Wednesday, July 25, 2012

*7-25-12:  Wonderful update:  Raisin has been pulled from the shelter! GENEROUS SPONSOR PAYING FOR COMPLETE VETTING  Please Spare her life !!

*****for a Special Girl who was betrayed and abandoned ****

*Charlotte, NC: Mia, Blind Sweet Schnauzer Mix Left Outside for Months

10-13-12:  A fairytale ending for our little princess!
Hi Team Mia,  
I am honored to be sharing the finale of a remarkable rescue effort for beautiful Mia, who is no longer the 'little blind schnauzer'.   
Look at her smile!  She's come such a long way, and has been an exceptionally brave, loving and resilient girl to all she has met along the way.  This email is photo and news-filled so be sure to read it to the very end please.
Hearts are soaring ----and you will see the picture-perfect ending as you read on... (and lots more pix at the very bottom)
As you know, Mia's story started in July when she was found wandering in South Carolina, flea-bitten and blind.  Thanks to a long list of donors and dear friends, Mia had successful surgery September 19th and now she can see all the great things in her life--including her new forever family.
Here's Mia relaxing with her two new Bouvier 'siblings' and friends, Hagrid and Georgia  with 3 beautiful fenced acres to roam and play.
3 Buffalo Hounds.JPG