ANIMAL RELATED LINKS: We will attempt to keep this list alphabetical (: 
  • S.P.A. ( - Society for the Protection of Animals, Inc. - a small rescue organization, providing free transportation for their adopted animals in Ohio and surrounding areas.
  • The Daily Tail - short stories about dogs and cats, product and service reviews, pet health, and money-saving tips
  • Collars For Causes - A portion of our proceeds will be used to help those that have the love and commitment but not the means to care for their pet
  • Doggie Harmony - Matching Right Dogs to Right People in Atlanta
  • Handicapped Pets - Dog Wheelchairs, products, services and support for handicapped pets
  • Houlagan's Rest - dedicated to all dogs pursuing their forever home
  • Hurricane Pets Rescue - In time of national disasters, we do our best to coordinate the rescue of family pets and other animals.
  • Jimmy's Journey - Story of a tortured dog that found love (Note: photos are graphic)
  • Jurassic Bark Rescue -  Saving one life at a time - out of Houston, Texas
  • Linens for Animals - Providing Comfort To Animals In Need
  • North East Coonhound Rescue - We provide rescue, rehoming, and coonhound support in New England ( Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island ), New York and New Jersey
  • Pet Buddies Food Pantry - Helping to feed pets in need & keeping pets with their families & out of shelters
  • Rescued Is My Favorite Breed! - The website dedicated to rescued animals of all types, breeds, and species.
  • Pet Connect Rescue - where pets are one step closer to home
  • ROCK - Rescue of Chained K-9s, We Rock, Do You?
  • Help Skeletor - Story of a Starved Dog who found love (Note: graphic photos)
  • The Patrick Miracle - Story of a Dog thrown away who found love
  • Lancelot's Story -  Story of an abused, neglected dog (Note:photos are heartbreaking)
  • Virgina Voters for Animal Welfare - Responsible Government, Responsible Ownership, Responsible Breeding