Saturday, July 2, 2011


URGENT!!  Sweet, precious, so sad baby boy. Help him now please bc his person will not return.
WHO AM I? My Name is Oreo.  I am so owners surrendered me and won't come back.  I don't understand why.  I'm so despondent that I don't want to go inside or to even raise my head.
ID# #Oreo 3 years old. Owner surrender today.  
WHERE AM I?  Cartersville, Georgia.
HOW CAN YOU HELP ME? Contact JAN GRANAI via message on Facebook or via email at:
Please be patient as I am only here at the Humane Society Mon-Wed. I do monitor from home several times a day but am not able to spend all my time at the computer.
Oreo and the other dogs in the facebook photos at this facility MUST have rescue or adoption commitments by Monday, July 5th by 4pm!!!
The rescue or adoption of the animals in the Facebook album is handled only through Etowah Valley Humane Society even though they are not located at our facility. In order to rescue you. MUST hold a current Ga Dept of Ag license. Out of state rescues are welcome but you will need to find a licensed rescue in GA to pull for you. There are no pull fees. On occasion we are able to help with that.  

Friday, July 1, 2011


Hello - I'm sending this out to all the local rescues and hoping someone can help. Our cat is lost and we live in Reston. He was lost at Charter Oak Apartments, which is in the vicinity of Temporary Rd. and North Shore, across Reston Pkwy from Reston Town Center. He has been lost since Wednesday, Jun 29. We're heartbroken and hoping someone will turn him in. He looks somewhat like a Maine Coon mix. This is the only photo we could find of him.  He is neutured, approx. 10 yrs old (he was a rescue so we're not sure); he is an indoor cat and is not wearing a collar. He is not declawed and will be very frightened. He is very big/tall - approximately 12#. I have included a pic of him on my dad's lap for scale.
Please please let me know if anyone sees him! Call literally anytime and I will come out to get him. His name is GEORGE and he is FOOD MOTIVATED.  Thank you so much!  Jessica
Jessica Smocer /11623 Charter Oak Ct / Reston, VA 20190 / Office: 410-929-6122 / Cell: 703-344-3188

EXTRA URGENT!!!! Two DARLING Puppies (American Bulldog Mix and Pitty)!! must be rescued by this weekend!

WHO AM I? I'm so little, I don't know my name, but her name is Casey. We love to play and will be real good.They said we don't have much time left. Can we come play at your house? Will you help us both find a family?

Name: unknown A353897 - Male; American Bulldog mix puppy; Color: black/white; Age: 3 months; 11 lbs; shots UTD
Name: Casey A353471 - Female; Pit puppy; Color: tan/white; Age: 3 months; Special note: , left eye corneal scar, possibly blind in that eye, shots UTD
WHERE ARE WE? PG County Animal Control, Upper Marlboro, MD   HOW CAN YOU HELP? Contact: Dina Howard at  301-780-7226 PLEASE NETWORK THIS LISTING: one click may make the difference of a lifetime! NO CRAIGSLIST PLEASE!

THEY CURRENTLY HAVE OVER 200 DOGS. Due to the lack of space and the ban on pits in PG County (you can not own one at all if you live there), the pits are the first to be PTS. This means the puppies MUST find rescue this weekend!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


URGENT!!!! Time is up that is at the pound in Dry Fork VA. They will need to be out by 07/01/11AM if held that long. Please help if you can and cross post.

  • Female Blue Merle Heeler (poss mix) approx 2 years old 35lbs. Really nice looking pup.
  • Female beagle approx 30lbs 8 years old; possibly blind in one eye she looks like someone’s pet that was at the wrong place at the wrong time but most are
  • Female Beagle approx 30lbs 5 years old really sweet looking gal
  • Male German Shep mix approx 2 years old 50lbs; very sweet
WHERE ARE THEY? Dry Fork, VA pound
HOW CAN YOU HELP THEM? Tonja Reynolds at, cc: Please contact me directly if you can help not the pound, Tonja Reynolds at this email address and copy awlopc email address or at home 434-432-4143/ Cell 434-250-9768 . I will help with transport if at all possible. If they were not people and dog friendly the aco would not offer them for release. The pound has started releasing several times a week with no promise to hold any until the end of the week if the space is needed.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We lost our cat Snap about a month ago. He walked out one afternoon, as often, and never came back. We put up posters etc etc and about a week later had a call saying someone had found him. We brought him home but after two weeks of weird behaviour from him felt there was something wrong. The vet found out he wasn't our Snap - just his twin. He was microchipped! So he was reunited with his owner which was great, but we were back to square one with a missing Snap, no further information, and a lost two weeks of looking. 
At this point we are not honestly expecting to see him again. BUT we would really like to know he is either ok with a new family, or that something has happened to him that is final in some way. Because of the lost two weeks it is possible he has been adopted, or fostered, or something horrible and so I am asking if you have any information at all could you share it with us. Did you see him during the last four weeks. He went missing from our home in zip code 22043, off Idylwood Road in the Falls Church area, in the triangle formed by the Beltway/Route 7/I66. 
Snap is five years old, neutered, light buff with a white chest and tummy, and white paws. He weighed about 14 pounds and was healthy. He last had his teeth cleaned in February so they are in good condition. He is really friendly and gentle and we miss him terribly. He would probably be fine with other cats as he has two sisters, and with kids as we have two, but hasn't been in contact with dogs. PLEASE - anything you can tell us would be wonderful. I am at my wit's end missing him! 
thanks so much for your time and attention. 
Please contact with any information:
very very sincerely, 
Stevie Zimmerman 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Panda Shepherd at the Garland shelter needs out asap!

UPDATE: SHE'S A PANDA SHEPHERD. WHO AM I? Just like my friend posted below, I don't know my name. Please help me find a home, they say our time here is short. Click here for more about me.
Name: Unknown, ID#A151336 - Dog; Female; Panda Shepherd; Color: black/tan; Age: unknown; Special note: unaltered female
WHERE AM I? Garland, TX
HOW CAN YOU HELP ME? For more information about this animal, call:  Garland Animal Services at (972) 205-3570    
Ask for information about animal ID number A151336

Beautiful German Shepherd in Garland Texas shelter - a kill facility so time is short.

WHO AM I? They gave me ID number A151326.  I don't know my name, but if you take me home, I'll promise to be loyal and loving. Click here for more about me.
Name: Unknown, ID#A151326 - Dog; Female; German Shepherd; Color: black/tan; Age: unknown; Special note: unaltered female, found with a rope tied to her neck, possibly chewed threw it.
WHERE AM I? Garland, TX
HOW CAN YOU HELP ME? For more information about this animal, call:
Garland Animal Services at (972) 205-3570. Ask for information about animal ID number A151326.