Monday, August 6, 2012

*Chase City, VA: Momma and 5 Puppies Dumped (You have to see Lil Dude!)

9-20-12:  All Adopted!!!

8-14-12: Three puppies and their momma are still looking for a "furever" home.  They've had their shots and are wiggly, happy and adorable!

Lil Dude (one of the puppies) was so hot and thirsty he climbed into the water bucket and sat there

*From: rabiah seminole:
yesterday a man pulled into my driveway with 5 puppies and the momma dog all loose in the bed of his truck..he said if i did not take them he would have to get "rid" of them........well..the photo is of little dude..they were so hot and thirsty he climbed into the water bucket and sat there..he is so cute..all 5 are covered with ticks and is mom dog... i am not asking for money but i need to get them placed NOW...i cannot afford the vetting they require and i have had to move my dogs all around to make room for these little loves...there are two yellow lab mixes,...little dude that looks like a blood hound mix, and two black and white puppies..the mom looks like a cross btwn a aussie shepherd/lab all are very sweet...please if you can help me with this....i am dealing with my moms illness but could not turn these living beings away knowing what was probably going to happen to them....i am going to get picts today....please if you want info email me and i will send you picts ..they are in chase city , va at blue horse rescue.....
Contact: Rabiah Seminole, 
Founder/DirectorBlue Horse Mukwa Equine Retirement and Rescue Center
757-439-4206    Email:

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  1. I am confuse about reading this news. What's going on people's mind, so they have done such a bad thing. How some one can become such a cruel person and dumped 5 puppies with their mom.


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