Thursday, December 5, 2013

Charlotte, NC: URGENT! "Macy" - Found In Survival Mode Living Under a Bridge

Importance: High
A picture speaks a thousand words....
Please share this story with anyone you know looking for an adorable little girl who has had a tough life.

"This girl has come a long way in her adjustment back into a loving home environment.

HOWEVER, when we first rescued "Macy"  in September... I absolutely had no room for her and nowhere for her to go....

I called my friend after pulling her from under the bridge, in the dark of night, and asked if she could take her for what we thought was only a couple of weeks....

My friend, graciously agreed to take her in for a couple of weeks (she really did not have room for her either)...well that was back in September.   She has been working with "Macy" and has done a fantastic job....BUT, my 2 week agreement is LONG PAST!  The situation has become URGENT....I have got to find a place for "Macy" to go! She can no longer stay with her present foster mom.

"Macy" will be an excellent companion / pet for a good loving home.  She has absolutely no aggression to her what-so-ever.  She is a little stand-offish when meeting new things, people, other dogs, etc, But, she comes around very nicely once she sees that she is not in danger.  She runs and plays with the other dogs and loves to see Mom and Dad coming home from work.   She is UTD on shots, spayed, micro-chipped....ALL done at personal expense of my friend, her present foster mom.

Can anyone take this girl into their Foster / Adoption Program?  OR Give her a "Forever" Home?

I am desperate to find a place for this great little girl..... PLEASE HELP! "

Contact:  Debbie Hinson - 704.582.0408 or