Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hartford CT: Heartbreaking plea from 16-year old girl

8-9-12:  URGENT UPDATE:  Poor little Tyson's temporary foster person is being evicted and once again, he is in an urgent situation. Please network for this precious boy who only wants to play ball, share a cuddle and have a soft bed. 

Tyson is patiently waiting just to play ball with someone.

 We received a very “different” call the other day from a 16 year old girl who needed to rehome her beloved 4 year old Pit Bull named Tyson. She and her mom have been in “hiding” for 2 years now from her dad who physically abused both of them and Tyson....

They have been on the waiting list for an apartment for these 2 years. In the meantime, Tyson has been staying with her Uncle in what she thought was a great home. Sadly, she found differently a few nights ago when she made a “surprise” visit and found Tyson locked in a cage in the basement. Her Uncle finally confessed that Tyson spends the majority of his time in the cage because her Uncle “just doesn’t have time for 3 dogs”.

She broke down in tears as she thought about how Tyson listens to the other dogs playing upstairs while he sits in his dirty cage all day . This is a girl who truly loves her dog…just can’t have him for her safety and his. She then began asking questions like “do you screen people”? “Do you do home visits?” “Would you ever bring him to a shelter?”  These are questions that grown adults don’t even care to ask, let alone a kid. Of course she would love to have Tyson back one day but she understood finding a long term foster is almost impossible and stated that if a good home came along, she would want Tyson to have it. He is good with other dogs and has lived with cats his whole life. He is vaccinated and will be neutered soon!

We just found out that Tyson is now in a very temporary foster, but this person's dogs do not like him, so we need to continue trying to find him a safe, secure and loving enironment before he gives up.  He deserves this and so does his sweet little mama.

TYSON NEEDS YOUR HELP AND SO DOES THIS LITTLE GIRL…she has had to grow up way to quickly

CONTACT: Lauri – 860-622-9775 –mailto:– ****PLEASE CALL – TEXT – EMAIL…I cannot check FB very often!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Canada: Now Cane Corso Gina has Cancer - Family Still paying for Tiny Olive's surgery

8-4-12 Update:  We have good news and sad news.  Olive is spinal walking and no longer in pain!  Lisa's wedding at her farm is today. 

The sad news is that, this week, Lisa has been told that her beloved Cane Corso, Gina has cancer. It is operable and the fee will be almost the same as Olive's. Lisa and her family are struggling to pay for Olive's surgery and now this. There is nothing more heartbreaking that not being able to help your pets because of money and who has that kind of money lying around.

The best and only wedding present Lisa would ever want is for her animals to be safe and healthy so if you could please crosspost her Chip In, I know she would be grateful.

This is Olive, a tiny titan who has experienced more  physical and emotional pain than any full-sized animal should ever have to endure.  Fortunately, she is now in her forever home with a family who loves her enough to make up for all the others who have forsaken her, but they need help to pay for the surgery she so desperately needs.  Please read her story directly from the loving heart and soul of her new mom, Lisa, who has selflessly and tirelessly rescued and rehabilitated animals in need from tiny hedgehogs to mack- sized cows, donkeys, goats, rabbits, senior dogs, puppies and kittens from all parts of the world. 

If  Olive touches you at all, we ask that you donate as little as a dollar - everything adds up and the positive intention behind that small deed accumulates as well. Please CLICK HERE to contribute to Olive's surgery

"Olive is a 7 yr. old Shih Tzu who was thrown away, not once, but many times. After all the senseless animal killings in the news lately, we could not allow this little dog, who had been so callously treated by people, to become yet another casualty of indifference.

We adopted Olive a month ago from a wonderful dog rescue based in Ontario, Canada. The woman

Monday, August 6, 2012

*Chase City, VA: Momma and 5 Puppies Dumped (You have to see Lil Dude!)

9-20-12:  All Adopted!!!

8-14-12: Three puppies and their momma are still looking for a "furever" home.  They've had their shots and are wiggly, happy and adorable!

Lil Dude (one of the puppies) was so hot and thirsty he climbed into the water bucket and sat there

*From: rabiah seminole:
yesterday a man pulled into my driveway with 5 puppies and the momma dog all loose in the bed of his truck..he said if i did not take them he would have to get "rid" of them........well..the photo is of little dude..they were so hot and thirsty he climbed into the water bucket and sat there..he is so cute..all 5 are covered with ticks and is mom dog... i am not asking for money but i need to get them placed NOW...i cannot afford the vetting they require and i have had to move my dogs all around to make room for these little loves...there are two yellow lab mixes,...little dude that looks like a blood hound mix, and two black and white puppies..the mom looks like a cross btwn a aussie shepherd/lab all are very sweet...please if you can help me with this....i am dealing with my moms illness but could not turn these living beings away knowing what was probably going to happen to them....i am going to get picts today....please if you want info email me and i will send you picts ..they are in chase city , va at blue horse rescue.....
Contact: Rabiah Seminole, 
Founder/DirectorBlue Horse Mukwa Equine Retirement and Rescue Center
757-439-4206    Email:

Sunday, August 5, 2012

*Update: 8-5-12 - Coco Needs Emergency Surgery

8-6-12:  Little Coco  crossed the Rainbow Bridge today.  Please keep his family in your prayers.

If chip in site is acting up, as it has been today. Please donate at:

Update: 08-05-12: Coco did not do well last night and had to be taken back to the vets this morning. He was in so much pain he could not move at all. Any movement would send him in excruciating pain. We even had to pull over to reposition him during the car ride during ride to vet. Vet said steroid shot was a must despite needing to wait for