Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hoboken NJ. Sad kitty Charlotte lost her Home to NEW Husband!

PLEASE CONSIDER GIVING CHARLOTTE A SECOND CHANCE AT HAPPINESS. SHE WILL BE KILL-SHELTER BOUND IF NOT RE-HOMED! **Please Note that the contact Fran is NOT the cat's owner...please don't berate her! She is trying to HELP Charlotte...
WHO IS SHE? *From owner: Charlotte is a tri-colored, medium haired cat, six years young.  Her fur is exceptionally soft; it really feels like a baby bunny’s coat.   She has beautiful markings, including a mask on her face and very unique large wings that span across her back, her “angel wings”-  I have always said she is my angel. More about Charlotte below.....
WHERE IS SHE? Nashville, NC - Nash Co Animal Shelter
HOW CAN YOU HELP HER?  **Please Note that the contact Fran is NOT the cat's owner...please don't berate her! She is trying to HELP Charlotte...***CONTACT: Fran Bushman at or call 917-318-0130.

About Charlotte: That is because Charlotte is a very warm and affectionate cat, is devoted  to her owner, and is a true companion and friend.   Whenever you sit on the couch, Charlotte will jump up for a snuggle and a nap.  She loves a massage, and purrs the whole way through one every time.  She loves to jump up on the bed, and come crashing into you, settling
in a curve of your leg or back. 

Charlotte loves other cats.  She had a brother, Dashiell, who died recently. Charlotte adored him, loved to chase and be chased.  She has lots of energy and will pitter patter up and down the halls a few times a day to get some exercise.  She loves to catch the string toy when I swing it in the air, and has a favorite stuffed animal that she carries around in her mouth, and drops in front of you when she wants to play.

Charlotte also likes to go on the fire escape for some fresh air and to listen to the birds.  Sometimes she will climb down to the neighbor’s yard to bask in the sun and nap under their tree.

Charlotte is very shy and timid when she is meeting someone new.  She may hide under the bed or in a closet.  The best thing to do when this happens is coax her out with a string toy or some greenies (her favorite treat!) and bring her into a closed room, like the bathroom, so she can get to know you.  Before you know it, she will be asking you to rub her chin.

Charlotte likes a peaceful environment, like listening to classical music, or watching a fire in the fireplace.  She does not mind city sounds (fire engines, busses, parades), but is scared of dogs and of large groups of people (will hide under the bed during a dinner party).

I am looking for a new home for Charlotte because I have recently gotten married and my husband is allergic to her.

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