THIS BLOG BEGAN IN MEMORY OF REVA ...though she passed on, her spirit is still alive - this is her story.....
She had been hanging around for more than a year; at the edge of the woods and across the street from a restaurant in Northeast Georgia.  Many people noticed her lying out there to warm in the sun, then, they would turn and head into the restaurant for an egg biscuit for her or intentionally save some of Sunday church potluck and drop it off for the girl. A neighbor left food out to help supplement what others would leave for her.  To their dismay, she  never let anyone get close.
Seasons changed and someone took a large rubber garbage pail with straw inside and boards anchored underneath to stabilize and placed it in the woods. She never used it because it had only one way in and one way out.

A couple of weeks went by without the familiar gentle presence watching from a distance.  Perhaps she had found a trusted human friend and only occasionally showed up to remind them of compassion and grace.

Finally, one rainy morning, they realized; she hadn’t found that loving friend.  She had moved closer to the neighbors house and in a soft rain was resting in a ditch.  Not hurt, but with a gimpy hip, she simply had no energy to cross back over to her hiding place in the woods and she could no longer defend herself in the wild.  An obvious plea for help, she allowed some of her
dedicated angels to move her to a safe and warm place while she healed and others searched for the “furever” home she always deserved.

Revaas she was lovingly named by a group of strangers brought together by the injustice this gentle spirit endured for more than a year, was taken to a loving  home where her foster mom stood vigil around the clock, covering her when she seemed cold, listening for the rise and fall of her breath during fitful sleep she still could not trust.  Tiny sips of water were constantly
offered and prayers for her to eat were on-going. Two visits to the vet uncovered numerous shotgun wounds and a stomach tumor, yet Reva desperately tried to regain her strength as if she knew this was the one way she could thank her rescuers.

Less than a week, and yet a lifetime later, Reva made a final trip to the vet.  Her fragile body betrayed the warrior spirit of her heart.  That spirit lives on in the hearts of the family she created with her rescue.  Our hope is that Reva’s story touches you in some small way; that you will give a stray a second look; that you will pass her story on to someone else; that you might cross post when there is a need, foster, rescue or even adopt from a shelter. 

Jacqui Faye, talented artist and painter, created a painting of Reva, posted it on Red Shoe Dailies & Other Artwork by Jacqui Faye and on The Art of Rescue  blog where she offered it for $150.00. She donated all proceeds to Reva’s rescue and medical care.  She has generously agreed to allow her image of Reva to be used on a note card available through Butterfly Mornings, proceeds to go to Reva's fund.
Daniela Caride featured Reva’s story and touched thousands of hearts on The Daily Tail, dedicated to saving the lives of handicapped and senior animals became the communication headquarters for those trying to save this precious girl.   Click the link for to read the entire story and see more pictures of Reva. 

Doggie Harmony graciously supported the financial needs during Reva's battle. Please help them to continue aiding other animals in need. 
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