several dogs. Dell passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack on September 13. He was an integral part of Webfoot ResQ, caring not only for the animals, but also for Tammy in her failing health so she could continue her mission. Tammy is now facing an extreme difficulty in feeding the animals in her care and in foster care, as well as keeping utilities on and a roof over her head. Please, please, please, if you cannot help her, pass this on to others who can. Thank you, Hearts to the Rescue.

Donations accepted through ChipIn:

Tammy will take any kind of cat food, dog food, chicken scratch, poultry crumbles or monetary donations. Or if you are more comfortable, you can donate directly to their vet at 
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Tammy Vrettos, who created Webfoot ResQ in 1998, has given selflessly of her time and limited resources from the day she rescued her first duck nearly 14 years ago. Despite physical challenges and shoestring finances, she and her partner, Dell Gillispie, continued day by day, hour by hour in their quest to rescue, rehab, and rehome waterfowl left to fend for themselves once their novelty faded after Easter, as well as to educate the public as to the fate of these deserving fowl. In addition to ducks and chickens, they rescued geese, turkeys, cats, dogs and rabbits, many of which are still in Tammy's care.

For more information about Webfoot ResQ, to donate food or to adopt or become a foster caregiver for ducks, geese, or cats, call Tammy Vrettos at (480) 497-6652.

More about the rescue:

Snail mail:
Tammy Vrettos, Webfoot ResQ
414 E. Princeton Ave.
Gilbert, AZ 85234
Tammy Vrettos, Founder
Webfoot ResQ

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